10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Own Business.

Author :ariyam66
Publish Date :17/12/2019

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Own Business.
People do make many mistakes and regret later because of the costly mistakes they have made. Some people in all their life want to run a business, and they start and leave halfway or completely fail in business and lose all the interest and confidence in starting a business. I want to admit that I belong to that caliber because I lost all money once and not anymore, but always my mind has stored some reason 10 Things that to know before starting a business, I am only writing my views here: • Passion for the niche if not you will leave soon. • Learn about running a business and make a list of essential tasks. • Need to have a good experience if not will gain experience at your expense. • Do you have capital? • Lack of knowledge will waste your money. • Plan thoroughly before making a final decision. • Have you learned about marketing your product? • Set up a budget and a cash flow statement. • Draw up a business plan. • Plan for help as you cannot run a business on your own. Passion for the niche. If not, you will leave soon. It is one of the most critical aspects of a business, as you will try to come out of if no passion is there for your niche. It is my experience. I went into a small business and left after two years because I faced so many difficulties and lost interest completely. Then the location also comes into the priority list. Learn about running a business Most of us think that running a business is easy without realizing the difficulties involved in running a business. Therefore when you decide to start a business, do some sensible research about running the business and acquire great Knowlege, so that helps you to avoid mistakes from the beginning. Need to have a good experience if not will gain experience at your expense. Do not ever underestimate with assumptions that you are a brilliant person, and; you will run your business without any issues. You need to take the problems seriously and learn to foresee the difficulties that you might face. For that, get a consultation from the people who have experience in running a business. Have you got capital? One of the reasons for failure is capital, so we need to have good plans for funding. If you do not have, enough money find ways to fund your business before starting the business. Make your arrangement from your family and friends or loan from lenders. Maybe the approach government help for small business start-up. Lack of knowledge will m waste your money. You will have an enormous amount of tasks before and after setting up your business. Do you have good knowledge about your niche, target audience, pricing, and marketing methods? As a new start-up the quality of your product or service should be of high quality to stand out from your competitors. Have you done your research on your competitors? Plan thoroughly before making a final decision The day you are making your final decision, you need to check with the list that you prepared to before the start of the business. You cannot afford to miss or procrastinate to do after starting the business. Who knows, you might be full up with all the new tasks and will not have time to remember the one that you have missed in your list. Have you learned about marketing your product? Do you have a marketing plan? Do not ever spend a lot of money on marketing as a start-up. The first type of marketing should be free like social media marketing; YouTube and word of mouth, and so many freeways available for marketing. Remember, if there is no marketing, there is no business. Set up a budget and a cash flow statement. Having a budget helps you to control your expenditure. Likewise, a cash flow statement indicates whether you are in deficit or surplus. A budget needs revising and analysing regularly at least once a month; if you find that, you are in debt check the areas that you cut your expenses down. On the other hand, you will know your sales then you can find ways to increase your sales. Draw up a business plan You should have a written down document of a business plan as it indicates operational, marketing, and financial plan for your business. When facing difficulties, you can refer the report to change the situation Project for help as you cannot run a business on your own. Any entrepreneur who tries to wear too many hats finds it difficult to see success. Therefore, you need help in carrying out your tasks related to running your business, like finance, marketing, and in some of your daily tasks. You can either hire someone to help you or outsource that you find it challenging to accomplish if not trying to learn to do will take most of your time. Further, you need to have someone trustworthy to talk your mind about your difficulties is essential in a business.

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