5 Facts You May Not Know About the Hyuga Clan

Publish Date : 2021-04-28

5 Facts You May Not Know About the Hyuga Clan

In the world of Naruto , the ninja do not work alone, but they have their respective groups in carrying out a mission. Teamwork is the main thing for shinobi  because the success of a mission depends on the cohesiveness of each member of the group.

Of the many groups that have appeared in this series, here are the five strongest groups ever in the Naruto anime . What groups are you curious about? Check out the following reviews.

1. Team 7 / Team Kakashi

Part of the Naruto series focuses on Team 7. This group consists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake. This group was formed when Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were still Genin. Meanwhile, Kakashi acts as a leader and teacher in this team.

Unfortunately this group was separated when Sasuke decided to leave the village. Team 7 was finally reformed at the start of Naruto: Shippuden when Yamato replaced Kakashi and Sai replaced Sasuke.

Later, the old Team 7 reunited during the Fourth Shinobi War as they tried to defeat Madara and Kaguya.

2. