10 Unique Art Forms that People Rarely Know About

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Publish Date : 2021-03-22

10 Unique Art Forms that People Rarely Know About

Art is an indefinable concept. But whatever the real definition of art, artists, art critics and art students can all agree that art comes in many forms. Art forms are specific forms or qualities that artistic expression takes on. Some of the most common art forms are painting and drawing. What an artist uses as a medium to create a work of art will help determine what form the artist will take.

The world of art is limitless. An artist can express himself in various ways using almost anything and turning him into a beautiful work of art. Some of these awesome art forms provide unique and exciting ways to explore new fields of artistic expression.

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Anamorphosis is a method of drawing photos that can only be fully understood from a certain angle. In other cases, the image will only look properly when viewed through a mirror. A famous example of early Anamorphosis was produced by Leonardo da Vinci who was in the 15th century. Dating from the Renaissance , other notable examples of this type of art include The Ambassador by Hans Holbein, The Younger , and Andrea Pozzo's grandiose fresco on the dome of the church of Sant'Ignazio in Rome.

Over the decades, these techniques have been updated or modified ranging from 3-dimensional portraits drawn on paper to some street art that mimic holes or gaps in the ground and some even use everyday items or furniture to create works of art.

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Sticky Note Art

Sticky notes have become one of the dynamic mediums for artistic expression. Sticky notes can offer any artist beautiful color and contrast options. Some of them even use sticky notes in lots of different artistic genres. Meanwhile, some use sticky notes to add color and excitement to the sculptures they have designed.

And others use them in stunning works of art, which call for audience participation by writing on notes. The square shape is suitable for creating veil art. Sticky notes are certainly one of the most creative and colorful ways to express yourself through art.

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The photorealism movement began in the 1960s and attempted to create stunning human-like images as this art form largely mimics actual photographs. By copying every detail, even if it is small or large, the photorealist artist can produce the same image as a duplicated version of the actual image. The movement includes sculpture as well as painting and is influenced by the contemporary pop art movement.

This movement can also be known as super-realism or hyperrealism . But while pop art removed commercial images from its own context, photorealism began to focus much on the forces of ordinary everyday life, which were reimagined and recreated as accurately as possible.

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Sand Animation Art

The sand animation art is quite interesting and very unique because the sand art dissolves and disappears in just a few minutes, whereas most other works of art last more than their original creators. That is why this art form is untenable. An artist working on this technique creates a series of drawings using lines and drawings with a person's hand. Sand animation art is a type of performance art where sand animators typically use an overhead projector or light board to show off their art in the sand. The sand animation is constant and highly interactive.

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Rock Painting

This art form includes parts that can be found in nature that involve transforming something ordinary and turning it into a work that is impressive and unique. Rock Painting Artists use stone as a canvas for their art which usually shows the beauty or history of the origins of stone.

Pumpkin Art

Pumpkin art involves creating a work of art through painting, carving, or polishing dried pumpkin shells. This art medium turns the different pumpkin shells into ornaments, vases, bowls, sculptures and wall art. Pumpkin art originates from ancient Africa, Asia, and several Native American tribes. The most successful and well-known pumpkin artist is Robert Rivera.


Batik is an ancient form of textile dyeing using natural dyes and waxes. The method of making batik is to apply wax to the area of ​​the fabric that you don't want to dye. Next, the fabric is soaked in dye and allowed to soak so that the color sticks to areas of the fabric that don't have wax on it.

The most complex batik art is on the island of Java. In October 2009, Indonesian batik was appointed as a Masterpiece of Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The tradition of making batik is not only found on the island of Java but is also practiced in a number of districts.


Fumage is an art form that uses smoke to create airy and fluid visuals. This technique uses smoke from a candle flame, matches, or gas lamps. The smoke then creates various impressions on the surface.

This art originated in the 1900's and was popularized by Wolfgang Paalen who was known as a surrealist artist. In 1936, Paalen introduced his first Fumage art, entitled Dictated by a Candle at the International Surrealist Exhibition, London. 

Sound Art

Sound art is an artistic discipline that concentrates on creating visual arts that produce sound. This type of art is diverse and is connected to the audience's auditory and visual senses. Most of the sound artwork comes in the form of sculpture, installation or performance. Some sound artists build sculptures that create sound with the help of the wind.

Futuristic Art

Futuristic art is an art form that gives new life to old electronic equipment or computer parts. Everyday technology develops suddenly so that more and more electronic goods, gadgets, equipment, and the like become obsolete over time. Because of this, some artists began to collect equipment to be used as material into something new and meaningful. Artists who can be called archaeologists of the modern world design and create unique sculptures using old electronics. 

Chalkboard Art

Chalkboard Art is an art form that uses a surface such as cardboard or hard poster board to create images. The blackboard artist made his drawing backwards because they used white marks instead of black marks. This method of making art is to first cover the board with a layer of white or hard colored chalk and then paint it using black ink. Then the chalkboard artist will scratch black paint with a knife or to show a white mark that reveals the image.

Art truly is awe-inspiring thing to the beholder's eye. Apart from the art forms we are familiar with, there are quite a variety of art techniques that can be used to express an artist's vision. However different or unknown the art techniques used, art is still the same. Art is meant to be appreciated for its beauty or for its power to connect with an audience emotionally.

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