Best Garden Flowers that You can Grow this Season

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Publish Date : 2020-07-21

Best Garden Flowers that You can Grow this Season

Nothing can beat the invigorating fragrance of fresh flowers. The delicate blooms can mesmerize any beholder and make them forget about all their worries. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at your home, you must be waking up to an amazing view every morning. If you wish to enhance your garden by planting beautiful seasonal flowers, you’ll have to put in the extra effort. Seasonal flowers bloom once a year and have to be replanted every season. This summer, you can make a pick of the best flowers that will help you create a perfect garden.

From chrysanthemums to lavender, you can plant alluring blooms that will become the source of envy for your friends and neighbors. You can pick fragrant flowers to fill your garden with an enticing aroma. The vibrant colors of summer flowers and their rich scent will make anyone fall in love with them. A garden filled with flowers will feel like paradise on earth. There are so many flowers that bloom the best during summers. So, go on, take your pick and get ready to create an amazing garden this summer.


  1. Pretty yarrow.

These delicate blooms are found in bunches and can spruce up any garden right after they bloom. You will add a touch of elegance to your gardens if you plant these flowers near fences and flowerbeds. They require plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil to grow, so try to keep them in an open area. You can send flowers to Delhi to amaze your loved ones.


2.  Elegant foxgloves.

These are the favorite summer flowers of every flower lover. The long and tubular petals of this flower will steal your heart every time you glance at it. This will become the center of attraction in your garden and will fill it with rich hues of pink, purple, and red.


3.  Coral carnations.

This has to be on your list. You cannot skip carnations at any cost. The beautiful curly petals of these flowers can create a romantic look in your garden. Pink, orange, red, white, there’s no dearth of colors for carnations!


4.  Hibiscus for every garden.

No matter what type of garden you have, there will always be room for hibiscus. The large blooms of this flower can make a statement in every garden. All you have to do is ensure that they get adequate water and you’re done. They are easy to maintain and will attract beautiful butterflies to your garden. What’s not to love?


5.  Ornate oriental lily.

These are exotic summer flowers that have been featured in every high-standard garden. Top lifestyle and home décor magazines have made these flowers a must-have in every household. It has an alluring scent that will fill your garden and house with an intoxicating fragrance. These flowers need plenty of sunlight to grow. You can easily buy this flower at an affordable rate through Flower Delivery Bangalore


6.  The glory of gladiolus.

Gladiolus is known for its beautiful white petals and dainty blooms. It grows in places that get ample sunshine. You need to keep the soil watered because these flowers need a lot of water. They are the perfect flowers for cottage and terrace gardens.


7.  Begonias.

There are thousands of varieties of begonia that you can plant. Pick a color that will suit the theme of your garden and get ready to create an amazing floral space at your home. They grow in bunches and add a touch of vibrancy to every space. You can choose from a wide variety of colors like red, pink, or white.


8.  Rudbeckia.

These dahlia look-alikes bloom well during the early summer months. The yellow varieties are more popular as they add a fresh pop of color to every garden. They need well-drained soil to grow.


9.  Versatile Amaranthus.

Amaranthus is the most durable flower that you can plant in your garden. Its flowers are long, feathery, and can tolerate dry conditions. These are available in plenty of shades like pink, red, and purple. Their leaves are bright-green colored, so they add to the overall appearance of your garden.


10.  Canna lilies.

These are tropical flowers that have orange-colored petals. You can find other varieties too, like yellow and white. They bloom rapidly and can grow in large numbers. If you plant them in spring, by summer, you will have a garden full of orange lilies.


11.  Dainty spider flowers.

Also known as ginger flowers, these delicate blooms have bright colored petals with long and pointed anthers. The anthers pop out of the petals and create a spider-leg like an appearance. Available in rose, purple, and pink shades, these flowers will enhance the looks of your garden.


12.  Blue lily.

These flowers are also known as lily of the Nile or African lily. It has blue-colored petals that have darker markings in the middle. They require ample water and can grow well in warmer areas. Many people grow these lilies near fences to make their houses beautiful.


These were the best garden flowers that can be grown this season. Make sure you tend to your flowers regularly and water them often. 




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