Death Note: 5 Biggest Wins Ever Wins by L "Death Note"

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Publish Date : 2021-04-10

Death Note: 5 Biggest Wins Ever Wins by L "Death Note"

Light Yagami is the cruelest anti-hero character ever in the anime Death Note. Acting as Kira, Light kills thousands of criminals to create a new world. Even though his goal was noble, what Light was doing was still serial killing. This makes Light have to deal with law enforcers in the world, including the most genius detective in the world, L.

During the series, Light has designed many strategies to launch the action. Some strategies may fail, but Light always has other plans to win the battle. During his battle with L, Near and Mello, Light has won many victories thanks to his genius strategy. The following are the five biggest wins ever achieved by Light Yagami. Check out the following reviews.

Making Teru Mikami an accomplice

Unlike L, who has little friendship with Light, Near and Mello immediately suspect Light and think Light is an enemy as soon as they arrive in Japan to continue the mission to investigate Kira.

This makes Light bond because his group also believes in Near and Mello. As a result, Light cannot work as Kira. Luckily, Light has someone who can inherit his job. Light has Teru Mikami who he can make as an accomplice.

Teru Mikami himself is a fanatic towards Kira. Having the same thoughts as Kira, Teru also thinks that this world is rotten and the criminals must be destroyed immediately. Knowing Kira's existence, Teru thinks that Kira is a God who came to Earth to clean the world. Therefore, Teru would do everything Kira said, including sacrificing his own life.

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Kill L

This is the biggest win ever achieved by Light. To kill L, Light puts Misa to work as Kira, so that Misa is increasingly suspected by L. Knowing Misa's life is being threatened, Rem finally takes steps to save Misa.

Rem decided to sacrifice her life by writing the names L and Watari in the Death Note. That way, Light finally got rid of his biggest barrier so far.

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Retrieve the Death Note

Shortly after becoming the second Kira, Misa was immediately captured by L. This might be one of the defeats that Light received. However, Light managed to get back up after this defeat.

Since Misa already knows Kira's secret, Light decides to throw away the two Death Notes and give them to a greedy person like Kyosuke Higuchi. By doing so, Light and Misa lost their memories of the Death Note, so that the two of them could clear their names.

With Higuchi becoming the third Kira, Light and L eventually team up to capture Higuchi. After Higuchi is captured and Kira's power is revealed, Light regains his memories. In the end, it is revealed that everything is just a part of Light's plan and Light manages to carry out the plan.

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Kill Raye Penber

Raye Penber is one of 12 FBI agents assigned to investigate suspected Kira. Knowing that he was being followed, Light finally devised a strategy to get rid of all the FBI agents.

After a bus hijacking plan fails to kill Raye Penber, Light finally devises a plan to get rid of Rei Penber. Light forces Rei Penber to write down the names of all FBI agents involved in the mission, threatening that he will kill all members of Raye's family.

Knowing Kira's terrifying power, Raye finally obeyed all of Kira's orders. Raye did not realize that he was writing on the Death Note shreds. So after a while, Raye and 11 other FBI agents died of a heart attack.

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In cooperation with Misa Amane

Misa Amane does not have the genius like Light. But at least, Misa has Shinigami Eyes that she can use to kill L. What's more, Misa is a person who is very obsessed with Light, so Light can use Misa easily.

By joining Misa Amane, it is already a victory for Light. Light only needs to wait for the right time to be able to kill L using Misa.

Those are the five biggest victories that Light has ever won. What do you think about Light's genius strategy?

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The Death Note series focuses on a fierce battle between two geniuses, Light and L. Both are geniuses, so it's quite difficult to determine who will win and who will lose. Light and L's battle is further complicated by the presence of Misa Amane as the second Kira and Kyosuke Higuchi as the third Kira.

Even though in the end Light manages to defeat L, but L has many big victories during his journey to become the person in charge of the Kira case. The following are the five big wins that have been achieved by L. Check out the following reviews. 

Have a successor

L was indeed dead after being defeated by Light. However, L's role was still there and was passed on to his successors. Shortly after L's death, Light plays the role of the fake L, until Near and Mello arrive to reclaim the role.

While Light's death is the end of Kira, but L Lawliet's death is not the end of L. L's name is still alive by his successor, Near and may be passed on to the next generation. 

Catch Higuchi

In order to capture the third Kira, Kyosuke Higuchi, L devised a very grand plan. To carry out this plan, L involved many people, including Light. L used Aiber and Wedy to spy on Higuchi.

Later, L also uses Matsuda to lure Higuchi out, so that the investigators can catch him on the open road. Thanks to this achievement, the investigation team finally managed to reveal the true strength of a Kira.

Become Light's friend

L has very few people he can trust. To confirm his suspicion of Light, the best step is to approach Light directly. L applies to To-Oh University to become Light's classmate.

This immediately made Light surprised, when he saw L attending the new student admission ceremony. That way, Light must devise a new plan, because if he kills L in a hurry, Light will be increasingly suspected of being Kira.

Get the police's trust

Light's main purpose in joining the investigative team is to investigate L.'s identity. At first, Light hopes that he can work with other police to find L.'s true identity. But unfortunately, this plan failed.

All the policemen who worked with L put all their trust in L. Therefore, not one of them dared betray L.

Get Kira's location

This is the first victory achieved by L. At first, the public and Interpol were confused by the phenomenon of criminals dying simultaneously due to heart attacks. Some people believe in the existence of Kira, but some believe that it is just a coincidence.

Therefore, L made the first move by proving that Kira exists. Using the death row inmate, Lind L. Tailor, L provokes Kira to show his existence and what he can do.

Those are the five big wins won by L. What do you think about this one genius detective?

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