Anime character whose fate more horrible than death

Publish Date : 2021-02-17

Anime character whose fate more horrible than death

For most people in the world, death is a very terrible thing. In addition to the death is painful, but losing a life also means leaving behind all the people we love. However, what happens if a person is experiencing the fate that was more terrible than death?

This is exactly what happened to the fifth character of the anime below. Starting from the modified into a dog by his own father to accept a terrible curse, here are five characters who experience a fate more horrible than death. Check out the review here.

1. Nina Tucker dan Alexander (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Shou Tucker is already known as character villain fucking ever in the history of anime. To maintain his position as State Alchemists, Shou unite his daughter who was 4 years old, Nina Tucker, and her dog, Alexander, to create a beast that can talk, a Chimera.

Even though Nina is still alive even after they converted into a Chimera, but the situation is very pathetic. In fact, the Scar was forced to kill Nina because I don't have the heart to its condition. Bad again, not just once, Shou also been doing the same thing to his wife.

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2. Infernal (Fire Force)

In the world of Fire Force, become Infernal's how died very bad. Without a known cause, a person can suddenly turned into a demon with fire that flared all over his body, known as Infernal.

Someone who turns into Infernal lose his consciousness, and rampage to burn everything in the surroundings, including the people they care about. Nothing can be done to save the Infernal, in addition to rest them by killing them.

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3. Rika Furude (Higurashi: When They Cry)

One-time death is already quite terrible for humans. However, Rica Family must experience death many times. Although he looks like a little girl, but Rika has actually been hundreds or maybe even thousands of years.

During that time, he continued to live in suffering. Every time he died, Rika would be back to life and forced to watch her friends be insane and commit mass murder. Then, Rika would be back to die a gruesome and brutal.

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4. Ymir (Attack on Titan)

The hard life of Ymir started to become a homeless person in Marley. Later, he became the sect underground and get punishment from the government. With the use of serum Titan, Ymir transformed into Titan pure and spend time over the past 60 years into a Titan.

Life Ymir began to change after he ate a Titan Shifter from the Jaw Titan, Marco. Ymir began to get a better life after her into the forces Paradis, and spend time with Krista over the years.

However, happiness Ymir didn't last long, because he brought back to Marley only to be eaten by Porco.

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5. Mavis Vermillion dan Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Although Mavis and Zeref are separated by good and evil, but both of them have the same curse, namely Black Magic Ankhseram. Although this curse gives them immortality, but this curse will plunge them in solitude.

This curse can make all the living creatures around them to rot, so do not allow them to coexist with other people.

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That's five anime characters who experience a fate worse than death. How do you think about what is experienced by the five characters above?

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