Every year at its yearly gathering,

Publish Date : 2020-12-28

Every year at its yearly gathering,

Every year at its yearly gathering, the Foreign Language Association of Maine (FLAME) perceives the individuals who have accomplished remarkable outcomes in showing current or old style dialects. The FLAME Advisory Board welcomes you to select one of the numerous brilliant language instructors who practice their calling here in Maine! 

What are the standards for assignment? 

Chosen people should have at any rate two years of FLAME enrollment. 

Chosen people should have at least five years experience in showing present day or old style dialects. 

Who may make an assignment? 

A FLAME part 

An instructing partner 

A school executive 

What is the technique? 

The nominator should present a letter of designation, including data about the candidate's 

Address, phone number and email address 

Educating task 

Instructive foundation 

Educating experience 

Uncommon accomplishments, respects or grants 

The nominator should incorporate their contact data (address, phone number and email address) 

The nominator should orchestrate accommodation of letters of proposal from the accompanying: 

In any event one associate (not really an advanced or traditional language educator) 

At any rate one boss (head, head of division or administrator) 

In any event one previous or current understudy 

In settling on its choice, the FLAME Advisory Board will think about the accompanying sorts of proof: 

How has the chosen one shown best practice? 

How has the candidate added to the instructing and learning of an advanced or traditional language? 

What are some showing practices and exercises that the candidate uses to improve understudies' language capability and inspiration? 

What sorts of expert development exercises (counting make a trip pertinent to educating) has the chosen one taken an interest in? 

How has the chosen one served the understudies, the school or the school locale? 

The nominator should mastermind conveyance, all things considered, to Christopher Gram, FLAME Awards Committee Chair, Carrabec High School, P.O. Box 220, North Anson, ME 04958. The stamped cutoff time for accommodation is January 15, 2021. 

For extra data, contact Christopher at: [email protected] or (207) 635-2296. 

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Data from Presentation on Controlling Indoor Air Quality to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission 

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Environmental and Community Health facilitated a virtual introduction on 12.22.20 called, Controlling Indoor Air Quality to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission – Guidance for Building Managers and Homeowners. 

The following are the introductions materials and a chronicle of the meeting. 

PowerPoint slide deck: Controlling Indoor Air Quality to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission 

Posted on December 22, 2020by Maine Department of Education 

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Georgetown Central School Adopts Outdoor Teaching with the Help of Juniper Hill School 

Georgetown Central School Adopts Outdoor Teaching with the Help of Juniper Hill School 

With the approaching limitations of school resuming in a pandemic this mid year, Georgetown Central School made an open air training group and welcomed educators, staff, network individuals and guardians, to help conceptualize how Georgetown could change instructing practices to bring adapting outside. A school effectively wealthy in the custom of network, open air, and task based learning, we realized that we needed to make changes in accordance with an ordinary year (when understudies would take an interest in involved field outings, for example, burrowing for mollusks or examining the relocation propensities for crabs). In August, two instructors went through four days learning at Juniper Hill School 's Summer Institute for Educators: Teaching with Nature. Juniper Hill School, a network school for PK-fifth grade understudies, was established 10 years back on the establishment of outside, nature-based educating and learning. Anne Stires, the School's author, offers year long instructing, proficient improvement workshops, and summer foundations for instructors. 

Georgetown School started to rotate. With a ton of help from network individuals, guardians and staff, and the direction and vision of the instructors who went to the mid year preparing at Juniper Hill, we had the option to set up about twelve open air study hall spaces on school property and preservation land past the property. A melodic nursery was framed opposite our school's nursery. Swinging perusing niches were made for more youthful study halls, and shakes and roots were pulled from land to make a pathway to numerous homeroom spaces. 

Composing CLASS, first/second graders, Georgetown Central School 

Composing CLASS, first/second graders, Georgetown Central School 

Utilizing CARES cash and composing our title four government finances application for outside training, we had the option to supply homerooms with the instructional supplies and apparatuses they required. We bought singular swings for understudies in kindergarten and grades one and two – a tranquil space for understudies to take a break from the orders of a pandemic instruction – and an occasion to escape into the universe of writing. We set up open air seating zones, utilizing stumps and camp seats, and bought blackboards to bring instructing outside. 

As we asked ourselves the inquiry, "How would we do this?" we realized it is ideal to connect with the specialists. Anne Stires, from Juniper Hill School, brought open air learning proficient advancement workshops to Georgetown Central School, for example, "Venturing Outside unexpectedly," "Instructing with Nature: Curriculum," "Educating in Winter," and ultimately, "Wellbeing and Risk Management." From there, instructors have been getting more thoughts around utilizing the components of nature to help learning. We have bought a library assortment of expert learning assets straightforwardly associated with outside instruction, and fabricated study hall libraries with books that attention basically on learning in nature and with nature. 

In one class, early daytime meeting happens outside; schedule and the times of the week are sung as kids sit on gave tree stump seats organized under a shade of trees. An old jungle gym slide is situated conveniently on the slope prompting the study hall, an invite insight for understudies as they advance toward a writing slate and mud kitchen provided with pots and skillet. Creative mind for understudies in these spaces goes out of control and play-based learning has gotten more obvious for the youth understudies. Rather than worksheets with numerical problems, understudies hop from cut tree stump to tree stump embellished with numbers all together. 

An exploratory year, educators have been learning direct how to adjust indoor and open air learning, particularly as we approach the cold weather months. Straightforward things have permitted us to take understudies outside even on colder days. Every understudy in Georgetown has a warm pair of fleece socks, a bottle to bring high temp water or tea outside, a colder time of year cap and a wool neck gaiter (all things accumulated by the network or bought with CRF reserves). Outside learning in the colder time of year is about development. Understudies study tracks in the day off different indications of creatures that have unobtrusively traveled every which way without notice on a stroll through the jungle gym fields or encompassing woods. An open air math class (checking by ones or tens), has understudies hopping in the snow–production tracks as they bounce as far as possible to speak to tens and as short as possible to speak to ones. 

Educators bring out materials on their individual study hall trucks or, in colder months, they will utilize the fly sleds bought with CARES cash to go to outside homerooms. Outside instruction supplies are kept coordinated in a shed that is assigned explicitly for the open air study halls. A walk further into the forested areas on preservation land, drives understudies and instructors to a lovely open structure we are planning to encase, that goes about as a safe house in the forested areas for learning. The lumber outline structure was a collective exertion between the school constantly families. 

Georgetown School will be keeping progressing training with Anne Stires for the rest of the year, starting with our PK-second grade instructors. With model exercises, project-based incorporated educational program arranging, and criticism meetings, educators will pick up considerably more certainty and imagination in working with their understudies outside. The continuous turn is energizing and fulfilling and understudies and instructors are more beneficial and more joyful subsequently!

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