The 5 strongest duo of Akatsuki in Naruto anime, a line of great ninja

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The 5 strongest duo of Akatsuki in Naruto anime, a line of great ninja

As is well known, Akatsuki is the largest criminal organization that has ever existed in the Naruto world . Led by Nagato, this group aims to rule all the Bijuu and control the world with their strength and prevent warfare.

As a group consisting of S-class fugitive ninja, Akatsuki rarely works in groups to carry out their missions. Instead of working in groups, Akatsuki usually only sends two of their members on a mission.

Well, of the Akatsuki duo who have fought with the protagonist Naruto , here are the five strongest duos in Akatsuki in the Naruto anime . Check out the following reviews.

1. Nagato and Konan

Nagato and Konan are both original Akatsuki members and ninjas who founded Akatsuki with Yahiko. The two got along very well and because Nagato was the leader of the Akatsuki, Konan tended to be very subservient to Nagato.

Nagato is known to be very strong thanks to his Rinnegan. With his Rinnegan powers, Nagato was strong enough to destroy Konoha with one strike. Meanwhile, Konan is known to have paper ninjutsu. This ability allows Konan to manipulate paper at will, such as turning paper into shuriken , bombs, and even turning himself into paper.

Apart from having worked together to steal the Six Tails, Nagato and Konan had also worked together to steal the Nine Tails from Naruto in the Pain Invasion arc . However, their attempt failed and Nagato ended up sacrificing his life to revive the people he had killed, while Konan left the organization.

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2. Itachi and Kisame

While Itachi's own strength was strong enough to overwhelm his enemies, Itachi would be even stronger if he worked with Kisame. Even though the two of them have opposite personalities, they are very compact and respect each other.

Kisame had great respect for Itachi and he was completely obedient to the orders given by Itachi. Even though Kisame is a lover of violence, he is willing to withdraw from the battlefield if ordered by Itachi.

Being the son of an Uchiha, Itachi was very strong even since he was very young. Because of his achievements, Itachi was even called the Uchiha's prodigy. Meanwhile, Kisame is one of the former from the famous group, the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure.

Apart from having an intimidating appearance, Kisame is also quite feared because of his sword, Samehada. Meanwhile, Itachi was very feared because he was one of the strongest in the Uchiha. Itachi proved to be very good at using the Sharingan eye and genjutsu.

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3. Kakuzu and Hidan

Kakuzu had a very bad temper. Previously, Kakuzu had always killed his partners because of his temper. Therefore, Hidan is the only ninja who can survive with Kakuzu because he is immortal.

Unlike other duos who are compact and get along well, Kakuzu and Hidan actually hate each other. Hidan considered that Kakuzu's obsession with money was just a waste of time. Therefore, Kakuzu wanted to kill Hidan and became very angry because he could not kill Hidan.

Even though this duo may seem different from the other Akatsuki duos, they are an extraordinary combination. The two of them were even strong enough to kill a ninja as strong as Asuma.

According to Shikamaru, the two of them are extremely invincible when they are together. Therefore, Shikamaru had to separate the two of them to defeat them.

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4. Deidara and Tobi

Before his identity was revealed, Obito joined Akatsuki by using the identity of Tobi. He then replaced Sasori's position as Deidara's partner. Previously, the two of them were very incompatible because Tobi always criticized Deidara and this often made Deidara very annoyed.

Because of this, Deidara had tried several times to kill Tobi and his efforts always failed. Even so, the two of them got along quite well when Deidara was about to meet his end. Deidara even asked Tobi to stay away before Deidara finally detonated himself.

As an Uchiha, there were many things that made Tobi so strong. With his strength, Tobi was strong enough to release Kurama from Kushina and cause great chaos in Konoha, starting the Fourth Shinobi War.

Meanwhile, Deidara was famous for his obsession with explosions. As the possessor of Explosion Release, Deidara has the ability to create and manipulate explosions. Deidara's suicide bomb was also strong enough to destroy an entire forest.

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5. Itachi and Juzo

Juzo has some similarities with Kisame, both of which are former Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure and both of whom had been Itachi's partners. Unlike the Hidan and Kakuzu pair, Itachi and Juzo seem like a solid pair.

The two of them have worked together to complete a mission together at least three times. Itachi and Juzo also have a unique way of carrying out their mission which is divided into four formations, namely:

Formation A: Itachi and Juzo fight as individuals and are free to use the moves they want.
B Formation: Gives Itachi the chance to kill his target, while Juzo kills any shinobi who tries to block their goal while distracting them.
Formation C: Juzo asks Itachi to kill him, if Juzo is caught by Kirigakure.
Formation D: This formation was proposed by Itachi but not approved by Juzo.
In the end, Juzo had to die after he was killed by the fourth Mizukage, when Itachi and Juzo went to Kirigakure to steal the Three-Tails from Yagura.


Those are the five strongest duos in Akatsuki in the Naruto anime . Of the five duos above, which duo do you think is the strongest? Write in the comments, yes!

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Naruto: 5 villain characters whose potential is wasted

Just like the protagonist characters, the villain characters also have their respective talents and potentials. However, unlike the protagonist characters, many villains in the Naruto series are underdeveloped, so their potential is simply wasted.

From Baki to Kaguya Otsutsuki, here are five villain characters whose potential has been wasted. Check out the following reviews.


Unlike Gaara and Kankuro who were unaware of being used by Orochimaru, Baki deliberately helped Orochimaru to attack Konoha. In fact, he also consciously killed Hayate Gekko. This means that Baki is fully responsible for the damage he causes to Konoha.

Even so, Baki was never punished for his crimes, and was simply pardoned. If Baki remains a criminal and continues to exert a bad influence on Gaara, Sunagakure will probably become one of the biggest threats to Konoha.

Karin Uzumaki

Karin is a medical ninja who was once part of the Taka Team with Sasuke. As an Uzumaki, Karin is certainly not a weak kunoichi . However, Karin's potential to become a bigger villain is wasted due to her very similar personality to Sakura.

Karin has an excessive obsession with Sasuke, even though Sasuke seems completely uninterested in her. If only Karin didn't have the personality like Sakura, Karin might be a bigger villain.

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto is a person who was once a loyal follower of Orochimaru, and was one of the masterminds of the Fourth Shinobi War. Although most of his role is only as Orochimaru's servant, Kabuto is actually a very powerful ninja.

Kabuto even managed to get his Sennin Mode form after learning it in Ryuchi Cave. Unfortunately, Kabuto was never given the opportunity to show all of his abilities. While he was defeated by Sasuke and Itachi, his fight against Anko was too short to show all his abilities.


Hanzo is one of the famous criminals who came from Amegakure. Hanzo is also the person who gave the title of Legendary Sannin to Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, after he fought the three Hiruzen students.

In the Second Shinobi War, Hanzo was a threat to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Hanzō was not that strong when he was resurrected in the Fourth Shinobi War. Hanzo was even defeated by Mifune, a samurai who didn't even use chakra to fight.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Basically, Kaguya is the main mastermind behind almost all the chaos in the shinobi world , especially the Fourth Shinobi War. Kaguya uses Black Zetsu to manipulate everyone, and triggers the Fourth Shinobi War so that he can be resurrected after being sealed by his two children.

Even though Kaguya may be the strongest villain ever to appear in this series, Kaguya's name has never been mentioned since the series started. His name was only mentioned in the second half of the Fourth Shinobi War via flashback. This makes Kaguya not have a good reputation as a criminal, considering that no one knows who he is.


These are the five villain characters in the Naruto series whose potential is wasted. What do you think about the five characters above?

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