The YTWM Version of Fate Grand Orders Most Popular Characters

Publish Date : 2021-04-09

The YTWM Version of Fate Grand Orders Most Popular Characters

Has anyone watched the Fate series yet ??  Well, as we know, Fate already has a game called Fate Grand Order which is currently popular and widely played. But different from fate in the anime, Fate Grand order or commonly abbreviated as FGO has more female servants in the game. I am so confused about who to make waifu = w = hehehehe. Well, this time we will discuss the 10 most beautiful FGO characters from YTWM version that might be used as a reference to find your soulmate in this game even though they are servants, hehehe, okay, just go ahead.

Marie Antoinette (Rider)

A modified version of the Queen of France which in my opinion is too sweet compared to the original. Marie is a 4-star (SR) servant who attacks by firing a ball of laser energy from her hand. His Noble Phantasm is to summon an ice horse to attack the enemy in succession. Np is of the AOE type and has the effect of removing all debuffs and filling all team cellphones. Marie has a big pink hat on her head and will turn white including her clothes when it is Third Ascend.

Skills include -Alluring Nightingale C: chance to stun 1 male enemy
-Princess of Loveliness: makes herself inaccessible for 3 turns and regenerates HP for 5 turns
-Grace of God B: opportunity to remove debuff from yourself and recharge your cellphone

Her passive skills are "Magic resistance C" which increases resistance to debuff by 15% and "Riding A +" which increases the appearance of the quick card 11%.
Marie has another form, namely the summer version of the Caster type with different abilities.

Kiyohime (Berserker)

Derived from a Japanese princess legend. Kiyohime is a 3 star berserker type servant. Even though 3 star kiyohime is much loved and liked by many players and is quite well known, I admit that he is quite sweet as waifu = w = Kiyohime attacks by shooting fireballs at the enemy while his NP attacks the enemy with a blue dragon (AOE) which has the opportunity to stun the enemy for 1 turn and give 10 turns of burn effect. The skills, among others

-Shapeshift C: increase defense by 3 turns
-Stalking B: decreases defense of 1 enemy for 3 turns and increases attack by 20% for 3 turns
- Flame-Colored Kiss A: removes debuff and increases buster attack

His passive skill increases buster attack by 12%. Kiyohime also has a summer version where he changes class to Lancer (SR)

The sweet one who was famous in the past. Astolfo is a 4 star (SR) servant who attacks with a sword and spear. His Noble Phantasm is to attack using his Griffin (AOE) which gives an evasion effect to himself from 3 attacks and gets critical stars. the skills, among others

-Monstrous C-: increases attack by 1 turn
-Down With a Touch! D: chance to stun 1 enemy for 1 turn
-Evaporation of Sanity D: 65% chance to get 3 turns of critical stars, increases star regeneration and critical damage

Passive skill removes debuff by 20%, increases Quick attack damage by 11% and critical damage by 8%. Astolfo had pink hair and was always cheerful and smiling. Ts forgot to say that he has multiple sexes, boy and girl ('-' ruunnnn)

Medb (Rider)

Medb is a queen of Irish Mythology. Here medb is described as a loli pervert who is very attracted to men. often flirting with men with her charms, we can meet her as enemies. Medb has his Noble Phantasm ride a bison train and hit 1 enemy and it hurts more if the enemy is a boy, the effect of decreasing the enemy's debuff remover 3 turns. Medb skills include

-Golden Rule (Body) A: removes debuff, regenerates cellphone and fills 3 turns of noble phantasm gauge 10%
-Charisma B: increases team attack by 3 turns
-Discipline of the queen A: if you have completed the interlude medb quest, then this skill will replace the charisma B. skill increases team attacks and male allies attacks and replenishes HP
-Alluring Nightingale C: chance to stun one male enemy 1 turn
Passive skill increases the appearance of Quick card (Quick type attack) 10% and debuff resistance 17.5%
is a 5 star servant (SSR) Orion / Artemis (Archer)

In this card we get 2 characters, namely Orion the little bear and Artemis, the cute girl with white hair. Artemis is a 5-star rare Archer (SSR) and is limited only in the event. Artemis is quite interesting because it fulfills many waifu elements such as a cute face, big breasts and a cheerful attitude. Shoots love arrows from his bow. Np is shooting love arrows  with great energy from above the sky that only hits one person. The effect is to reduce the enemy's attack by 20% for 3 turns and a chance to reduce the Np gauge by 1 piece.

