Naruto: 5 Things You Should Know About Sakura

Publish Date : 2021-04-23

Naruto: 5 Things You Should Know About Sakura

No doubt that arc Chunin Exam is arc best in the first series Naruto. In this arc , Team 7 meets Genin from various villages to prove how worthy they are to become a chūnin.

The culmination of this arc is in the third phase of the exam. All participants who passed in the first and second phases were brought together in a one-on-one fight. This time, the authors have summarized the five best fight on the arc Chunin Exam. Check out the following reviews. 

1. Temari vs Shikamaru

In the beginning, Shikamaru was supposed to be fighting Dosu. However, Dosu was killed by Gaara first, before the day of his fight against Shikamaru arrived. Finally, Dosu is disqualified and Shikamaru is required to fight Temari.

This was a battle of strategy because Shikamaru and Temari didn't exchange blows much. Shikamaru seemed to choose to endure most of the fight. However, that was just a trick Shikamaru used to trick Temari and capture Temari with his shadow Jutsu.

Fans were shocked when Shikamaru admitted to giving up at the end of the fight, even though he was only one step away from achieving victory. Even though Temari was officially the winner in this fight, everyone found out that Shikamaru was the real winner.

2. Sasuke vs Gaara

This battle was the most intense battle that took place during the Chūnin Exams. Sasuke and Gaara seemed to be fighting seriously to kill each other. Sasuke managed to master the battle and penetrated Gaara's defense.

Sasuke also managed to give Gaara serious injuries with his new move, Chidori. However, there was no winner in this fight because Orochimaru hijacked the exam so the Hokage was forced to stop the exam.

3. Naruto vs Neji

At first, Naruto seemed to have absolutely no chance of defeating Neji. As the best descendant of the Hyūga clan, Neji looks very strong and can beat Naruto easily. In the end, Neji's arrogance was what made him lose this fight.

Neji managed to master the fight so Naruto had to make a defense using the Nine-Tails' chakra . When Naruto seems hopeless, Naruto manages to surprise everyone when he emerges from the ground and delivers a heavy blow that defeats Neji.

Interestingly, Naruto's victory was not caused by the Nine-Tails' chakra , but because Naruto was able to trick the genius ninja.

4. Gaara vs Rock Lee

Before the Chūnin Exams began, Lee managed to beat Sasuke. Because of this, Gaara felt challenged so that he became even more excited to kill Lee. Lee was completely unable to penetrate Gaara's defense so the audience began to worry about Lee's safety.

The battle became even more fierce as Lee let go of the weight on his legs. With incredible speed, Lee managed to break through Gaara's defense and inflicted a slight wound on Gaara. Even so, in the end Lee was still defeated by Gaara.

If Guy didn't take to the field to stop the fight, Lee would probably lose his life in the fight. 

5. Hinata vs Neji

Just like Lee, Hinata also almost lost her life in the third phase of the Chūnin Exams. At that time, Hinata had to fight with her brother, Neji. Despite being from the same clan, the two of them disliked each other.

Neji felt that he had become an outcast just because he didn't come from the main family. Therefore, Neji tried to prove that he was much better than Hinata who came from the main family. However, because of his hatred, Neji became too much in this fight.

After exchanging fierce blows, Neji finally managed to beat Hinata. If only the Jonin didn't stop the fight, Neji might just kill Hinata in this fight.

It can be said that the fifth bout is the thing that makes the arc Chunin Exam become arc the best in the series Naruto . This arc not only introduces the audience to new characters, but also features a lot of intense tense battles.

Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters in the entire Naruto series . Even though Sakura doesn't have a heartbreaking background like her team-mates in Team 7, Sakura is always intimidated at the Ninja Academy. Raised as an only child, Sakura has always been considered a weak ninja, and only burdens Naruto and Sasuke.

However, everything changed after Sakura became Tsunade's student and became a great Medical Ninja. Thanks to the guidance of the fifth Hokage, Sakura was very important in the Fourth Shinobi War. Here are things you should know about Sakura Haruno. Check out the following reviews. 

Sakura can use Earth and Water Release techniques

This has certainly been one of Sakura's greatest accomplishments. The reason is, it is very rare for a ninja to be able to use two of the five basic elements. This was proven when Sakura used Okasho or Cherry Blossom Impact when she was looking for Kakashi.

On another occasion, Sakura has also proven her proficiency in using Water Release techniques. This is enough to prove that Sakura is more than just a ninja who can only burden her teammates.

Sakura does not have a mainstay stance

As a series that has a myriad of unique moves, almost every character in this series has a mainstay. While Naruto's mainstay stance is the Rasengan and Sasuke's mainstay is Chidori, Sakura doesn't have a stance at all, even though she is one of the main characters in this series.

As a Medical Ninja, Sakura developed more Medical Ninjutsu, rather than attack-based moves. Therefore, Sakura does not need a mainstay move, because her ability is enough to help in battle. 

Sakura didn't crush Obito's eyes

While Naruto was busy fighting Madara, Sakura was left with Obito in another dimension. Obito possessed the Rinnegan, the eye Madara needed to create the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Knowing his power was very dangerous, Obito asked Sakura to destroy his Rinnegan eye.

Suddenly, this made Sakura surprised and confused. As a result, his hesitation gave Madara the opportunity to enter his dimension and stole Obito's eye. Even though Sakura played an important role in the Fourth Shinobi War, this is the most fatal mistake ever made by Sakura.

Sakura has a very good memory

Sakura's memory is one that her teammates always rely on. Over the years, Sakura has proven to be very useful in memorizing a pattern or any type of information. Every time Sakura sees or hears something, it will never be lost in her memory.

His extraordinary memory comes in handy in missions that require him to solve a puzzle. In fact, Sakura managed to get a high score in the written exam at the Chūnin Selection Exam, something most of the Genin are most afraid of.

Sakura is a smart person

Although Sakura does have very weak physical strength, her intelligence is something that cannot be underestimated. Sakura can fool almost anyone she has ever met. Sakura is also good at designing battle strategies, so that her intelligence can cover up her weakness in physical terms.

It is evident that Sakura is much smarter than most of her friends or foes. Sakura will be the perfect ninja if her intelligence is combined with extraordinary physical strength.

Sakura is often considered the most useless character in anime history. Even so, Sakura still has abilities and achievements that are not possessed by other ninja in the Shinobi world. What do you think about this one character?


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