Seven discrete tyre designs that’ll sweep you off your feet

Publish Date : 2020-08-07

Seven discrete tyre designs that’ll sweep you off your feet

Revolution is a part of any industry and the tyre industry is no exception here. When there are so many inventions taking place in the world today, how can the tyre industry remain aloof of it? The automobile industry and the tyre industry work hand in glove with each other. While the former leaves no stone unturned with its ground breaking designs and technology, the latter also ensures that it leaves you in awe with its atypical tyre concepts. 

So, here we bring for you seven unusual tyre innovations which will leave you wondering about the intensive research these Bridgestone tyres UK companies are doing to change the future of the tyre industry. These innovations are going to revolutionize the tyre industry, as claimed by these tyre giants. Let’s read about them further.

The non-pneumatic iFlex airless tyre

This was showcased by Hankook and it had this uncommon concept of no air pressure for the tyre. The company’s team had put tremendous hard work into making this tyre work. It was tested in categories of durability, stability, hardness and speed. These were mounted on an electric car and it’s said to have reached the speed of 130km/hr.

The tyre with artificial intelligence

This was again presented by Goodyear at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s a printed spherical tyre with a 3D concept. The company claims to have enriched it with artificial intelligence. This Eagle 360 Urban tyre is made with extremely elastic polymers. This gives the tyre the power to ascertain the weather and terrain. This is then fed into the AI system of the tyres so that it can adapt to the situation accordingly.

Michelin’s Vision concept model

This tyre is a powerhouse of many features at the same time. This was unveiled by Michelin in 2017. This one’s in 3D design, which is said to be free of punctures, it’s airless, rechargeable and the best part is that it can be customized too. This one’s made using biodegradable materials. It has sensors that enable the users to access the information about its condition. 

The air-cleaning tyre

Again unveiled by Goodyear, the company claims that this marvel uses the photosynthesis process just like the plants. It absorbs carbon dioxide and emits out oxygen. That’s why the inventors named it as ‘Oxygene’. These cheap tyres Reading certainly are very environmental-friendly and can contribute towards a healthy life in the city. 

The tyres that’ll rule the space

With NASA as the developer, you can expect this from them. These are extremely elastic and can even resist the rocky terrains of Mars. Another astonishing feature of these tyres is that they can be used even on Earth as they serve a substitute for the pneumatic tyres here. 

The self-ruling tyre adjusting its pressure 

Tyre giant Continental displayed its Conti Adapt model, which has micro-compressors that can adjust the tyre pressure autonomously depending on the various road conditions including wet, slippery, normal and uneven surfaces. 

Well, what’s your take on these tyre concepts? Aren’t they completely astounding? This is just the commencement of a whirl in the tyre industry. There’s still a lot to come to make your drive comforting. Just wait and watch. 

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