I Cant Stop Buying Stuff!

Author : Cweiselberg1
Publish Date : 2019-04-01

I Cant Stop Buying Stuff!

God damnit. The age old battle of gear versus green. Gear wins in my book, but my student loans say otherwise. We read so much about the effects of student loan debt on house purchases, or massive defaults. However, this fails to mention the crushing effect debt has on the humanities. The more we force our nose into the grindstone, the more we lose touch with things like art. Painters can’t afford brushes. Poets can’t afford ink and paper. I can’t afford a Moog Sirin. Sometimes life’s a bitch. If I had to point to one catalyst though, it would be the student loan crisis in America which effects EVERYTHING. Every move we take, decision we make moves us further from being great (I rhymed!). With all that said, I don’t fucking care. You, quite literally, only live once. You can’t get blood from a stone. While we’re making poor puns, I want my tombstone to say somewhere on it that I was a musician. Not an account holder at AES, or MyFedLoan. Leaving material/musicianship behind, the way intended, comes with a cost. It’s why I buy my gear used. It’s why I buy a lot of it. We all have our purchase cravings. The shit we buy that we can’t ‘live without’. My addiction is synthesizers. This inherently clashes with student loan debt. If I can’t buy equipment, or fix busted stuff, the bastards win. My addiction to shopping for synthesizers if my financial form of giving the middle finger to this collection industry and I’m not taking it down any time soon. I hear my wallet crying from my pocket, but take it easy buddy. I can’t afford anything right now anyway. Reason one for addiction: It looks pretty It started with about 2, or 3 synthesizers. I’m now up to 8(?) with a floor full of stomp boxes. Gear grabs hold of your shopping addiction like nothing else I’ve experienced. Maybe it’s because everything is so costly. That expense makes it a tad narcissistic, no? It makes you want it more and to show it off as much as possible. Reason two for addiction: ADD I feel as though this addiction has broadened my focus a bit too much, honestly. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in having everything going at once I forget that 2 synths are just blaring noise and nothing of value. You can easily force yourself into a rabbit hole which is hard to climb out of. That chaos, though, and the desire to chase it only fuels me more when feeling unfocused and/or overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of parameters and tweaks I have the capacity to create. In summary – ADD + synthesizers = too many options (sometimes). Reason three for addiction: Those damn 300 page catalogs Sweetwater sends you You’d think I would know better by now. Toss ’em out. Don’t look at them. Just peruse and don’t buy. Obviously I know these things but I can’t stop! I see something and go, “oOoOO,” at which point my significant other reminds me I’m a moron. At the same time, that is primetime for me to stumble across something I do genuinely need. And then, BAM! Out the window goes my financial conservatism. I inevitably find something for like $100 that becomes a must have. In and of themselves these reasons for this odd shopping fetish aren’t that bad. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not causing societal harm. I’m not quite going bankrupt yet. So what’s the fuss?! Maybe it is not the most responsible thing to do with my money but I wouldn’t trade any piece of my gear out for the money back, no regrets. I think it’s better my money go to (granted a giant conglomerate) Sweetwater then try to vainly chase down my student loan balances. Those aren’t going anywhere. They won’t forget about me. So, while I’m paying them $600/month, why not live a little? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to leave any comments/reactions below and thanks for reading!

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I Cant Stop Buying Stuff!

- God damnit. The age old battle of gear versus green. Gear wins in my book, but my student loans say otherwise. We read so much about the effects of student loan debt on house purchases, or massive def

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