Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!

Publish Date : 2021-04-10

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!

After all this time Mimin finally returned to fill this blog with a full review again. because for some reasons Mimin is a little lazy to write a blog because there are also no anime that are interesting enough for Mimin to review until this anime appears ... yaappp Konosuba

The anime made by DEEN studios, which was unexpectedly successful, was a huge success because the story was very coplak and funny. tells the story of a teenager named Satou Kazuma who died by a truck and was revived in another world. Before going to another world, Kazuma met a blue-haired goddess named Aqua who told him to choose one thing he wanted to take away to that world. Because of the annoying nature of the goddess, Kazuma chose the goddess and made them both thrown into that world where they had to save the world from the demon king and get a thank you gift from the gods. The uniqueness of this other world is like a game place, there are guilds, skills, parties, and currency. how about Kazuma's adventure with his party that is no less campy than the goddess of bangke. watch the anime ......: v



Satou Kazuma

A Hikkikomori and NEET who always spends his time in his room playing games, watching anime or buying his figures. One time, when he came home from shopping he saved a girl who was almost hit by a truck and died. Kazuma woke up somewhere and met a goddess named aqua. The funny thing is. Kazuma was told the chronology of his death, he was not killed by a truck but died of shock. He mistook a slow tractor for a speeding truck. Because he chose Aqua as an item he wanted to bring to another world and another goddess appeared to replace Aqua's task * the goddess of the afterlife *. In his new world, Kazuma got a skill card where all the stats were low, only luck and intelligence were high. Kazuma finally managed to master several skills such as Steal which is used to steal items and for some reason, the pantsu is always the target. Create Water which shoots water, and Drain Touch which sucks the opponent's strength. Kazuma managed to form a party of 4 people.


A useless goddess who often troubles Kazuma. Even though she has a sweet face, just watch the anime, you will know how annoying this girl is. hobbies drinking, debt and always prided herself as a goddess. On the skill card all the stats are high, only intelligence and luck are very low. Aqua takes the Arch Priest class, where the skills obtained from arch priests are healing and purification. Aqua's skills are actually very useful if she is not afraid, including:
-Resurrection: revive the dead
-Purification: to purify something like cleaning a large river of poison
-Turn Undead: purify the undead/skeleton until it disappears
- Sacred Break Spell: removes deadly curse magic or removes monster armor
-Sacred Turn Undead: purifies dark creatures that are strong and dense like the knights of the Dullahan
-Drain Touch: absorb power and share it with others
-Kachou Fuugetsu: A skill of natural beauty, a skill that costs a fortune (5 points) that Aqua bought just as a magic trick that spawns flowers.
-God Blow: a powerful blow but doesn't work on the giant frog
Sacred Create Water: brings a giant flood which is the weakness of the forces of darkness.
although very great, but like a pig given a necklace, Aqua still troublesome Kazuma and gets bad luck 2 times wkwkkwkwkw: v btw Aqua is a goddess from the Axis religion known as the religion of madmen -_-

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a Chuunibyou who felt he was an extremely powerful wizard and was very obsessed with explosions. Megumin comes from a clan of red devils who mostly have strange names. Her parents' names are Yuiyui and Hyoizabuurooo !!! : v Megumin is an Arch Wizard with level 4 and has only mastered one skill but is very strong, namely Explosion. a magic that creates a giant explosion of fire and is very effective at destroying large enemies. But because his level is still low, he can't move all day after throwing Explosion just once. Actually he could have mastered skills other than Explosion but he only likes explosion magic. As a result, every day Megumin can only use one skill a day and after that is carried home by Kazuma from the mission. .

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The most beautiful girl in Konosuba, Even Kazuma was nervous about talking to her when he wanted to enter his party. What can I say, beautiful outside striped inside. It turns out that Darkness is a masochist or a person who likes to be tortured. He even wanted to join the Kazuma group because he often saw Kazuma and his friends come home full of mucus * eaten by frogs *. Always face the enemy directly because you want to be tortured or polluted wkwkkwkwkwk. Darkness is a Crusader with a sword as his weapon. Even though a crusader, Darkness is only a capital of courage and a tough body. The accuracy of the sword is 0% and it doesn't even hit enemies who are very close to him. has the most normal thoughts after Kazuma. This mseum girl who always imagines being raped has a high sense of justice. When an enemy attacks he cannot run away from his friend even when the city is attacked by monsters he does not run and prepares to attack. Only Kazuma knows the real name of Darkness, Dustiness Ford Lalatina, the son of the Dustiness nobleman.
nb: Darkness big oppai: 3

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Chris is Darkness' best friend and is a thief, he is the one who teaches Kazuma the skills of hiding, lurking and stealing. While practicing Steal on Chris, Kazuma somehow managed to get his underwear. While crying, Chris complained about Kazuma's actions to the whole guild that he had to determine a suitable price for his underwear to be returned, otherwise the underwear would become an heirloom that was adored by his family. and finally Kazuma was labeled as a sadistic pervert.

