Marc Marquez Training With Weight Harder, For The Qatar MotoGP? This Is The VIDEO

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Publish Date : 2021-03-08

Marc Marquez Training With Weight Harder, For The Qatar MotoGP? This Is The VIDEO

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) returned to show the development of his current condition. In this case, it is related to the recovery or training process carried out after the 3rd operation on the Humerus area or his right arm at the beginning of last December. Of course, all in the direction of the coach.

What is interesting is that MM93 has entered the weight training stage which is heavier than the previous post . Predictably strong, the 2019 MotoGP world champion is trying to get back to racing as quickly as possible.

“My aim is to get back to where I was before this injury, but I know it will take time. First of all, I have to come back with a bike, which logically chooses one that is not as strong as a MotoGP bike. I can't wait to come back. At the moment it's strange not to be in Qatar, but I'm sure Pol, Bradl, Nakagami and my brothers will do a good job, "said Marc Marquez.

Will Marquez take part in the 1st or 2nd series of MotoGP 2021 which is staged at the same track, Losail Qatar? For this condition, it is estimated that it is difficult because it has been more than 8 months since Marquez has not ridden a motorcycle. Remember, that the MotoGP race has a great power of up to more than 270 HP ( Horse Power ).

In this case, HRC will be very careful. Don't want to force it anymore because it could have even more fatal consequences. Below is the VIDEO as well as Marc Marquez's explanation.

Motor has not changed, Rossi threatened to fall again

Valentino Rossi feels that the Yamaha M1 motorbike ridden in the Qatar 2021 MotoGP test isno different from last season.
Rossi, who is now with the Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team, still gets a motorbike with the same quality specifications as the Yamaha factory team or similar to the motorbikes of Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Vinales.

Yamaha brought a new chassis to the Qatar MotoGP 2021 test and Rossi felt there was no difference with the bike used last season in two days of testing at the Losail Circuit. Rossi still complains about the attractiveness of the motorbike.

"We tried different things but we did not find a very good solution, so in the end it was difficult. We were bad in acceleration because I did not have traction at the back," explained Rossi.

"We use two chassis, but my impression in the two days this bike is the same as last year's bike. It's not like the 2019 chassis. It's more or less like that, but when I ride it I feel the same as the 2020 [bike]," he continued.

In MotoGP 2020 Rossi's achievements plummeted. Apart from being absent twice due to being exposed to the corona virus, Rossi failed to finish five times. Rossi also finished in 15th place with 66 points. This record is the worst in the aging racer career.

On the first day of the Qatar MotoGP test, Rossi was 14th. Meanwhile, on the second day, Rossi slipped to position 20. On the second day, the former world champion's record time is also the worst among other Yamaha riders.

"Of course the position is not fantastic and my timing is not fantastic either. I feel uncomfortable with the bike," said Rossi.

"The problem is I am not fast enough, so now we have to check the data together with the team and try to use different methods in the next test," he said, quoted by Motorsport . 

Start, Suzuki 2022 MotoGP Engine Test First

Suzuki started testing the MotoGP engine for the 2022 season. For this 2021 season, Suzuki is still using the old engine.
As is known, as part of cost-saving measures due to pandemic conditions, all engine development for non-concession manufacturers (Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and KTM) is prohibited from developing new engines for the 2021 season. this season.

Suzuki has also started testing engines for the 2022 season. During a test session in Qatar, test riders Guintoli and Takuya Tsuda tested the 2022 engine on a Suzuki motorbike.

"We immediately started testing quite a lot of new items. We have new engine specs, this is for 2022. So, we've been working on it. And today [Saturday] we also did more work with the chassis. So, new chassis, new swingarm, The suspension is different too. We've done a lot of work today, which is very interesting. So, that's it, just go ahead and I haven't ridden for five months. So, I feel it, "said Guintoli as quoted by Motorsport.

According to him, Suzuki is looking for some improvements from the data they have obtained. He considered that the engine was already very good and would be a big leap for Suzuki.

Guintoli said the unpredictable COVID pandemic made Suzuki have to use the opportunity of the 2021 MotoGP test to test the 2022 engine. In fact, other teams are focused on testing their racing bikes for the 2021 season.

"This year with the engine spec (development) frozen, it will allow us to work for 2022. I think that is a very good thing to do, because considering the situation with COVID this is very difficult," he said.

"I can't go to Japan to test. So, there are some tests there but not the same."

"Some of the tests we did last year, we try to use the best possible time but working for the future is very important at this time because we do not know what this year will be made. We do not know how many opportunities we will get," he said.

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