3 Technology Trends to Streamline Healthcare Startup Operations

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Publish Date : 2021-09-08

3 Technology Trends to Streamline Healthcare Startup Operations

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and the startup ecosystem plays a significant role in this.

One can see a significant increase in startups' role within healthcare technology. These emerging organizations are flexible, focused, and determined, and they will continue to shape the healthcare industry on a global level.

Technology is the critical driver of startup success. It is also one of the main reasons the US digital health market is expected to exceed 90 billion dollars by 2022.

We'll be discussing how technology can help healthcare startups improve their operations and care quality. These are the trends to watch if you're a manager or a founder of a healthcare startup.

1. Artificial intelligence to improve speed and efficiency

Startups can automate almost everything thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The collection of patient data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyzes their medical history. It allows you to review the data previously entered into the system, including medical knowledge and historical data. All this information can be combined into a digital assistant.

This particular method helps to maintain the hospital's capacity. The patient does not need to travel far from their home, which reduces the chance of spreading infection or infecting others. It is beneficial in times of public health crises or pandemics like the one currently occurring.

Sopris Health, a Denver-based company, uses an AI-powered solution to automate the process of analyzing, categorizing, and collecting information about patients' clinical histories, symptoms, and feedback. Clinicians can quickly inspect patients and get feedback using a smartphone or smartwatch transcribing app. This active transcription is more efficient than taking notes and creating documentation later.

Startups looking to grow and expand their reach should leverage technology to improve the customer's workflow. It not only improves patient care but also increases the efficiency and speed of providers. In addition, your startup will grow faster if it can offer more accurate and timely solutions.

2. Improved care through data-driven approaches

Technology can help patients-centered care by encouraging communication between providers and patients via online portals, email and text messaging. In addition, it allows them to access vital information such as online medical records. Finally, it can enhance self-monitoring and give them control.

Intelligent patient assistants are healthcare technology that can facilitate long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between patients and their doctors. It is essential for patients with chronic conditions who require continuous remote care over a long period.

Grand Rounds, a San Francisco-based startup, acts as a healthcare assistant. It provides employees with access to top-quality medical care through their insurance network. The platform uses data science to match employees to the right specialist within their network quickly. In addition, the app offers personalized tips and readings for medical conditions and an activity stream that monitors your medical spending.

Like the example above, Grand Rounds combines technology with clinical expertise and data to help people find the best healthcare possible. Your healthcare startup must identify ways to improve patient care using personalized care technology.

3. For faster results, connect to the environment

Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors in today's economy. It must find solutions to enable data exchange. Patients should no longer have to move their medical records around from one facility to the next. Interoperability is the ability of computers and software to exchange information and to use it. It will lead to better care.

Recent research has shown that a robust primary care system can prevent illness, lower health care costs, and coordinate patient care across multiple providers. A system that is interoperable and communicates well is essential. Physicians are required to exchange information and communicate with specialists, hospitals, social service providers, and other care settings to direct patients' needs.

Mobileoptx, an equipment startup that develops medical equipment, has created an innovative hardware device that allows doctors to capture endoscopic examinations using an iPhone.

The company's hardware solution did not include a mobile application that would allow physicians or other clinical team members to access the recorded data at the point of care in a meaningful way. Instead, the native camera of the iPhone was used by physicians to take photos and video; then, they used their phone's messaging or emails applications to send them for further review.

MobileOptx reached out to Sempercon, an application development company, for guidance in connecting their device to the internet. As a result, their mHealth app allowed physicians to digitally store and share their endoscopic examinations using high-definition photos and videos.

He then described the technical and procedural requirements for connecting their medical equipment to the internet. However, it was more than a simple mHealth undertaking--Sempercon produced a strategy for implementing an innovative IoT solution that their engineers next developed.

Your healthcare startup must be able to interconnect software and devices. You may need to partner with other companies to make this possible.

To succeed, leverage technology

To make a name for themselves in the healthcare industry, startups must continue looking at new ways to connect healthcare providers and patients. This logic, backed by technology, will propel forward and chart their path toward success.

A business plan is essential if you want to use technology to start your own healthcare company. To get created, you can either check out our collection of Medical & Health Sample Plans or use a step-by-step planning tool.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Andrew Napolitano.

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