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The Jaka Tarub legend is one of the folk tales immortalized in the popular text of New Javanese literature, Babad Tanah Jawi .

This story revolves around the life of the main character named Jaka Tarub ("the young man from Tarub"). When he grew up he was called Ki Ageng Tarub. Ki Ageng Tarub is a figure who is considered the ancestor of the Mataram dynasty , the dynasty that controlled Javanese land politics - partially or completely - from the 17th century to the present. According to community sources in the village of Widodaren, Gerih, Ngawi , this incident occurred in that village. As evidence the local community believes because there is a tomb of Jaka Tarub in the village. The average elderly local community knows the storyline of Jaka Tarubwith 7 angels. The name of Widodaren village is believed by the local community to come from the word widodari which means in Indonesian is bidadari. In this village there is also a spring which is said to have been the place where the angels bathed and Jaka Tarub took the shawl of one of the angels.

Story Analysis Jaka Tarub
Babad Tanah Jawi is a historical text of the Mataram Sultanate . The news about Panembahan Senapati and his successors is close to historical facts. However, the stories before Panembahan Senapati tended to be imaginary, especially about the Majapahit Kingdom .

Some argue that the Mataram Sultanate was founded by a peasant family, not a noble family. Therefore, in order to gain legitimacy and recognition from the Javanese people , mythical figures who are all special as ancestors of the kings of Mataram were created .

In this case, the character Nawangsih married to Bondan Kejawan is called a special woman. Nawangsih is a mixed child between humans and angels. This story is reminiscent of Ken Arok's character in Pararaton . The Majapahit also wanted to show that their ancestor, Ken Arok, was a special demigod.

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The Jaka Tarub legend has many versions, but the "standard" version, as stated in the Babad Tanah Jawi, has the following plot.

Jaka Tarub is a handsome young man who has supernatural powers. He often goes in and out of the forest to hunt in sacred mountain areas. On the mountain there is a lake . Accidentally, he saw and then observed seven angels were bathing in the lake. Lured, Jaka Tarub took the scarf that was being draped by one of the angels. When the angels finished bathing, they were dressed and ready to return to heaven . One of the nymphs, not finding her shawl, was unable to return and was eventually abandoned by her friends because it was getting late. Jaka Tarub then appeared and pretended to help. An angel named Nawangwulan it was willing to come home to Jaka Tarub because it was already dusk.

Long story short, the two of them got married. From this marriage a daughter named Nawangsih was born . Before marriage, Nawangwulan reminded Jaka Tarub not to ever ask the secret of his habits after becoming a wife. The secret is that Nawangwulan always cooks rice using only one grain of rice in the rice cooker but produces a lot of rice. Jaka Tarub, who was curious, did not ask but immediately opened the lid of the rice cooker. As a result of this action, Nawangwulan's powers were lost. Since then she has been cooking rice like most ordinary women.

Nawangwulan rejoined other angels.
As a result of this, the supply of unhulled rice in the granary quickly ran out. When the grain was low, Nawangwulan found her shawl, which her husband had hidden in the barn.

An angry Nawangwulan learned that her husband who had stolen the object threatened to leave Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub begged his wife not to return to heaven. However, Nawangwulan was determined. It's just that, at certain times she is willing to come to Marcapada to breastfeed Nawangsih's baby

Marriage Nawangsih
Jaka Tarub later became a village leader with the title Ki Ageng Tarub, and was friendly with Brawijaya, the king of Majapahit . One day Brawijaya sent Kyai Mahesa Nular's keris heirloom to be treated by Ki Ageng Tarub.

The Brawijaya envoys who delivered the kris were named Ki Buyut Masahar and Bondan Kejawan , their adopted children. Ki Ageng Tarub knows that Bondan Kejawan is actually Brawijaya's son . So, the young man was asked to live together in Tarub village.

Since then Bondan Kejawan has been the adopted son of Ki Ageng Tarub, and has changed his name to Lembu Peteng . When Nawangsih grew up, the two of them got married.

After Jaka Tarub died, Lembu Peteng alias Bondan Kejawan replaced him as the new Ki Ageng Tarub. Nawangsih himself gave birth to a son, who as an adult named Ki Getas Pandawa.

Ki Ageng Getas Pandawa then had a son named Ki Ageng Sela , who was a great-grandfather of Panembahan Senapati , the founder of the Mataram Sultanate .

Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub, also known as Sendang Nur Cahyo, also known as Sendang Bidadari, is a tourist attraction located in Daren village , Nalumsari sub-district , Jepara Regency . Daren Village is located in the easternmost part of Jepara Regency which is directly adjacent to Jepara Regency. Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub [1] are located not too far from the tomb of Jaka Tarub which is also in Daren Village.

Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub means Belik which means spring because it is said that in this place Joko Tarub met an angel, who later became the wife of Joko Tarub. So it is called Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub.

In ancient times there was a traveler named Kadarisman who came from the Mataram Kingdom with his servant named Dowo (Mbah Dowo). Because he was not married and wandered often he was nicknamed Joko Lelono. When he arrived in a village (now Desa Daren) he met a widow who lived in a hut / tarub, then Joko Lelono was made his son. Because he lived in a hut / tarub, so he was nicknamed Joko Tarub.

One day Joko Tarub's wanderings arrived at a small hill. He heard the sound of a turtledove bird which was so sweet that he wanted to catch it. When he was sneaking around wanting to catch the turtledoves suddenly he heard the sound of people taking a bath so he didn't catch the turtledoves. Curious to know who was taking a shower he crept over. After being peeked, it turned out that the shower was 40 angels Out of curiosity he took one of the angel's clothes and brought it home.

When they finish bathing, the angels intend to return to their natural world. It turned out that one of the angels named Nawang Wulan did not find the clothes that were used to fly / scarves. He and his brothers searched here and there but were not found. Because they did not find Nawang Wulan's scarf and they had to go home immediately, the angels decided to leave Nawang Wulan alone on Earth.

Nawang Wulan is alone on earth and has no relatives, so she feels very lonely and miserable. Then Nawang Wulan said who could help her if a man would be her husband if a woman would be his brother. One day she met Joko Tarub and was brought to his house so they became husband and wife. After married, Joko Tarub and Nawang Wulan had a daughter named Nawangsih. During her household, Nawang Wulan often bathed and washed clothes in the spring that was used to bathe with her siblings, so that the sendang was nicknamed the Angel Spring.

During his time as Nawang Wulan Joko Tarub's husband, he was surprised because the rice supplies in his house were endless. Nawang Wulan once advised Joko Tarub and his family if he was cooking so that he wouldn't be disturbed or seen by others. Out of curiosity, when his wife was washing the clothes, Joko Tarub wanted to know what his wife was cooking. Then Joko Tarub opened the lid of the kwali his wife used for cooking. How shocked Joko Tarub was when he saw that his wife's cooking turned out to be only a stick of rice.

After washing Nawang Wulan after checking his cooking, it turned out that a piece of cooked rice could not become rice, so Nawang Wulan became suspicious that someone had seen his cooking, then Nawang Wulan asked to make a mortar to pound the rice into rice. Since then, the rice in the storage area (barn) is always pounded into rice. Because the rice is pounded every day, the rice stock in the barn runs out. It was at this time that Nawang Wulan found the clothes / scarf he used to fly.

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After finding his flying clothes, Nawang Wulan and his son Nawangsih said goodbye to Joko Tarub to leave with a message: if you want to meet his son Joko Tarub is asked to make arbor under which he is given husks from burnt black sticky rice. Therefore, until now the Daren people do not have the courage to make arbor including a level house, nor do they dare to plant black glutinous rice. In Daren Village, there is a recitation of Joko Tarub's grave which until now is considered to be the forerunner of Daren Village, every 29th of the month of Suro is commemorated. For Sendang Bidadari every Friday night, many people perform ritual bathing there. Sendang Bidadari also known as Sendang Nur Cahyo It is said that the story of whoever bathes in the spring, his face will shine

Belik which is located right behind the mosque in Hamlet Rahayu which is said to be mbelik is the water from the former angel and jaka tarub first. And the mystique of this mbelik, although in the long dry season it never dries up [3] . Once there was a blind person who came to Mbelik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub, and that person was washing his face at Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub, that person suddenly could see.

Many visitors who come to Belik Bidadari and Jaka Tarub both from the Nalumsari area, Mayong, to visitors from out of town, especially every Friday Wage night, many visitors bathe there, what's more at its peak, which is the 1st of Shuro [4] , the middle of the night crowded with visitors they flocked even mostly from outside the area. It is said that the story is the bathing place of Dewi Nawangwulan, who is then made a wife by Joko Tarub, who reportedly bathes in the spring, his face will shine. some people say they are blessed to want to stay young by bathing in the bath.

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