One Piece: 5 Unique Facts about Whitebeards Devil Fruit

Publish Date : 2021-04-17

One Piece: 5 Unique Facts about Whitebeards Devil Fruit

One Piece has indeed featured many devil fruits with extraordinary strength. One of the strongest devil fruits in the One Piece world is the gura gura no mi . This paramecia type devil fruit was previously owned by Whitebeard, before finally falling into Blackbeard's hands.

Apart from his extraordinary strength, Whitebeard's gura gura no mi has several unique facts. The following are five unique facts about Whitebeard's devil fruit. Check out the following reviews. 

1. Blackbeard inherited Whitebeard's powers

Until now, how Blackbeard stole  no mi from Whitebeard is still unknown. However, it seems that apart from gaining the power of the gura gura no mi , Blackbeard has also inherited Whitebeard's abilities which he has mastered for years. 

Given the erratic vibrations, the  gura gura no mi has become the most difficult devil fruit to master. Therefore, Whitebeard created a ball in his fist that could concentrate the power of the gura gura no mi at one point.

When Blackbeard first used the no mi gura gura , Blackbeard immediately created the ball and proved strong enough to nearly destroy all of Marineford. Since Blackbeard is one of the people with the initials D., Blackbeard may have certain abilities that allow him to access the full potential of a devil fruit. 

However, since this has not been confirmed, it is highly likely that Blackbeard only mastered the ability by observing or simply inheriting.

2. Busoshoku Haki can be used to fight Whitebeard's devil fruit power

Although the gura gura no mi is an extremely powerful force, there is a power that can cancel out the effect of the shockwave from the gura gura no mi , namely Busoshoku Haki. When Whitebeard was about to create an earthquake at Marineford, Admiral Marineford used Busoshoku Haki to avoid the damage caused by the gura gura no mi .

Although Busoshoku Haki is proven to be able to match the gura gura no mi , not everyone can do the same. At the very least, one must reach a certain form and level of Haki to be able to rival the power of the strongest human devil fruit in this one world.

3. Whitebeard can shake the whole island with an air earthquake

Thanks to the gura gura no mi , Whitebeard has the ability to manipulate sea, land, and air. In the battle that took place at Marineford, Whitebeard used the Island Shaking technique to split the ocean in a quite unique way.

Whitebeard shook the air to manipulate the seas and islands. This technique resembles an aerial scythe that can split open sea and land. So far, no paramecia type devil fruit can do something similar, apart from the gura gura no mi .

4. Whitebeard's devil fruit is a double edged sword

Great power comes with great responsibility. This applies to gura gura no mi . Whitebeard rarely uses his full strength because doing so will not only affect his enemies, but also his allies.

That is why Whitebeard often fought at close range and only relied on his Hak. Gura gura no mi can have a big impact on the surrounding environment so that the power of this devil fruit can also injure his own crew.

Given that Whitebeard treats his crew like family, he must be careful in using the power of the gura gura no mi . Whitebeard had to think twice before he used the full power of the gura gura no mi . 

5. Gura gura no mi is a disaster for the world

Gura gura no mi has been labeled as the strongest paramecia type devil fruit ever in the One Piece universe . Not only has great power, this devil fruit is also used by Whitebeard, the most feared pirate of his time.

People as strong as Sengoku even acknowledged that Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world. Therefore, it would be very dangerous if this devil fruit fell into the wrong hands.

Those are five unique facts about Whitebeard's devil fruit. What do you think about the devil fruit that can shake an island?

One Piece is a shonen series filled with fierce battle scenes between the characters. Not infrequently, One Piece displays deadly battles. In this case, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, must be careful in killing his character. The reason is, if one kills a character, it will greatly affect the whole storyline.

Whether they have an armor plot because they play the main character or are just lucky, the five One Piece characters below have survived a seemingly inevitable death. Are you curious about the characters? Check out the following reviews.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law is currently allying with Luffy to defeat one of the Yonko, Kaido. However, before fighting Kaido, Law was involved in an altercation against Doflamingo during the Dressrosa arc . In this battle, it was seen that Doflamingo was at a higher level than Law.

On one occasion, Law nearly died after he was defeated and shot by Doflamingo. However, Law was saved by the armor plot  because he was one of the main characters in this series.


Sabo grew up with Luffy and Ace, they became brothers even though the three of them were not related by blood. Unfortunately, Sabo had to part with Luffy and Ace after he decided to set sail and was shot dead by the Heavenly Dragon.

However, in the Dressrosa arc , surprisingly, he reappeared and revealed the fact that he was not dead. Apparently, Sabo was saved by Dragon when he was shot by the Heavenly Dragon.


In a way, the Marineford arc is the culmination of this series. This arc features a series of epic battles in One Piece history  involving many strong characters. One of the best fights in this arc was when Whitebeard fought Akainu.

Even though he is old, Whitebeard still seems to have no weaknesses though. Akainu looked in trouble and he was defeated after Whitebeard destroyed most of his face. Even though the wound that Akainu received was very fatal, he managed to survive thanks to the armor plot because he was one of the main antagonists in this series.

Monkey D. Luffy

While Luffy was trying to save Ace, Luffy ran into Magellan at Impel Down. Due to the enormous power ratio, Luffy was defeated by the poison from Magellan's devil fruit, doku doku no mi .

Luffy can hardly be saved because there is no antidote that can remove Magellan's poison. In the end, Luffy was saved thanks to Ivankov's strength. Even though the chances of survival were slim, Luffy managed to survive death thanks to his immense vitality.

Roronoa Zoro

Pertarungan antara Zoro melawan Daz Bonez adalah salah satu pertarungan terbaik yang pernah dilakukan oleh Zoro. Pertarungan ini tidak hanya membuat Zoro berkembang dengan pesat, tapi juga hampir membuat Zoro kehilangan nyawanya.

Buah iblis Daz Bonez, supa supa no mi, memungkinkannya untuk memberikan luka fatal kepada Zoro dan mendorong Zoro ke ambang kematian. Jika saja Zoro tidak mengembangkan kekuatannya, Zoro mungkin akan kehilangan nyawanya dalam pertarungan tersebut.

Although the five characters above may have armor plots that make them immortal, not all main characters have the same armor plot . For example, even though Ace is an important character, he still cannot avoid death while fighting Akainu. So, what do you think?

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