These are the 5 best chefs in the One Piece series, who are good at cooking!

Publish Date : 2021-03-29

These are the 5 best chefs in the One Piece series, who are good at cooking!

Even though One Piece is a series that focuses more on the Straw Hats' adventures, this series is also inseparable from culinary elements. In a world where strength is the main thing, this series has several characters who are more adept at processing food, rather than fighting.

However, that doesn't mean that all the chefs in this series can't fight. There are also characters who can balance their skills in cooking, and their skills in fighting.

Well, this time the author has summarized the five best chefs in the One Piece series . Check out the following reviews.

1. Sanji Vinsmoke

There is no doubt that Sanji Vinsmoke is not only the best chef in the One Piece series , but he has also become the best chef ever in the history of anime. Sanji treats food with great respect, so that the food he serves is guaranteed its cleanliness.

His goal is to find All Blue, the culinary place most coveted by all the chefs in the world of One Piece . What makes Sanji different from other chefs is that he is not only good at cooking, but he is also one of the strongest fighters in the Straw Hats.

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2. Zeff

While most chefs have to sacrifice a lot of time and money to attend culinary school, Zeff has to sacrifice both his legs to become a professional chef.

Zeff is a pirate who always wants to be the best cook ever. Zeff has proven that he will do anything to create delicious food.

Because of his skill in cooking, Zeff's name deserves to be written in the history of One Piece , not as a pirate, but as the greatest chef ever.

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3. Streusen

Even though he was only a chef, Streusen had a really dangerous job. He is required to always provide the best food to Big Mom, because if not, Streusen might lose his life.

Streusen has a mysterious ability where he can turn anything into delicious food to eat. With him still alive until now, it has proven that he is a very great chef.

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4. Carmen

Before the Straw Hats went to the Grand Line, they visited the place where Gol D. Roger was executed, Logue Town. There, Sanji engages in the biggest cooking battle the series has ever seen.

Sanji must fight Carmen, a chef known for her skills in entertaining cooking, and for her victory against the best chef in East Blue. Even though Sanji is still the one who came out as the winner, Carmen has proven herself worthy of being Sanji's rival.

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5. Panz Fry

Ahead of One Piece Film: Z , this series has a filler arc featuring several Z soldiers trying to capture the giant chef, Panz Fry. In his introduction, Sanji himself was even amazed by the dishes created by Panz Fry.

Panz Fry will usually steal food which he then cooks to be distributed to people in need. His main ability is Cooking Volcano, where he uses a volcano as a stove, to cook foods such as Sea Animal Churrasco and Thousand People Paella.


Those are the five best chefs ever in the One Piece series . The five characters above have proven that One Piece not only has the best pirate characters ever, but this series also has some of the best chefs ever in anime history.

One Piece creator , Eichiiro Oda, is a manga creator who is very skilled at creating mysteries and providing plot twists in the series. In the One Piece series , Oda will provide a mystery that makes all fans feel curious. Not infrequently, fans start to create theories to guess what will happen next.

After fans have been curious for a long time, Oda will then provide answers to the mysteries in the series with a completely unexpected plot twist . Well, this time the author has summarized the five most unexpected plot twists in the One Piece anime . Check out the following reviews. 

Ace made his debut as a character known as Portgas D.Ace and is the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy. Since Oda never mentioned adoption before, fans thought that Ace was Luffy's older brother.

After knowing this false fact for years, fans were very surprised when Oda explained who the real Ace was. Fans were shocked by the fact that Ace was the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Ace is actually not Luffy's older brother, but Luffy's adoptive brother.

Unlike series like Attack on Titan where the author never hesitated in killing his character, before that Oda was a mangaka who almost never killed his character. Character deaths are very rare in the series and fans only see someone's death through flashback stories.

Oda won't even kill a character who doesn't really matter in the series. Therefore, fans were devastated when Ace had to be killed by Akainu when he tried to save Luffy.

Roger's execution is one of the greatest events that have ever happened in the world of One Piece . The Pirate King's execution was the thing that set off the Great Pirate era. Due to a lack of information, fans think that Roger was executed after being captured by the Marines.

However, Roger's right hand man, Silvers Rayleigh, gave a different explanation to what the fans thought. Rayleigh reveals that Roger was never captured by the Marines. Roger was executed after he disbanded his crew and gave himself up.

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