The 5 Greatest Things Hinata Hyuga Has Ever Done

Publish Date : 2021-03-23

The 5 Greatest Things Hinata Hyuga Has Ever Done

Most of the Naruto stories are more focused on Naruto's actions in carrying out his duties as a ninja. However, this does not mean that this series does not have a romance drama between the characters. While Naruto has liked Sakura since childhood, Hinata secretly admires Naruto's figure very much.

Although at first their love story was somewhat complicated, in the end Naruto married Hinata and Sakura ended up with Sasuke. While some fans think that Naruto is better off with Sakura, here are five reasons why Naruto and Hinata are a great match. Check out the following reviews. 

1. Hinata has always been Naruto's number one fan and supporter

From the start, Hinata was one of the few people who believed in Naruto. While everyone stayed away from Naruto out of fear of the Nine-Tails in Naruto, Hinata always saw Naruto as an inspirational figure with great admiration.

Naruto managed to prove himself and make everyone acknowledge his existence after he defeated Pain, especially when he succeeded in becoming Hokage. However, Naruto never proved anything against Hinata. Hinata always accepted and supported Naruto from their childhood until they both decided to build a family together.

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2. Naruto and Hinata's children have a lot of potential

If Naruto and Hinata weren't married, Boruto and Himawari would never exist. This would be terrible considering Boruto and Himawari's enormous potential, even at their very young age.

Unlike Naruto who was considered a failure as a child, Boruto has clearly stood out among his friends as a ninja. Even though Boruto hasn't been able to awaken the Byakugan from the Hyuga clan, Himawari has managed to awaken this powerful Kekkei Genkai.

With the Byakugan and other great powers, Himawari was enough to scare off his own father, Naruto the Hokage. If Himawari had shown great strength even before he entered the ninja academy, no one would know what kind of power he would have in the future.

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3. Naruto already inspired Hinata when Hinata admired him from afar

When he was a Genin, Hinata always watched Naruto from a distance. Unlike Sakura, who was forced to be in a team with Naruto, Hinata was too shy to approach Naruto so she had to watch him from a distance.

However, despite the distance and lack of interaction, Hinata still saw great potential in Naruto, which many considered a failure. Even through Naruto's failure, Naruto unconsciously inspired Hinata to be more confident and never give up. There is no doubt that Naruto had a big influence in helping Hinata become a great Shinobi.

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4. Naruto and Hinata's opposite personalities

As we know, Naruto and Hinata have very opposite personalities. While Naruto always said what was on his mind regardless of the situation, Hinata was always too shy to say his opinion and what he was feeling.

However, it is these opposing personalities that make them help each other. While Naruto became more restrained in his words, Hinata was less awkward in any social situation.

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5. Hinata has liked Naruto since childhood

Hinata has liked Naruto since he was little. However, Hinata was too shy to talk to Naruto so all she could do was imagine having a romantic relationship with Naruto and watching him from a distance.

Meanwhile, Naruto never realized Hinata's feelings. Naruto is so focused on his goal that he is not aware of the feelings of those around him. This only proves that Hinata is an amazing figure. She has managed to hold on to her feelings for years, even when the person she likes isn't aware of her feelings.


Those are the five reasons why Naruto and Hinata are a great couple. What do you think about the relationship between the Seventh Hokage and the descendants of the Hyūga clan?

It's the Greatest thing Ever Done By Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga is a descendant of the Hyuga as well as the cousin of Neji Hyuga. Since childhood, Hinata has secretly liked Naruto. However, Hinata didn't have the courage to express her feelings. Until The Last: Naruto the Movie , Naruto began to realize Hinata's feelings, and Hinata's feelings were finally reciprocated.

Now Hinata has become the wife of the 7th Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, as well as the mother of Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. There have been many great things that Hinata did in her journey, such as being involved in the Shinobi War, to facing Pain to protect Naruto. Here are 5 of the greatest things Hinata Hyuga has ever done. Check out the following reviews. 

Prevent the fall of the Moon to Earth

After the Shinobi War ended, the Shinobi had to fight again after Toneri planned an evil plan to drop the Moon to Earth. Hinata also had to be involved because in order to carry out her plan, Toneri kidnapped Hinata's sister, Hanabi Hyuga.

During the war, Hinata didn't just save her sister. However he was also involved in helping Naruto save the Earth. Without his chakra, Naruto wouldn't be able to save Earth once again.

Defeating Suzumebachi

In the Bikochu Search Mission arc, Hinata and her team have to face the Kamizuru clan. His team was cornered by an attack from the leader of the Kamizuru clan, Suzumebachi. However, Hinata managed to protect her team with the Shugohakke Rokujuyou Sho's technique.

This technique allows Hinata to turn her chakra into sharp needles that can slice through anything. Thanks to this technique, Hinata managed to protect her friends from the bee attack carried out by Suzumebachi. 

Protect Naruto during the war

Hinata became one of the people involved in the Fourth Shinobi War. During the war, Hinata continued to work hard with all her comrades to help and protect Naruto.

This  he did not only because of his love for Naruto, but he also realized that Naruto was needed to end the war. 

Become a Shinobi 

At first, Hinata's father doubted that Hinata could become a Shinobi. However, Hinata can change herself and become someone who is more useful. Until finally, Hinata managed to achieve her goal of becoming a Shinobi. This is a huge achievement for a shy girl who is insecure about herself.

Against Pain

In the fight between Naruto and Pain, Naruto was rendered helpless by Pain. Even though Hinata knew that she didn't have enough strength to fight Pain, Hinata stood up to fight Pain. 

Although this was very risky, Hinata did not care about it and chose to fight Pain to buy time while waiting for someone stronger to come to face Pain.

Those are the 5 greatest things Pain has ever done. What do you think about this one character?

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