Метод 2 сезон 9 серия * лучший сериал (30.12.2020)

Publish Date : 2020-12-29

Метод 2 сезон 9 серия * лучший сериал (30.12.2020)

>>>  Метод 2 сезон 9 серия  <<<


Главный герой — Родион Меглин — загадочная и неординарная личность, следователь высочайшего уровня, который раскрывает самые сложные убийства. Он привык работать в одиночку, не раскрывая секреты своего метода. Выпускница юрфака Есеня получает направление в отделение полиции, в котором служит Меглин, и становится его стажером. У девушки есть личные мотивы для работы с прославленным следователем — мать Есени убили, а отец скрывает важные детали произошедшего, но она не оставляет надежды выйти на след убийцы.






















Метод 2 сезон 9 серия * лучший сериал (30.12.2020)


Сериал personal driver contract sample посмотреть

++—чачать сейчас++

In reference to your application for employment and subsequent interview for the post of a “Driver” at Rohto Pharma (India) Private Limited, the Management is pleased to employ you as a Driver with effect from 01st May 2014 at Gurgaon location. This contract is subject to the following terms and conditions.

The Renter agrees to return the vehicle in its current condition (minus normal road wear-and-tear) to the Owner on the return date and hour, with {fuel expectation}. The Renter is also free to turn the vehicle in at {other locations}.

The Renter swears and attests that {he/she} has a legal, valid license to drive this type of vehicle in this {state/country}, and that there are no outstanding warrants against said license. The Renter's driver's license is: {driver's license number}. The Renter further swears and attests that {he/she} has insurance that will cover the operation of this vehicle.

The Renter agrees to use the vehicle only for routine, legal purposes (personal or business). The Renter further agrees to follow all city, state, county, and government rules and restrictions regarding use and operation of the vehicle.

The Renter agrees to hold harmless, indemnify, and release the Owner for any damages, injuries, property loss, or death caused while the Renter operates this vehicle. The Renter will be held accountable for any damages or cleaning fees incurred while renting the vehicle. The Renter has had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins and confirms that it is in good operable condition.

The job description of a personal driver changes from employer to employer. Most times their duties and responsibilities are not constrained to conveying their employers, but depend on a number of factors like the nature of work of the employer and his/her way of life.

It involves carrying out simple inspection and maintenance work like changing the oil and batteries, refueling the car(s), and repairing some minor faults, which can be mechanical or electrical in nature.

Personal drivers often double as personal assistants. So, a personal driver is expected to render other services to the employer aside the traditional driving duties and responsibilities, such as driving and maintaining the car(s).

In addition to being able to perform their roles effectively, personal drivers should certain qualities, including being able to obey all traffic guidelines, possessing good driving skills, and appropriately authorized to drive vehicles.

The personal driver duties and responsibilities stated in the work description provide proof of you not only having the needed experience to do the job effectively, but also the right expertise.

This contract, when signed by both parties, is an agreement between an independent contract delivery person (Driver) and Independent Delivery Driver Service.  Driver accepts the following requirements as the minimum acceptable conditions of agreement.

Are you searching for drivers for you delivery company looking around the web just for contract template for your delivery business? OK, then we satisfy these demands at the same time! You can both collect information from driver applicants and turn the submission to an that is ready to print.Our Delivery Driver contract PDF template contains driver applicant contact information, time intervals for daily availability and a generalized contract between your company and the driver applicant and a signature field. With our new PDF editor, you can customize the PDF design and layout if you need to change them specifically as per your business requirements.

I hereby agree to the following terms:1. I shall be employed by employer as a STAY OUT FAMILY DRIVER whose duty includes, butis not limited to, driving my employer and her family members, to and from any point inLuzon within the Philippines.2. I understand that the contract between me, the employee, and my employer is strictly anEMPLOYMENT CONTRACT and is nothing more and nothing less.3. I understand that the vehicle involved in this contract is irrevocably and indisputably aproperty of my employer.4. I understand that it is my duty to keep the vehicle and any passenger within it safe andsecure at all times.5. I understand that I am to faithfully record and accomplish the vehicles mileage on amileage sheet that will be provided by my employer.6. I understand that at the end of each day, I shall return the vehicle to my employer in thesame shape and condition as I got it during the said day.7. Furthermore, in relation to Clause number 5 of this contract, I shall be personally liablewith my personal funds for any damage, through my own fault and/or negligence, to anypart of the vehicle and to any passenger within it that I may incur during the time that thesaid vehicle is with me. Any damage incurred by the vehicle or a passenger within itoutside of my duty is absolutely and irrevocably not my responsibility.8. I understand that being a stay out family driver means that I shall readily make myselfavailable should my employer or any of my employers family members need me tochauffeur them around.9. I understand that I shall be working 6 days a week, and that during Mondays, Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays, I am expected to be at Cityland Vito Cruz Towers (my employersresidence) by 7:15am to pick her up bring her to work location, and by 5:00pm togo to her work location and pick her up.10.I understand that as a family driver, my work time shall be considered broken time,which means that I am allowed to go home whenever my chauffeuring services are notneeded. Furthermore, if my chauffeuring services shall be needed during the day, I shallnot be allowed to go home in between.11.I understand that I am granted a day off every Tuesday of the week.

