7 Top Exhibition Stand Display Ideas For 2020

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Publish Date : 2020-04-08

7 Top Exhibition Stand Display Ideas For 2020

Want to grow your business in 2020? Then you must take advantage of trade shows and exhibitions across different parts of the world. This will help you to meet your potential customers and spread brand awareness. You should design your exhibition stand creatively so that you can stand out during the show.

A well-designed exhibition stand will make sure that you will able to spread brand awareness and get more customers. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your exhibition stand display is attractive and enticing enough. You should implement creative ideas to design exhibition stand.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various trade booth display ideas that are perfect for exhibitions in 2020: 

1. Produce Multi-Sensory Experience

It is very important to show that your exhibition stand design should be as per the trend. You should incorporate interactive elements in your exhibition display so that more and more people get engaged.

You can take the help of your exhibition stand designer for installing ambient lighting fixtures and tactile displays as well. It is very important to consider how different elements inside your booth improve your brand value. 

2. Create Relaxing Space In Your Booth

The trade show visitors have to walk around to the whole show, therefore, they start feeling tired after some time. What if you offer a relaxing lounge in your booth? The trade show visitors will love to visit your booth and appreciate as well for providing a space to sit and relax. When a trade show attendees relaxing on your couch, then you kick start a meaningful conversation.

You can tell the benefits of using your products/services. This is the perfect time for converting potential customers into a lead. The lounge chair inside your booth will give you extra bonus points and trade show attendees will remember this always. You can also offer a charging station along with a relaxing space. This will act as cream on the cake. 

3. Display Green Plants Inside Your Booth

If you are exhibiting inside the large hall, then you should display green indoor plants inside your booth. You can also convert your whole wall into green by following a trend of live green walls. This idea will make your exhibition stand different from others. You can also display your brand logo, company's slogan and brand name on the green wall.

This will make your company's name pop out and look amazing. No matter what is the category of your product, the green wall idea is perfect for all kinds of businesses. The formation of green in the trade booth is one of the perfect ideas to design exhibition stand. 

4. Go High To Attract Trade Show Attendees  

The allocated space in trade show floors are limited, therefore, it is a good idea to go high to attract various trade show attendees. If you want to easily grab the attention of your potential customers, then there could be nothing better than going high.

Large size exhibit can help you to get a high Return On Investment (ROI). The long trade show display looks different from others and you can also display the brand name and brand logo high. 

5. Incorporate Virtual Reality Gadgets 

You should think unique and creative ideas to stand out among competitors during the show. The virtual reality gadgets in the exhibition stand will help you to provide an immersive experience to your trade booth visitors.

For instance, car selling companies can offer the virtual driving experience to the trade booth attendees. Your potential customers will really enjoy this experience and may like to immediately buy your car. Virtual relaity gadget is one of the immersive exhibition display ideas. 

6. Take Help Of Full-Service Exhibit Company 

If you want to convert your ideas into reality, then you must take the help of renowned exhibition stand designers. You should hire an exhibition stand contractor who offers all services under one roof. This will save you from the hassle and also reduce your expenditure.

The exhibition stand contractors ho offer full services will take care of all stages of your exhibition stand designing, construction, transportation, and installation as well. That means you and your team can focus on various other important things that can help you to achieve your trade show objectives.  

7. Optimum Product Demonstration 

Most trade show attendees want to see the latest products or services or offer in the industry. Therefore, it is very imperative to efficiently display your products. You should do brainstorming and search for some good ideas to display your products on the shelves. In addition to this, you should also provide a space for your booth visitors to hold the products and test them as well. This will make your booth inviting and attractive as well.

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