5 ninja that can be multiplied by Kisame Hoshigaki in the anime naruto

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Publish Date : 2021-03-11

5 ninja that can be multiplied by Kisame Hoshigaki in the anime naruto

Kisame Hoshigaki is a ninja from Kirigakure and the most feared member of Akatsuki. Kisame was also a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Kirigakure, before finally becoming an S-class fugitive and Itachi Uchiha's partner in Akatsuki.

Being one of the strongest in Akatsuki, Kisame's strength is said to be able to match powerful ninjas like Might Guy and Killer Bee. With that much power, who are the characters that can be defeated by Kisame?

1. Kankuro

Kankuro is the older brother of Gaara as well as one of the strongest ninja from Sunagakure. Apart from Sasori, Kankuro is also the best puppet controller in the world of Naruto . Not only that, Kankuro is also an expert in using poison to fight.

Even though Kankuro is an opponent that is hard to beat, if Kisame can turn the battlefield into water, release thousands of hungry sharks, and make the metal on his doll rust, then Kankuro will find it difficult to counterattack. Not only that, Kisame can also eat the chakra threads that connect Kankuro to his puppet, making Kankuro easier to attack.

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2. Tsunade Senju

In truth, Tsunade Senju has everything needed to defeat Kisame. Because, without the Eight Inner Gates, Tsunade's raw strength was stronger than Might Guy. Not only that, Tsunade is also a medical ninja who is very skilled in healing.

Unfortunately, most of Tsunade's moves are quite chakra draining . While Kisame will continue to get stronger by eating whatever is around him, Tsunade will continue to weaken and become easier to beat.

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3. Gaara

Gaara is the fifth kazekage in Sunagakure, as well as the strongest ninja in Sunagakure. Even so, Gaara relied too much on the sand. He also cannot use taijutsu, and does not have a very strong physique.

Gaara's sand would be of no use if used to fight under Kisame's water dome. While Gaara has nothing to attack Kisame, Kisame will immediately be able to defeat Gaara, before Gaara can even escape.

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4. Konan

Konan is one of the original founders of Akatsuki who has the ability to turn his body into paper. Konan's paper bombs are also quite destructive, as shown in his fight against Obito.

Even so, Konan's paper bombs will not be very useful if used to fight Kisame who has water-based attacks. Not only that, Kisame can also reduce the explosion produced by Konan's paper bomb. That way, Konan would be helpless against Kisame.

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5. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is known as a Copy Ninja, because of his ability to reliably copy other people's moves using his Sharingan. Unfortunately, Kakashi lost his Sharingan in the Fourth Shinobi War, so the only form Kakashi possessed was Chidori.

Even though Chidori might be quite useful for use in wet terrain, Kisame had known Kakashi's tactics since they first fought in Konoha. That way, Kisame will be able to easily defeat the sixth Hokage .


Those are the five characters that Kisame Hoshigaki can beat. Besides the five characters above, who else can this half-shark man beat?

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