12.I understand that during Saturdays my call time is 9:00am and on Sundays, mytime-in will depend upon the advice of my employer the day before (on call/nofixed time in).13.I understand that as a family driver, my chauffeuring services shall be needed on holidaysexcept during Christmas and New Year.14.I understand that being a stay out family driver, my time-out will depend on the scheduleof my employer (no specific time out but within reasonable time).15. I understand that after driving my employer to his/her destination, I am to park thevehicle at the designated parking spot in Cityland Vito Cruz unless told otherwise.16.I understand that should my chauffeuring services be needed urgently, I shall be given atleast 1 hour or 60 minutes to prepare and to proceed to where I am called.17.I understand that in the occurrence that I may not be able to attend to my duties due anemergency situation, I shall promptly inform my employer of the fact at least 24 hoursbefore my duty and I understand that my absence in work shall not be paid.Furthermore, tardiness (lateness) is also salary deducted.18.I understand that 3 (three) absences on my part that is unaccounted for (AWOL absence without leave) would automatically lead to the termination of thisEmployer-Employee contract.19.I understand that I will do my best to keep myself healthy physically, mentally, andemotionally in order for me to not be a health risk to my employer.20.I understand that despite the fact that my employers employer(Metrobank) is the one providing my compensation, this contract is distinct andseparate from my any contract that my employer may have with said company.21.I understand that as a probationary employee, I am entitled to a wage of PhP 14,000 permonth. I shall be paid weekly in the amount of Php 3,500 which shall already includemy weekly salary, transportation, and food allowance for the said week.22.I understand that the compensation and benefits include employer share ofSSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAGIBIG which will be given in cash and will be remittedto the employee provided he has SSS, Philhealth, and PAGIBIG membership. Thisshall be paid quarterly (3 months) and the employer shall pay the EMPLOYERSSHARE of the amount to be paid by employee.23.Furthermore, in relation to Clause number 20 of this contract, I understand that I amreleasing my employers employer from any claim I may have towards my employer.24.I attest to the accuracy and genuineness of any pre-employment requirement that I will besubmitting to my employer.25.Furthermore, in relation to Clause number 24 of this contract, I understand and agree toany repercussion should any of my government issued ID turn out to be a falsity.

26.I understand that either party to this contract may terminate said contract providedthat said party wishing to terminate the contract notifies the other party at least 2weeks before terminating the contract. Failure to inform the employer entitlesthe employer to not release the remaining salary of the employee (should therebe any).27.I understand that my employer may terminate this employment contract without therequired 1 month notification should employer have reasonable reasons for doing so.

This delivery driver contract sample that includes contact information, vehicle type, working time planning, driver's license number, insurance provider, policy number, signature, is used as a contract between you and your new employee. You can customize this delivery driver contract template by changing fields.

A company vehicle policy, or company vehicle use agreement, establishes which employees are eligible for a company fleet vehicle. It also outlines the requirements for qualifying for a company car, basic rules employees must follow when using company vehicles, and disciplinary action for misusing vehicles.

The [company name] company vehicle policy gives employees guidelines for obtaining, qualifying for, and using a company vehicle. A “company vehicle” is any vehicle [company name] assigns to employees. This policy applies to all employees who use a company vehicle, and applies during and outside of working hours.

Employees may qualify for a company vehicle if they drive [number] miles or more per year for work purposes, need a company vehicle for their daily work, or are supposed to receive the use of a vehicle as a benefit.

To be eligible for a company vehicle, employees must complete a form and submit a copy of their driver’s license. Employees are only allowed to drive a company car if they have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record for at least [X years].

[Company name] [does not allow/on a case-by-case allows] personal use of company vehicles. Personal use includes using the vehicle for personal errands between business activities, to commute between the workplace and home, or using the vehicle outside of business hours.** [All work safety rules continue to apply when a company vehicle is used for personal purposes.]**

In case of an accident, contact the HR department immediately. They will contact th

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