anime movies with the battle that made fans surprised to see

Publish Date : 2021-02-23

anime movies with the battle that made fans surprised to see

Everyone agrees that war is a terrible thing. In the end, the war will only lead to the destruction of the great, and the death of many innocent lives.

Although the anime is only intended for entertainment, but the battle in the anime can also be a reminder about bad impact of a war. This time, the authors have summarized the five deadliest war ever happened in the history of anime. Check out the review here.

1. Ishval Civil War (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Even though Fullmetal Alchemist is basically a shonen series , there are many terrible things that happen in this series, and one of them is the Ishval Civil War. This war was sparked by an Amestris soldier who accidentally shot a child on Ishval.

Although the Ishval chieftain had offered peace, King Bradley refused, so the war ended with the Ishvalan massacre. At the end of the series, it is revealed that the mastermind of the war is Father, the main antagonist in the Fullmetal Alchemist series .

Father seeks to rule the world by creating a transmutation circle that covers the whole of America. When he learned that Ishval's territory could be his obstacle, Father ordered his allies to start a war against Ishval which eventually ended in the massacre of Ishvalan.

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2. Lelouch Rebellion (Code Geass)

This rebellion was started by a student named Lelouch Lamperouge. After he got Geass, the ability that allowed him to control others, Lelouch immediately used his power to avenge his father, Charles zi Britannia, who had abandoned him as a child.

By disguising himself as Zero, Lelouch allied himself with Japan, which was now controlled by Britannia. Having a rebel army in his hands, Lelouch often carried out terrorist attacks aimed at killing top brass of Britannia.

However, things start to go awry when Lelouch loses control of his powers, and accidentally triggers a genocide against the Japanese people. Worse yet, even though he was responsible for the massacre, Lelouch still used the Japanese as his weapon.

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3. The Holy Grail War (Fate series)

The Holy Grail War is a battle royale in which magicians kill each other for the Holy Grail that can fulfill the owner's request.

Every magician involved in this war can summon historical figures to be their servants. This war has caused a very big chaos. Even after someone had succeeded in obtaining the Holy Grail, the devastating effects of this war had not ended.

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4. The Fourth Shinobi War (Naruto: Shippuden)

Since this series began, the world of Naruto is known as a world filled with wars. In a world filled with ninja, bloodshed between clans or countries is something that happens frequently and cannot be avoided.

However, no battle has been greater than the Fourth Shinobi War. For the first time, all shinobi in the world unite their strength to defeat the villain who can destroy the world, namely Madara Uchiha.

All the shinobi in the world unite and form the Allied Shinobi Forces to thwart Madara's plan: shoot the Infinite Tsukuyomi at the Moon and put the world in an illusion forever. Countless how many lives were lost in this battle.

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5. Human vs Titan (Attack on Titan)

Without a doubt, the battles in Attack on Titan are the most brutal wars ever in anime history. This anime no longer shows a fight between humans and humans, but a battle between humans and giants known as Titan.

Even though humans have weapons that are more sophisticated and of course smarter than Titan, Titan is still not a monster that is easy to kill. The only way to kill this terrifying creature is to cut the back of its neck.

While humans must use their brains to fight Titan, one hit Titan is strong enough to take hundreds of human lives.

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That's five deadliest war ever in the history of anime. What do you think? Horrible isn't it?

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