Understanding Vertigo

Publish Date : 2021-01-07

Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom where yourself or the perimeter of the feels are rotating and occurs suddenly. Symptoms of a vertigo attack is different, there is light and does not feel and there are severe, and can inhibit the routine of a person because it can cause loss of balance and disorientation.

When vertigo strikes, it is felt can be varied, such as mild dizziness and appear periodically. If a vertigo attack is severe, usually have a long duration and can last for a few days, so the infected can't day normally.

Risk Factors Of Vertigo
Here are some risk factors that can increase the symptoms of vertigo attack someone:

Aged more than 50 years.


Have or are currently suffering from a wound in the head.

Frequent use of certain drugs.

There are family members who have a history of vertigo.

Have an infection in the ear.

Moderate to severe stress.

Often consume alcohol.

The Causes Of Vertigo
The main cause of vertigo is generally caused by the presence of a disorder of the inner ear, thus triggering the problem of the mechanism of the balance of the body. In addition to the main cause, there are some other Causes of vertigo, namely:

Change the position of the head specific.

Migraine or headache is not unbearable.

Stroke, avoid movement of the head suddenly so as not to fall

Meniere's disease, namely disorders that attack the inner ear.

Vestibular neuroniti, namely inflammatory vestibular nerve in the inner ear.

Disorders in the brain, such as tumors.

Certain medications that cause ear damage.

Trauma or wounds in the head and neck.

The Symptoms Of Vertigo
Symptoms that commonly occur is the feel of objects in the perimeter running play followed by ringing in the ears. It makes sense of nausea and want to vomit could not be avoided. If the disease vertigo it continues, usually people with can be dropped because it is not a strong stand. In fact, if it has been lying down and closing your eyes, people will still feel his body circling and the sense of pounding up can lead to fainting.

The initial attack of vertigo usually lasts a few hours only. However, if not addressed promptly, vertigo will always relapse and relapse again, and if repeated can cause a stroke.

Treatment Of Vertigo
In fact vertigo is a symptom and not a disease. Because vertigo is a symptom, vertigo treatment can be done depending of the disease that can cause attacks of vertigo come. Some cases of vertigo can be healed without treatment, due to the brain successful adaptation to changes in the inner ear.

Vertigo requires the special treatment if caused by:

Epley maneuver to deal with BBPV.


Therapy vestibular rehabilitation which aims to help the brain adapt to the mixed signals from the ears that could be the cause of the emergence of attacks of vertigo, so as the frequency is reduced.
Aside from the method of such treatment, vertigo treatment can be done at home as long as the symptoms are still not too severe. Treatment at home can be with do a light massage around the area of the head, drink ginger tea, eat almonds, drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar with honey. Lastly, drink enough water so that the body is not dehydrated. It is of course because of white water improve the blood circulation.

Prevention Of Vertigo
Here are some ways to reduce or prevent the symptoms of vertigo appear:

Avoid sudden movements so as not to fall.

Immediately sit down if the vertigo attack.

Use a couple of pillows so that the position of the head during sleep becomes higher.

Move your head slowly.

Avoid movement of the head looked up, crouched, or the body bends.

Identify the triggers of vertigo and do exercises that can trigger the vertigo. The brain will become accustomed and even decrease the frequency of recurrence of the vertigo. Do this exercise by asking the help of others.

For those who also suffer from Meniere's disease, limit the consumption of salt in the daily menu.

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