HD】鬼滅之刃劇場版無限列車篇~2020 線上看完整版| 小鴨免費

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HD】鬼滅之刃劇場版無限列車篇~2020 線上看完整版| 小鴨免費

HD】鬼滅之刃劇場版無限列車篇~2020 線上看完整版| 小鴨免費

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Japanese :鬼 滅 の 刃, trans. Har. "The Demon Destroyer Sword" [4] ) , published in Indonesia as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba , is aJapanese manga serieswritten and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge. The story tells of Tanjiro Kamado , a boy who becomes a demon exterminator after his family is slaughtered and his younger sister named Nezuko is turned into a demon. The manga was published serialized in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump published by Shueishafrom February 2016 to May 2020, and has been bundled into twenty-one tankōbon volumes by July 2020. The manga is being published in English by Viz Media , while Shueisha is releasing it in English and Spanish simultaneously with a Japanese release via the Manga Plus platform. theirs.

The manga was adapted into an anime series produced by Ufotable and aired from April to September 2019. A sequel to the feature film was announced when the last episode was broadcast and is scheduled to be released in October 2020.

As of May 2020, the manga has sold over 80 million copies in circulation - including the digital version, making it one of the best-selling manga series . Meanwhile, the anime series has received many awards and is considered one of the best anime of the 2010s decade

Main article: List of Demon Slayer characters: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Set in Japan during the Taisho period, Tanjiro Kamado is a kind and intelligent boy who lives with his family and earns money by selling charcoal. Everything changed when his family was attacked and slaughtered by a demon ( oni ). Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko were the only survivors of the incident, even though Nezuko is now a demon — but surprisingly she still shows signs of human-like emotion and thought. Tanjiro then becomes a demon slayer to turn Nezuko back into a human, and to prevent the tragedy that happened to him and his sister from being repeated to others

In 2013, Koyoharu Gotōge debuted at the 70th Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Awards with his work entitled Ka Gari Gari (過 狩 り 狩 り) . [10] [11] Gotōge's later works are three one-shot series ; Monju Shirō Kyōdai (文殊 史 郎 兄弟) published in the 2nd issue of Jump Next! in 2014, Rokkotsu-san (肋骨 さ ん) in the 39th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2014, and Haeniwa no Zigzag (蠅 庭 の ジ グ ザ グ) in the 21st issue ofWeekly Shōnen Jump in 2015. [12] After Haeniwa no Zigzag failed to become a series, Tatsuhiko Katayama, who was Gotōge's first editor, advised him to create a new series with "easy to understand themes". [13] Gotōge's work, Ka Gari Gari, later became the basis for the first storyboard , Kisatsu no Nagare (鬼 殺 の 流 karena ) , as the story has concepts such as the sword and devil that Japanese audiences are familiar with. [13] The storyboard was not serialized due to its serious nuance, lack of comic relief elementsand the story feels dark. Katayama asked Gotōge if he could create a normal, bright character in the world he had created. [13] In the original plan, the title was Kisatsu no Yaiba (鬼 殺 の 刃) , but they felt the characters "satsu" (殺, trans. Har. "Kill") had too strong a meaning. The word "kimetsu" (鬼 滅) is seen as an easy word to understand, and although it has no meaning, Gotōge thought it would be interesting to be able to abbreviate the title of the new series in such a way, while the word "yaiba" (刃, trans. har. "sword") implies a typical Japanese sword.

See also: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba chapter list
Written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba started loading glow in the 11th edition of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump published by Shueisha on February 15, 2016. [10] In the 23rd edition of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump are published on May 11, 2020, it was announced that the manga will reach its climax. [14] The manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ended in the 24th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, which was published on 18 May 2020. [15] [16] The first volume was published on 3 June 2016. [17]In April 2020, it was announced that the release of volume 20 was pushed back by two weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic . [18] As of May 2020, twenty volumes have been published. [19]

Shueisha began releasing the manga in English simultaneously with a Japanese release via the Manga Plus platform in January 2019. [20] The manga has been published in a number of tankōbon volumes . Viz Media released the first three chapters of the manga in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine as part of the "Jump Start" program, but decided not to continue with the release. [21] [22] Viz later announced that they had licensed the manga during their panel session for the San Diego Comic-Con event which took place on July 20, 2017

The side story for the manga was published in the inaugural issue of the magazine Shonen Jump GIGA published on July 20, 2016. [23] A two-chapter spinoff manga titled Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tomioka Giyū Gaiden , appeared in its 18th issue. from Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2019. Gotōge is credited with creating the original manga, while Hirano is the illustrator of the manga. The manga tells the story of the character Giyū Tomioka. [24]

A four-panel spin-off manga by Ryōji Hirano entitled Kimetsu no Aima! , was released on Shueisha's Shonen Jump + website and app on April 7 and October 6. The manga features chibi versions of the main characters from the original manga. [24] [25]

After the manga ended in May 2020, a spin-off story entitled Kimetsu no Yaiba: Rengoku Gaiden (鬼 滅 の 刃 煉獄 外 伝) , which was illustrated by Ryōji Hirano and about the Kyōjurō Rengoku, was announced for release

Light novel 
A light novel entitled Demon Slayer: Flower of Happiness (鬼 滅 の 刃 し あ わ せ の 花) by Koyoharu Gotōge and Aya Yajima which was published on February 4, 2019.The novel tells about the lives of Tanjiro and Zenitsu before the start of the story, as well as glimpses of life. from Aoi and Kanao. [26] The novel also contains a chapter set in another world, featuring characters who attend an ordinary high school.

