The Best 20 Bible Verses About Love

Author : Sadseww
Publish Date : 2020-11-22

The Best 20 Bible Verses About Love

As human beings, we are guaranteed to do one thing during our lives no matter what: We will love. Love is a timeless emotion that can be exciting, profound, emotional, and even unconditional loyalty. But there are also bad things in love: It can cause wars, pain, and suffering.

That is why, as Christians, we must learn about God's eternal love. If we do, we can do our best to truly love people all our lives. Our love can be selfless, not selfish. The best place to learn about God's love for us is in the Bible.

In the Bible we see that God loved us so much that he gave His only begotten Son for our sins and for us. Without the act of unconditional, eternal love, we would not have been saved. Praise be to God and read the following verses from the Bible to get a better and more complete understanding of love!


# 20 - Psalm 42:11

Why are you sad, my soul? And why are you worried inside me? I hope to God because I still thank him for the health of my face and my God.

The most important message in this verse is: We do not despair. Psalm 42:11 tells us that we have no cause for despair or depression. We, who love and worship God, are saved. We praise him because he loves us and has given his only son for us. We should rejoice in his love!

So we don't have to be sad! Anytime you feel sad or depressed in your life, all you have to do is remember God's eternal love for you.

# 19 - Proverbs 5:19

Be like a loving doe and a graceful roe. Let her breasts saturate you at all times. And you will always be surrounded by his love.

When you read this verse in proverbs, take back to really understand the big picture. It teaches us to be content with our chosen partner in life. We must suffice with the love of this person, for the child is saturated with mother's milk. If the wife loves the husband and the husband the wife, then it is a recipe for happiness.

So remember, when you choose your partner, you must be satisfied both mentally and physically. This should be the person you respect and love. If so, you will always be happy in love with him.

# 18 - Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife and love covers all sins.

Sin, discord and negativity are born out of hate - this is always the case! However, as this proverbial verse tells us, love "covers" these sins. Love, goodness and happiness will always triumph over hatred, evil and sin. This is why each of us should fill our lives with the greatest possible goodness.

Love will heal us, so we must seek God's love whenever we need healing, support, and guidance.

# 17 - Proverbs 13:24

He who forgives his stick hates his child, and whoever loves him punishes him at the same time.

If you love your children, you should always strive to educate them, even if that means punishing them from time to time. I will hurt them by "forgiving the stick" and not punishing them when they do wrong. If you love your family, teach them what's right and what's good in any way you can.

As a parent, it can be difficult to reprimand the child you love so much (even more than you). But you must be strong! Teach your child what is good and what is bad, even if that sometimes takes punishment. They would be better for that.

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