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Advanced Amazon Product Photography - KenjiROI

Being an Amazon Photography Product, you must know that every image you upload should be traffic grabbing. Otherwise, customers will not prefer to spend a minute on your page. You cannot bring a physical experience in a customer's images when entering the shopping mall. You can do it only in one way, uploading high-resolution pictures in simple and white background. You can accomplish your objective of winning customers by hiring an Amazon Product Photography. However, if your budget does not allow you to hire an expert, you can do it yourself.

How to Click Pictures for your Product?

You can do your photography at home by using a light box for clicking the images of small items. Below we have brought some tips which might help you to photography your products in natural light.

First of all, you should look for a spare place inside your house such as a garage or anything. Then, start changing it into your photography room by bringing the required equipment.

Pay Attention to Product Size:

Being a seller, you should know that what exact dimensions of your Amazon product listing are. Therefore, your photography should not show that product is too small or too much big. If a buyer clicks on your item and it looks small, it means there will be plenty of white background, and the shopper will move away to another listing.

Similarly, if your product shows bigger while view, it will miss out on many important features. These issues will result in a poor user experience, and your sales might be low than expected.

Highlight Multiple Amazon Product Photography Angles:

Amazon encourages multiple pictures of a product instead of just one or two. It is because the buyers whom you are selling the product might not have used it before. Therefore, they don't have any idea about the item. That is why it is essential to upload the picture with multiple angles to give complete information to the shopper and enhance your sales.

Images on your Amazon product page are divided into two types: main image and lifestyle image. The main image is the first image of the listing, and the rest of the images are lifestyle images. Another difference between the main image and the lifestyle image is that the main image is shown in the simple background and lifestyle images help customers to realize how they can use the product.

Use a Stable surface:

Please don't make your shopper think that they have to use glasses to see your Amazon product Photography. It means you should use a steady surface to get rid of unusual Camera shakes. You can also avoid these issues by utilizing a tripod or anything which comes with a stable base. You can even use a cotton box to ensure that surface enables as it will help your buyers understand your product and leads towards winning a customer.

Don't place additional items with your product:

Amazon Product Photography services experts indicate that you should maintain transparency in your listings. Which means do not place additional items along with your main product? It wil7l cause confusion and disappointment, and the buyer will leave your page and move on to something else. Therefore, you must use a plain background and show only the product you are offering for sale.

1. Avoid adding unnecessary content:

Amazon is an e-commerce giant which offers you to sell your product across the globe to millions of customers. Therefore, Amazon has a reputation, and you must know that. Thus, while uploading your product images, ensure that you are not adding unnecessary content in pictures or written data.

Always focus on the products rather than models as Amazon also does not allow uploading appropriate content.

2. A decent Camera:

These days, technology is on a roll; even smartphones can serve the purpose of Cameras. However, if you have the budget to purchase your Camera, make sure it has manual settings to do the goal for you. Remember, photography is not the only factor, but it is one of the impacting factors for bringing sales. Many factors can make your photography which might help stand out your product images from others, such as styling of the image, an appropriate amount of lightning, and practices for production.

3. White Paper Roll:

Since Amazon instructs its seller to use a quality white background, therefore, you should bring a high-quality white paper roll. It will help you in clicking smooth pictures and limits your production tasks. Therefore, ensure that you have a 10-15 feet long white paper background positioned behind your item. The roll should also be comprehensive, about 50 inches, to cover all the angles of your product.

4. White Form Boards:

Apart from using a white background, you should also have a white form board. It comes in handy as it helps in enhancing the light. You have to buy few pieces to offer a proper light reflection to your product images. Additionally, it will help reduce unwanted shadows from your product, and the customer will easily understand your item and its purpose.

5. Folding Table:

When it comes to amazon photography, multiple supporting elements are required to click a reasonable product image. It would be best to have a folding table to set the white roll perfectly in the background during photoshoot preparation. Although there are no specifications for the table, it should have an average height enough for you to adjust your tripod and click the picture. Images are critical for your photography as experts indicate that a picture is worth of thousand sales. Therefore, don't compromise on your photography as it is a good factor that could help you expand your customer base and earn profit.

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