Demon Slayer: One-Winged Butterfly (鬼 滅 の 刃 片 羽 の 蝶) is a light novel by Gotōge and Aya Yajima published on October 4, 2019. The novel tells about the lives of Shinobu and Kanae Kocho before and after they joined the Hunting Corps. Devils, after having their lives saved by Himejima Gyomei. [27] [28]

The third light novel entitled Demon Slayer: The Wind's Telltale Signs (鬼 滅 の 刃 風 の 道 し る べKimetsu no Yaiba: Kaze no Michishirube ) , which tells the story of Sanemi Shinazugawa, was published on July 3, 2020.

Other print media 
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Official Fanbook: Kisatsutai Kenbunroku (鬼 滅 の 刃 公式 フ ァ ン ブ ッ ク 鬼 殺 隊 見聞 録) was released on July 4, 2019. [30] The book contains background information on some of the characters in the manga.

See also: List of episodes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
An anime adaptation for the manga produced by studio Ufotable was announced in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on June 4, 2018. [32] The anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba premiered April 6, 2019 on Tokyo MX , GTV , GYT , BS11 , and other channels. [33] [34] Haruo Sotozaki directed the anime using scripts from the Ufotable staff. Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina are composing the music, while Akira Matsushima is designing the characters. Hikaru Kondo plays the role of producer.[35] LiSA performed the opening theme song "Gurenge" (紅蓮 華) , [36] while the ending theme song was "from the edge" which was performed by FictionJunction with LiSA. [37] The series aired 26 episodes. [38]

In North America, Aniplex of America announced that they had licensed the series, [39] and that they would release two Blu-ray volumes on June 30 and November 24, 2020 for a limited edition. They also teamed up with Funimation to release standard edition Blu-ray volumes in September 2020 and January 2021. [40] The anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba also streamed on Crunchyroll , Hulu , and FunimationNow . [41]In July 2019, it was announced that an English voiceover version of it would be broadcast on Adult Swim 's Toonami programming block . [42] An English dubbed version was produced by Aniplex of America and Bang Zoom! Entertainment , [43] then premiered on October 12, 2019. [44] In Australia and New Zealand, Madman Entertainment obtained a license for the series, and simulcasted it on their AnimeLab platform . [45] In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Anime Limitedobtained a license for the series. [46]

Prior to broadcast, the first five episodes were shown in theaters in Japan for two weeks from March 29, 2019, with the title Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kyōdai no Kizuna ( Japanese :鬼 滅 の 刃 兄妹 の 絆) . [47] Aniplex of America screened the film at the Aratani Theater in Los Angeles on March 31, 2019. [48] Madman Entertainment and AnimeLab screened the film in only selected theaters in Australia on April 2, 2019

Further information: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train
On September 28, 2019, immediately after the broadcast of episode 26, the anime film titled Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train ( Japanese :鬼 滅 の 刃 無限 列車 編Hepburn : Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen ) was announced. The staff and voice actors will also return to fill their roles. [50] The film is a direct sequel to the first season based on the "Infinite Train" story arc from the manga, [51] [52] On April 10, 2020, it was announced that the film would be released in Japan on October 16, 2020. . [53] In Japan, the film was distributed by Aniplex and Toho. 

The video game 
A mobile game titled Demon Slayer: Blood-Stench Blade Royale (鬼 滅 の 刃 血 風 剣 戟 ロ ワ イ ア ルKimetsu no Yaiba: Keppū Kengeki Royale ) was announced for release in 2020 by publisher Aniplex and developed by Quatro A, a subsidiary of Aniplex. [55] A video game by Aniplex titled Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Chifūtan (鬼 滅 の 刃 ヒ ノ カ ミ 血 風 譚) for the PlayStation 4 platform , was announced for release in 2021

Staging stages 
The 44th edition of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine , published on September 19, 2019, announced that the manga will be adapted for a stage play . [59] The staging took place in January 2020 in Tokyo and Hyogo Prefecture . Kenichi Suemitsu writes the screenplay and serves as the director, while Shunsuke Wada is composing the music. The performance is played by Ryota Kobayashi as Tanjirō Kamado, Akari Takaishi as Nezuko, Keisuke Ueda as Zenitsu Agatsuma, Yūgo Satō as Inosuke Hashibira, Reo Honda as Giyū Tomioka, Tomoyuki Takagi as Sakonji Urokodaki, Mimi Maihanō as Tamayo, Hisanori Satō as YushirYoshihide Sasaki as Muzan Kibutsuji. 

The series was ranked 14th on the list of manga recommended by Japanese bookstore employees in 2017, [61] and 19th on the list of best manga for male readers in 2018 by Kono Manga ga Sugoi! . [62] In 2019, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba was ranked 10th on Da Vinci magazine's "Book of the Year" list of 19 . [63] The manga again ranks 19th on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! List of best manga for male readers in 2019 . . [64] The manga has been nominated for the annual Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize award24th year of 2020.

As of February 2019, the manga has sold approximately 3.5 million copies worldwide, [66] more than 10 million copies as of September 2019, [2] more than 25 million copies as of December 2019, [67] more than 40 million copies as of February 2020, [68] and as of May 2020, sales exceeded more than 60 million copies in circulation, including dig

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