Microsoft Amazing And Advanced Benefits

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Publish Date : 2022-04-15

Microsoft Amazing And Advanced Benefits

Founded in 1975, Microsoft Corporation is a world leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal computers and servers.

Microsoft Corporation develops and releases a wide range of software products. These include desktop and network operating systems, server applications for client/server environments, desktop business applications and office applications for users, interactive programs, and web and development tools. In addition, Microsoft offers interactive (online) services, publishes books on computer topics, and is engaged in research activities and the development of new computer technologies. Microsoft products are sold in more than 80 countries, translated into more than 45 languages, and compatible with most personal computer platforms.

Since November 1992, a Microsoft representative office has been operating in Russia, whose tasks include the sale and promotion of software, the development of the information technology market, as well as the introduction and localization of the latest technologies in Russia.

Microsoft strives to maximize the opportunities that information technology opens up for a person. A computer for every desk and every home - this Microsoft vision is now complemented by the new Microsoft.NET vision, which reflects the desire to provide the latest Internet technologies and Internet services and empower people through the use of modern software anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Today licensed Microsoft software is used in hundreds of thousands of jobs in Russia. On the basis of Microsoft products, projects are underway to introduce powerful information systems in the largest commercial companies and government organizations.

A new global era of information technology development has begun in the world. Now the usual servers have been replaced by cloud platforms. In Ukraine, this direction is being actively developed by Kyivstar - Microsoft Azure service is available to their customers. We asked the company's experts about the benefits of the service, as well as why it will be a great solution for many businesses.

Microsoft Azure: why choose it

By connecting the Microsoft Azure service , users will gain access to more than 200 products and services, while using the power of Azure Stack in the Kyivstar data center.

The unified platform provides storage and processing of information on the territory of the country, and therefore fully complies with the legislation of Ukraine. At the same time, the service uses Azure technologies. This allows you to combine modern cloud solutions with reliable local area networks.

Kyivstar is the largest mobile operator in Ukraine with 4G coverage and a large number of modern services for business. Given these benefits, the company's customers can receive individual offers for their business. You can choose personal settings, optimize workflows and significantly increase the company's profits.

Moreover, the Microsoft Azure service has convenient and understandable tariffs - pay only for the amount of resources spent.

All users who have connected the cloud platform receive a guaranteed individual service from Kyivstar, as well as technical support from Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure: key benefits for business

Kyivstar experts highlight several advantages of Microsoft Azure technology:

  • Flexible charging model and savings on payment for services.
  • Cybersecurity experts offer comprehensive cloud protection.
  • High level of confidentiality.
  • Daily monitoring of threat signals.
  • You can use open source to create the applications you need.
  • No scaling restrictions.
  • Ability to integrate and manage your environment.
  • High-speed connections for reliable data transmission in the network.
  • Excellent consistency of databases with common code databases.
  • Availability of the service in more than 60 regions of the world. And this figure is growing every year.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Azure cloud platform on the official Kyivstar website or by ordering a free detailed consultation from a company specialist. Good connection!

CES 2021, fully online as a result of the past year of global priorities, has made a strong case for the importance of devices in people's daily lives. The online conference brought together representatives of global brands to share their ideas and present products that will define the future of high technology. This week, we've seen innovative PCs, game consoles, tablets, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and more that make it even easier to work, study, shop, stream, play, and connect anywhere.

This year's conference was a great illustration of Microsoft's belief that modern technologies provide new opportunities for everyone. Intelligent cloud technologies and edge computing are not only transforming the way we work, but also serving the good by dramatically improving stability and security. We are now much more optimistic about the role of innovation in improving people's lives and economies in the face of this year's post-pandemic recovery.

And it becomes possible thanks to our partners. They are at the heart of our efforts to bring technology, services and solutions to users through new devices for streaming, gaming, communication and creativity using the smart edge and the cloud. These devices and the chips they contain help people reimagine their everyday tasks and become more productive at work, school, and play, knowing their data and privacy are protected by Microsoft's built-in security.

Microsoft and partners are expanding their vision and product lines to meet the growing needs of millions of users, students and businesses around the world who continue to work and learn remotely. The latest devices unveiled by our partners at CES showcase cutting-edge technology, innovative chipsets, stability, and a deep understanding of how people interact with their devices throughout the day, delivering rich audio, video, and enhanced interactions. Listed below are some of the devices showcased at CES 2021.

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Microsoft Amazing And Advanced Benefits

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