5 Worst Crimes Ever Committed by Akatsuki

Author : mostarlid18
Publish Date : 2021-03-19

5 Worst Crimes Ever Committed by Akatsuki

Akatsuki is the most dangerous terrorist group in the Naruto world . This group consists of the most wanted criminals in each country. At first, Akatsuki was formed by three orphans in Amegakure with the aim of stopping the war.

However, the Akatsuki started to become a dangerous group after Yahiko died, and Nagato began to lead the group on the wrong path. As a terrorist group, of course there are many bad things this group has done.

This time, the author has summarized the five worst crimes Akatsuki has ever committed. Check out the following reviews.  

1. Destroying Konoha

You could say, the Pain Invasion arc is one of the best arcs in the series. This arc features Pain attacking Konoha only to find Naruto, and stealing the Nine-Tails from Naruto's body. Pain's first attack had already caused great damage and loss of innocent lives.

After talking with Tsunade, Pain decided to let go of the Shinra Tensei and cause even more damage, only to show real pain. Luckily, Naruto was finally able to defeat Pain, and everyone who fell victim to the attack was saved.

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2. Kill Asuma

Hidan is known as the most violent member of Akatsuki, because he has committed many murders just for fun. Hidan is also a member of the most creepy Akatsuki, because he is immortal and cannot be killed.

Asuma was killed when he fought Hidan and Kakuzu. The two of them have their own reasons why they killed Asuma. While Kakuzu wanted to get a big reward for killing Asuma, Hidan did this heinous thing just for fun.

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3. Almost destroyed Sunagakure and kidnapped Gaara

Although Gaara was initially shown as an antagonist, he began to turn into a protagonist after becoming good friends with Naruto. Gaara's changes were also seen when he tried to protect his village from Deidara's attacks.

After losing to Gaara, Deidara dropped a bomb that could destroy most of Sunagakure. Luckily, Gaara managed to avoid the damage by blocking the explosion using his sand. However, this made him vulnerable, so Deidara took advantage of the moment to paralyze Gaara.

Although his attempt to steal Shukaku failed, Akatsuki managed to kidnap Gaara and make him die temporarily because he released Shukaku from his body. 

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4. Disrupting the Five Kage Meeting

The Five Kage Meeting brought together the five kage from each village to talk about how best to deal with Akatsuki. At that time, Danzo was sent as a temporary Hokage from Konohagakure.

Because at that time Sasuke had become Akatsuki and he wanted to kill Danzo, Akatsuki finally allowed Sasuke to mess up the meeting. By attacking when the Five Kage were having a meeting, Sasuke managed to kill several samurai who were currently assigned as guards.

Sasuke also fought the kage which led to an international crisis. In fact, Zetsu was also involved in this attack, with the task of installing a chakra drain on the kage .

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5. Tried to kidnap Killer Bee twice

Itachi's death left Akatsuki short on members, so they had to recruit Sasuke to become a temporary member. Akatsuki then sent Sasuke to kidnap Killer Bee and steal the Eight Tails within his body. Luckily, Killer Bee managed to survive this attack.

Previously, Akatsuki had also done the same thing, by sending Kisame to capture the Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki. However, this did not produce results, and ended with Kisame having to fake his death.


In addition to the five crimes above, Akatsuki has also committed many other terrible crimes, such as attacking the Fire Temple, killing Utakata, and making Yura kill himself. These crimes prove how dangerous the Akatsuki organization is. What do you think?

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