Mitsurugi Kyouya

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The strongest knight in the city that Kazuma lived in, the city of beginners. Kyouya is a sword master who has the cursed sword Gram which he got from Aqua when he died * just like Kazuma * aims to defeat the demon king in order to help the goddess who has revived him. Of course he did not accept it when he found out that Kazuma dragged Aqua into another world too and living in a horse stable * even though it was a result of Aqua's own bad luck * Kazuma thought of Kyouya as just a cheater who relied on his sword and never knew how adventurous was from the start. With ease, Kazuma won the bet with Kyouya to fight over the goddess by stealing his sword and making him faint. When Kyouya asked for his sword to be returned, unfortunately the sword had been sold by Kazuma: v

Verdia Dullahan

This animated antagonistic character. Dullahan is one of the leaders of the demon king's army that recently moved to a castle near the city of Kazuma. Unbeknownst to them, Megumin and kazuma practice blast magic every day by making the dullahan castle their target thus making the cavalry knight's emotions. Dullahan is known for his skill in swordsmanship, his large sword and his ability to see the slow movements of opponents. He is also able to summon Undead forces to invade the city. Often upset with the darkness that kept accusing her of wanting to rape her. This cavalry knight finally fights kazuma and darkness directly, darkness is almost killed he attacks but his weakness is soon known which is water. With his steal ability, kazuma managed to steal Dullahan: v's head and turn it into a football.


The former master arch wizard whose real identity is a lich * dark creature * cute big-eyed mba now serves as a shopkeeper for magic tools and a shaman to exorcise spirits or haunting ghosts. Aqua really didn't like her because she was a dark creature and wanted to purify her so badly. Kazuma and Aqua learned the Drain Touch skill from the wiz. Although a dark creature, but wiz has a shy, gentle, and very feminine nature. besides that he also mastered a lot of great magic. Like when facing a Monster Destroyer who is about to destroy a city, he takes out an Explosion with Megumin, in contrast to Megumin, Wiz doesn't faint after using it. Wiz also has the Teleport skill that can move something to another place.


If in other anime fanservice is usually in the swimming episode, now while Konosuba which is an anti-mainstream anime fanservice is in dimly lit stalls. In the city of Kazuma lives, there is a place that is most popular with boys, a place that is very popular even to make male adventurers fight against monster destroyers who want to destroy the city. That is the sweet dream stall of succubi * Mimin forgot its name * in this place customers will be served by succubus which is very sexy. we are told to make dreams like what we want, for example having sex with this person, with that person, in this way and so on. Later our request will be adjusted to our dreams tonight. Kazuma had mistakenly thought he was dreaming of soaking in Darkness even though it was reality,
Leaks: Episode 9: v


secretary character in the kazuma city guild. His existence is like an NPC that gives quests ranging from ordinary quests, emergency quests to super emergency quests. It is from him that we also get skill cards / identification cards and prizes from quests that we have done. Luna is a soft and kind girl, seen when she didn't dare to fight when Aqua protested to her. Luna is a girl with big breasts in Konosuba even though her face is not too cute.


Eris is the kouhai goddess of Aqua or rather her senpai is Aqua. She is the same as Aqua, the goddess who brought people back to another world. Eris was worshiped as a good goddess and her name was used as currency. Only Aqua knew that Eris was wearing pads as her oppai hahaha. being cute and normal so it makes Kazuma clap on her at first glance. Eris appeared in front of Kazuma when he died again -_- because of being beheaded by the snow shogun but Kazuma managed to come back to life thanks to Aqua's resurrection.


The Walking Castle Destroyer. Is a crushing machine that was created by ancient people with corronatite as its energy source. However, this very ferocious giant weapon goes out of control and makes the creators inside it unable to do anything. The destroyer succeeded in leveling the city of its creator. This giant spider robot that has a laser weapon and a large armor on its body had wanted to destroy the city of Kazuma. But he was successfully destroyed, his shield was broken by Aqua's Sacred Break Spell and his body was damaged by two explosions of Megumin and wiz. The destroyer also has the ability to detonate itself and produce a super emergency quest "St

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