5 Ingenuity Eren Yeager

Publish Date : 2021-03-16

5 Ingenuity Eren Yeager

As is well known, Eren is not a genius character like Armin or a great fighter like Mikasa. In fact, he became a grumpy and reckless character in the early episodes of Attack on Titan . But over time, he became more mature and able to adapt to any precarious situation.

There are several moments that show that Eren is a shrewd character. What are those moments? Let's look at the list below!    

1. Duel versus Reiner

The scene where Reiner and Bertholdt reveal their identity as the Titan Armored and Colossal is one of the most epic moments in anime history. Eren was forced to fight Reiner in his Titan mode. However during his first fight, Eren was completely defeated. The punch couldn't penetrate Reiner's thick armor.

However, Eren wasn't the type to just give up. In a state of urgency, he remembered some of the attacks Annie had launched on him. Eren also uses some of Annie's martial arts moves to lock onto the Titan Armor and in the end manages to defeat Reiner. 

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2. Deceive Bertholdt

During the final battle in the Shiganshina District, Eren accidentally slipped over the wall and pretended to have a concussion. Of course, this plan was genius. Eren did so so he could seal the hole Bertholdt had made years ago, and in the end launched an attack that Bertholdt could not have predicted.

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3. Infiltrating Marley and manipulating Falco

In the final season of Attack on Titan , we learn that Eren infiltrates Marley disguising himself as an injured Eldian soldier. He then chatted with Falco, a "warrior" candidate with connections to Reiner and the other Titan Shifter.

During the episode "Declaration of War," he demonstrated how his severed leg grew rapidly. This proves that Eren can control Titan's power completely, then combines it with a brilliant plan. After all, who would have thought that this stumped man seemed like a Titan Shifter?

He used Falco to bring Reiner into a closed room, which of course made his transformation difficult. In addition, he also succeeded in getting Falco to send "war codes" to his friends who were already in Marley. 

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4. Find the body of the Titan War Hammer user and take its power

During the time skip , it seems that Eren managed to sharpen some of his abilities. Because during the fight against Titan the Hammer of War, he managed to conclude that Titan was controlled from a hidden location, not from inside the neck like other Titans.

In no time, he was able to pinpoint the location of Titan's War Hammer controller, which was none other than Lara Tybur. Unfortunately, Lara's body is protected by a crystal that looks like Annie's. However, Eren was not at his wits end. 

After knowing that the attack from the Jaw Titan could scratch the crystal, Eren caught it and used his jaw to absorb Titan's War Hammer power. An extraordinary analytical skill, right? 

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5. Trick Zeke and activate Rumbling

Rumbling is a genocide involving millions of Titan Walls residing on Paradis Island. The goal is to trample the whole world with the power of Titan Coordinates. Long story short, Eren will use this method to erase all the hatred that exists towards Eldian.

In order to do so, Eren had to make contact with the owner of royal blood. He also touched his half sister, Zeke Yeager, where the two of them were taken to Coordinate. However, instead of helping Zeke and his euthanasia plan, Eren tricked his brother and activated rumbling . 


In retrospect, Eren made it into the top ten of the 104th batch. So, it can be concluded that Eren is a smart and competent character. Do you agree with the reviews above? Write your opinion in the comments column!

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