5 Most Underrated Villains in Naruto Anime

Publish Date : 2021-04-15

5 Most Underrated Villains in Naruto Anime

Naruto Uzumaki and Gaara Kazekage are the two most important characters in the entire Naruto series . While Naruto is the main protagonist in this series, Gaara was first introduced as an antagonist at the arc Chunin Exam.

The two of them did not come from the same village, or had the same appearance. However, Naruto and Gaara had a lot in common with their fates. This is the reason why Naruto is the person who understands Gaara the most.

1. Their mother died when they were born

Naruto and Gaara never felt what it was like to be raised by the love of a mother. This is because their mother died when they were born. On the day Naruto was born, Obito kidnapped Kushina and pulled Kurama out of her body.

To protect their son's life, Kushina and Minato decided to sacrifice their lives to seal Kurama in Naruto's body. Meanwhile, when Gaara was born, Sunagakure's state was weak. Therefore, the kazekage , Rasa, asked Chiyo to seal Shukaku into Gaara's body.

Unfortunately, Shukaku's possession left Gaara's mother, Karura, dead. In his final seconds, Karura cursed everyone responsible for his death and hoped that Gaara would avenge his death.

2. Their father was a kage

Naruto's father and Gaara's father were previously a kage , or a leader in their respective villages. Interestingly, their father not only served as a kage , but Naruto's father and Gaara's father were also the fourth kage in their village.

Naruto's father, Minato Namikaze, is the fourth Hokage in Konohagakure. Meanwhile, Gaara's father, Rasa Kazekage, is the fourth kazekage in Sunagakure. Not only that, another similarity that Minato and Rasa have is the fact that they sealed the Bijuu into their child's body.

3. Naruto and Gaara are the Jinchuriki of the Bijuu

Naruto and Gaara made their bodies a container for monsters known as Bijuu. While Naruto became the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails or Kurama, Gaara became the Jinchuriki of the One-Tails or Shukaku.

This is what explains why Naruto and Gaara have enormous strength, because most of the strength of a Jinchuriki comes from their Bijuu. This is also the reason why Naruto and Gaara didn't get along at first, given that Kurama was Shukaku's mortal enemy.

4. Naruto and Gaara grew up as exiled children

One of the striking similarities between Naruto and Gaara is the fact that the two were raised as estranged children. As a Jinchuriki, Naruto and Gaara are greatly feared in their village because they have the power of monsters in their bodies.

It's just that, Naruto didn't make this an excuse to do evil. Instead, Naruto wanted to prove that he was not a threat, but a hero. Unfortunately, this was the opposite for Gaara.

Living in exile made Gaara a vicious assassin. Gaara felt his own pleasure when he killed someone, especially someone who had hurt him or insulted his mother.

Luckily, Gaara was saved by Naruto. Naruto managed to motivate Gaara to be better, because he knew what it felt like to be isolated for being a Jinchuriki.

5. Naruto and Gaara eventually became kage

Like their father, Naruto and Gaara were eventually chosen to be leaders in their village. It's just that, Gaara was first elected kazekage , where he has been the fifth kazekage in Sunagakure since he was 14 years old.

Meanwhile, Naruto was chosen to become a Hokage after he succeeded in stopping the Fourth Shinobi War and becoming the strongest ninja in the world. Naruto started to become the seventh Hokage in Konohagakure after turning 27 years old, by replacing the position of the sixth Hokage , Kakashi Hatake.


Naruto and Gaara may not have the same appearance or the same skills. In fact, both of them also came from different villages. Even so, as Jinchuriki, Naruto and Gaara share the same fate.

During the series, Naruto has featured many villain characters. All the criminals that appear in this series come with different goals, starting from wanting to get peace, or just getting power.

While Madara and Pain are recognized as the two best villains in the series, there are several villain characters that are considered underappreciated in the series, even though they have important roles. The following are the five most underrated villains in the Naruto anime . Check out the following reviews.

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto was first introduced as a not-so-great villain, and worked as Orochimaru's subordinate. However, as time went by, Kabuto began to experience very rapid development.

Kabuto was strong enough to overwhelm Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha with his strength. Together with Obito, he was also one of the people who started the Fourth Shinobi War. Not only that, Kabuto also has a tragic background that can support him to become a criminal.

Manipulated by Danzo, Kabuto accidentally kills the only person he cares about the most, Nono Yakushi. This is what finally made Kabuto decide to follow Orochimaru.

Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu is first introduced as a member of Akatsuki, the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world of Naruto . While Akatsuki aims to provide peace to the world, it turns out that Black Zetsu has another goal, namely to restore its creator, Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Black Zetsu uses whoever he can to achieve his goals. He also even used Madara Uchiha, the greatest villain in the entire Naruto series . Black Zetsu's only failure was Kaguya's inability to defeat opponents who opposed him.

Danzo Shimura

Known as the most rotten villain in the series, Danzo Shimura started his career as a ninja by becoming one of the students of the second Hokage , Tobirama Senju. During the series, Danzo has committed many crimes that are very influential in the shinobi world .

Danzo had Kabuto killed Nono and turned him into a criminal, being the mastermind behind the Uchiha clan massacre, until he tried to kill Hiruzen to take the position of the Hokage . Despite having committed many very influential crimes, Danzo's role as a criminal is still considered underappreciated in this series.

Taste of the Kazekage

Rasa Kazekage is the fourth kazekage in Sunagakure and the father of Gaara Kazekage. Rasa is the one responsible for what happened to Gaara. He forced his son to become the One-Tailed Jinchuriki and made him a Sunagakure weapon.

Rasa is also the one who has turned Gaara into a monster. Indirectly, Rasa is responsible for all the murders committed by Gaara. Although his death was considered as retribution for his crimes, Rasa was never punished for his crimes.


Hidan is a member of Akatsuki who is quite popular among Naruto fans . Although he is quite popular, Hidan only acts as a supporting villain in this series. He only acts to help his friends.

Even so, Hidan was responsible for the death of Asuma Sarutobi, the son of the Shinobi God, Hiruzen Sarutobi. For a criminal, this was a very big achievement, as not many criminals could afford to kill Asuma. Even so, Hidan's achievements remain underappreciated in this series.

Those are the five most underrated villains in the Naruto anime . Although the five characters above have quite an influential role, the five characters above are considered underappreciated in this series. What do you think?


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