Article Writing Basics: How to Become a competitive Article Writer in 2020

Author : MasonRobert
Publish Date : 2020-08-08

Article Writing Basics: How to Become a competitive Article Writer in 2020

You would be glad to know that article writing is not a difficult field. Anyone can write an article. But, if you want to be a professional article writer then a few techniques should be taken care of. In this article, I will share some basic article writing tips. If you want to write exceptional articles then you should always follow these basic and vital techniques. Let’s dive into the methods to write an article.


The following are some methods to write an article:


Once you are planning to become an article writer, you should first consider reading a book. One of the habits of article writers is that they are book lovers. It is up to a person what kind of book excites him. It can be any book including horror, fiction, business, motivational, etc. The main purpose is to read a book. Reading a book can bring more unique and attractive words and ideas that you can include in your articles. Therefore, an article writer is highly recommended to read a book daily for at least fifteen minutes.


At the beginning phase of article writing, a writer has to first do a lot of research. It is a wrong perception that a writer starts a day by writing long articles. In reality, a writer researches a lot first and then he writes an article. During a research phase, a writer finds out a few pieces of articles from different authors and then he understands thoroughly each segment of it. Once the research is done, then and only an article is written. Therefore, a person should have excellent research abilities as a well-researched article is always different and unique.


It is an interesting fact that many professional and popular writers start their work in the early morning. According to several writers, writing an article in the morning gives them new ideas for an article. Furthermore, there is no one to disturb in the morning and a writer can easily write an article without any distortion. A writer always desires for a quiet and peaceful environment. Therefore, one should always try to write an article in the early stage of the day.


If one has a desire to become an expert in article writing, then he needs to follow some necessary steps that are mandatory in writing outstanding articles. Everyone knows that writing an article is a time-consuming piece of work. The reason behind this is that a writer has to go through all the important steps carefully during writing an article.

Firstly, an article writer needs to analyze the topic carefully. He has to gather all the relevant information that would be required in writing an article. Once he enters into a writing phase, a writer needs to take care of that he is writing within the boundaries of his research. Writing the points that are not relevant to the topic won’t be a decent technique in article writing.

Editing is the phase that comes straight after writing. In this phase, a writer removes unnecessary information and adds the important points that he missed during the writing phase. This phase of article writing is crucial as compared to the writing phase. In the writing phase, a writer just writes his thoughts and ideas regarding the topic. But, in editing, a writer has to clear all the doubts and make it as a final product.

At the final stage, an article writer has to go through a proofreading phase. In this part, a writer reads the whole article from the beginning to the conclusions. Once the complete article review is done, then and only a writer proceeds for the publishing of an article. Additionally, there are lots of content writing services in USA that can help you in article writing.


Many popular writers in the industry recommend their juniors to just go with the flow while writing an article. It is never recommended to edit the article during a writing phase. In the writing phase, numerous attractive, unique, and interesting ideas come in a mind. When we intend to do editing in the writing phase, then the chances are that we won’t be able to create attractive content. Therefore, a writer should thoroughly write a complete article and then try to move into an editing phase.


When you want to become a master in any field, the only factor that can makes you an expert is practice. Surely, practise would make you perfect in article writing. Therefore, you should be writing articles daily. A writer should set a target of writing a minimum of one thousand words daily. This activity will make you perfect in writing an article.

All the above-mentioned methods are useful in writing a professional article. Once you follow all those techniques, no one can stop you from becoming an expert article writer. What you need to do is just try to be consistent, patient, and self-motivated.

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