Often Produce Anime Legendary, Heres 5 Studio Best Anime

Publish Date : 2021-03-02

Often Produce Anime Legendary, Heres 5 Studio Best Anime

Do you like watching anime? This one spectacle is indeed very interesting because the storyline is very diverse and unusual, plus the animated visuals are very stunning.

You can watch a variety of cool anime, of course one of them thanks to the contribution of anime studios. Most studios have produced anime for a long time so that they are able to produce shows that are getting more quality over time.

Some of these studios are already familiar to anime lovers such as Studio Ghibli and A-1 Pictures. However, there are also some studios whose names are unfamiliar to you but also produce shows that are no less interesting and of quality.

The following are ten of the best studios that have often produced legendary quality anime. Check this out!

1. Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is one of the most popular anime studios in Japan and in the world. Unlike other studios, Ghibli only produces anime movies.

Even though it has been around for more than two decades, not many films have been produced by this studio. Even so, Ghibli's films were recognized for their high quality and recognized for their prowess by critics and fans alike.

One of the best anime films produced is Spirited Away (2001), which managed to become the highest rated anime of all time and won an Oscar in the Best Animated Feature Film category .

Studio Ghibli films have always produced films that are family friendly. The story is full of moral messages such as in terms of the environment and humanity. Apart from Spirited Away, Ghibli's other films are My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Princess Mononoke (1997), and Howl's Moving Castle (2004).  

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2. Toei Animation

Toei Animation has become a legend for Japanese anime studios. The studio was founded in 1948 under the name Japan Animated Films and changed to Toei Animation after being acquired by Toei Company.

Over the decades, Toei Animation has produced many popular anime that are loved by not only Japanese fans, but also international fans. Some of the anime produced by this studio are Dragon Ball (1986), Sailor Moon (1991), Slam Dunk (1993), Digimon (1997), One Piece (1999-Present), and Yu-Gi-Oh (2000). 

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3. Production IG

Production IG is an anime studio known for their ability to use cool digital animation techniques such as CGI.

The anime produced by this studio is often considered a pioneer in the world of anime. One example is the anime Ghost in the Shell (1995) which is said to be one of the anime that changed the anime industry.

The hallmark of Production IG is that the anime they produce often have dark nuances such as Psycho-Pass (2012) and Attack on Titan (2013).  

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4. Madhouse Inc. 

One of the best anime of all time, Death Note (2006) was produced by Madhouse Inc. This studio is more targeting anime for adult fans so that the story and animation visuals produced are more complicated and complex than most anime.

Even so, there are still some anime aimed at younger audiences such as Cardcaptor Sakura (1998), Hunter X Hunter (2011), and One Punch Man (2015).

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5. Studio Pierrot 

Studio Pierrot was founded in 1979 in Tokyo. The name of the studio itself is taken from the word 'Pierrot' which means clown.

The anime produced by Studio Pierrot is well known and is a worldwide phenomenon. Some of them are Naruto (2002), Bleach (2004), Tokyo Ghoul (2015), and the sequel to Naturo, Boruto : Next Generation (2017). You must have watched these anime, right? 


Those are the ten best anime studios that often produce legendary anime. Each of these studios has its own characteristics so that it is able to produce quality anime that is different from other studios. So, among the studios above, which studio do you like the film on? 

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