Skills include -Affection of Goddess EX: increases defense for 1 turn, increases atk 20% for 3 turns and increases debuff resistance by 50%
-Whimsical Bond A +: increases attack against men
-Eye of The Mind (False) B-: gives 1 turn evasion and increases critical damage 3 turns

Artemis's passive skill is to increase debuff resistance by 12.5% ​​and increase critical damage by 11%

Saint Martha (Ruler)

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Initially Ts didn't really know Martha but when the summer version was updated, Martha's name skyrocketed and was often encountered so this time we will discuss the summer version where he changes class from Rider to Ruler (ruler) who has the characteristic of resisting (lowering attacks) all. class, he is quite rare as a 4 star Ruler (SR). Np Martha is strong enough to bring a turtle monster which then throws its hard body at the enemy, strengthened by continuous blows from Martha. The effect is to reduce the enemy's defense for 1 turn, the Np is only for 1 enemy. Martha's Skill

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-Waterfront Saintess B +: Fills Np gauge, increases attack on the water / beach map
-Natural Body (Ocean) A: Immune to Debuff for 1 turn and replenishes HP
-Jacob's Limbs B: increases damage against Divine / Demon / Undead type enemies.

 Passive skill increases debuff resist by 25%. The original version of Martha was the 4 star Rider (SR).

 eanne Alter / Jalter (Avenger)

 One of Ts's favorite servants because of his powerful and cool attacks. Not to mention that he is a very rare avenger class and is a 5 star servant (SSR). Jalter is Jeanne D 'arc's twin, but jalter has a more aggressive and cruel nature, we can meet him as an enemy on the map. Jalter has the ability to reduce the attack damage of enemies with dark elements. attacked using swords, spears of darkness and explosions of fire. The skills include:

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-Self Modification EX: increases critical damage by 3 turns and critical star absorption by 3 turns
-Dragon Witch EX: increases team attack by 3 turns. if as an enemy can also increase the strength of all friends dragons 3 turns
-Ephemeral Dream A: increase the appearance of buster attacks by 1 turn and avoid enemy attacks for 1 turn. sacrifice 1000 hp (not below 1)
-Charisma E: increases team damage by 3 turns (only for NPCs)

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His passive skill decreases his friend's debuff resistance by 18% and increases np regeneration when attacked by 18%, increases critical damage by 10% and gets 4% np gauge every turn. Noble phantasm Jalter is to give a giant explosion from the ground towards 1 enemy and stab him with many spears that come out of the ground, effecting the enemy does not get any buff for 1 turn and gets Curse damage 5 turns

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Matthew Kyrielite / Mashu (Shielder)

The first and only Servant of the Shielder-type. This sweet Servant is originally a 3-star servant but can change into a 4-star (SR) servant if the level is high. Summons a player as a senpai. Mashu's Noble phantasm is to provide high protection to the team which can increase defense and reduce the damage the team receives. Mashu usually attacks directly with his shield.

Skills include -Transient Wall of Snoflakes: increase team defense 3 turns
-Exalted Impervious Wall of Snowflakes: increase team defense and reduce damage taken to oneself by 2000 (1 hit) replacing the first skill after clearing the stage "King of Kings Ozymandias" 1/3 on Camelot
-Obscurant Wall of Chalk: give 1 invicibility (can not be attacked) to one of your friends and add NP gaugenya
-Shield of Rousing Resolution: draw attention to the opponent to attack him first turn and increase the generation of NP 1 turn

Passive resistance debuff skill increase 20% and increase the release of Quick card 6%

Okita Souji (Saber)

One of the saber faces and nicknamed Sakura Saber. Including Ts's favorite servant too because his attacks are very painful and looks really cool when he attacks with his katan2 slashes. Okita is also cheerful, a reflection of the Japanese police captain of the Shinsengumi in the Edo era. Noble Phantasm okita is a fatal slash that attacks 1 enemy, ignoring the enemy's defensive effect and lowering the defense for 3 turns. Okita's skill -Reduce

Earth B: increases the appearance of Quick card 1 turn
-Weak Constitution: increases star absorption by 1 turn
-Eye of Mind (False) A: gives eveasion 1 turn to yourself and increases critical damage by 3 turns

Passive skill increases debuff resistance 10 % and increases the appearance of Quick skills by 2%

Scathach / Sukasa (Lancer)

The most famous and most wanted Servant FGO players want to get. Because besides being beautiful and very sexy, her attacks are also very strong and are rare as a 5 star servant (SSR). There are a lot of fans of joy, or you could say all of them wkwkkww. Sukasa is Cu Chulainn's teacher who also uses Gae Bolg's spear. Sukasa attacks with 2 of Gae Bolg's spears but he can also duplicate them in large numbers to produce a shower of spears. The Noble Phantasm is a Gae Bolg throw just like Cu Chulainn which has the effect of stunning 1 turn on 1 enemy and the opportunity to kill the enemy in 1 attack. skill:

-Wisdom of The Abyss A +: gives 1 turn to evasion, 80% chance to increase critical damage by 3 turns and 80% chance to increase critical star absorption for 3 turns
-Primeval Rune: increase quick card appearance by 1 turn to a friend
- God Slayer B: increases attacks against Divine or Undead type enemies for 1 turn of

his passive skill, increases resistance to debuff by 20%. Has a summer version which is an assassin type servant

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