Epic! 5 of the best bouts in the One Punch Man series so far

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Epic! 5 of the best bouts in the One Punch Man series so far

One Punch Man is a popular seinen series by ONE and Yusuke Murata. The series, which was originally just a web manga series, began getting an anime adaptation in 2015 by Madhouse studios. As the title suggests, this series tells the story of a hero named Saitama, who has the power to destroy his enemies with just one hit.

As an action series, of course, there are many tense fight scenes in this series. Starting from the iconic battle between Saitama and Boros to the battle between Saitama and his student, Genos, here are the five best fights in the One Punch Man series so far. Check out the following reviews.

Saitama vs Boros

Without a doubt, the battle between Saitama and Boros is the best fight ever in this series. Apart from presenting epic battles between the two strongest creatures in the universe, this battle is also more epic, supported by eye-pleasing animations.

In a way, Boros is the first strongest enemy Saitama has ever faced. In fact, Saitama admits that Boros is the only enemy who can comfort him. Boros is not only able to withstand Saitama's punch, he is also strong enough to throw Saitama to the Moon.

After Saitama had enough fun with Boros and started to enter serious mode, Boros was eventually defeated by one serious punch from Saitama.

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Saitama vs Orochi

Orochi is the leader in the Monster Association, which both ordinary citizens and heroes have long feared. As a monster with a Dragon level threat, of course Orochi has a myriad of abilities that make him invincible.

Even so, there was no monster that Saitama couldn't beat. While the other heroes shivered in fear when facing Orochi, Saitama managed to destroy the monster with just one hit as usual.

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Garou vs Orochi

Garou is a former student of Bang who later became a criminal known as Hero Hunter. Even when he was still a human, Garou was said to have the same strength as a monster. Garou becomes even more invincible when he actually turns into a monster.

After joining the Monster Association, Garou ended up fighting his own boss, Orochi. Although in the end he was defeated by Orochi, Garou managed to reveal more about Orochi, such as his body which turned out to be consisting of many dragon heads.

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Metal Bat vs Garou

Metal Bat is a hero who relies on physical strength and most of his attacks use his baseball bat . Uniquely, the more punches he receives, the more his strength will increase.

After he fought Elder Centipede, Metal Bat was immediately confronted by a stronger enemy, Garou. Garou's biggest mistake in this fight was that he underestimated the Metal Bat so much that he began to get overwhelmed as the Metal Bat's strength continued to increase.

Unfortunately, just as Metal Bat was about to end Garou with his final blow, Metal Bat's younger brother appeared and interrupted the fight. The fight finally ends with Garou running away. If Metal Bat's younger brother didn't show up at that time, Garou's journey as a villain might end up in the hands of the motorcycle gang-style hero.

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Genos vs Saitama

In the middle of the series, Genos challenges Saitama to fight with him in hopes that Saitama will use all his strength so that Genos can find the source of Saitama's strength. However, only Genos looks serious in this fight.

While Genos continues to release his strongest explosions to destroy Saitama, Saitama does nothing but avoid his student's attacks. The fight ends with Saitama releasing a single punch strong enough to destroy a hill.

Luckily, Saitama didn't really intend to kill his student and only took the blow to show the comparison of their strength.

Those are the five best fights in the One Punch Man series so far. Of the five battles above, which one do you like the most?

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The 5 strongest demon level monsters in the One Punch Man series

Monsters are the main reason why the Heroes Association was founded in the One Punch Man series . Monsters often appeared out of nowhere and destroyed cities. Each monster also has its own threat level, starting from the level of a wolf, tiger, devil, dragon, to god level.

Although not the highest, the demon level threat was strong enough to destroy an entire city, and could only be handled by S-class heroes. The following are the five strongest demon level monsters that have ever existed in the One Punch Man series . Check out the following reviews.

Awakened Cockroach

The Awakened Cockroach is one of the few Demon level monsters capable of competing with the fully upgraded G4 Genos. Awakened Cockroach even has a speed that can surpass S-class heroes like Genos.

Having a body like a cockroach, the Awakened Cockroach can use all of his hands to attack. The ability that made this monster so powerful was his common sense. Awakened Cockroach once claimed that he could predict any attack, so trying to attack him was futile.

Even so, he was still not strong enough to face Dragon level monsters like Orochi.


Some fans might agree that Marugori should be classified as a Dragon level threat monster. Even so, Marugori was still classified as a demon level threat by the Hero Association.

By drinking a liquid, Marugori immediately turned into a giant with a height of 270 meters. Just by walking, Marugori can easily destroy D-City and one hit is strong enough to create a giant crater.

Even so, just like other strong monsters, Marugori was immediately defeated by Saitama as soon as he met the bald hero.

Face Ripper

One of the strongest members of the Monster Association, Face Ripper was first seen when he appeared in City-C and fought Genos. Even though Genos is a strong hero, Face Ripper is shown to be able to fight against these cyborgs .

Because of his strength, Genos even acknowledged how strong Face Ripper was. However, Genos's praise only made Face Ripper even more arrogant with his strength, thus opening opportunities for Genos to defeat him.

Deep Sea King

Proclaiming himself the lord of the seas, the Deep Sea King was a monster with an extremely strong Demon level threat. Before he fought Genos fiercely, the Deep Sea King first fought against the Prisoner Castle, and was able to defeat the S-class hero very easily.

Because he is a monster that comes from the ocean, the Deep Sea King will become even stronger if he fights in the rain. He can even keep up with the speed of Speed-O ‐ Sound Sonic, the fastest ninja in the One Punch Man series . Even though he wasn't the strongest, defeating two S-class heroes was quite an impressive feat.


At first, Choze was a human being who was very skilled in martial arts. However, he was so obsessed with power that he accepted an offer to transform into a monster and join the Monster Association.

After transforming, Choze's strength increased many times over. He was strong enough to fight Suiryu, a martial artist who was as strong as an S-class hero. Although in the end Suiryu managed to beat Choze, but at least Choze managed to beat Suiryu battered, an impressive feat for a monster.

Those are the five strongest demon level monsters in the One Punch Man series . Of the five monsters above, which one do you think is the strongest?






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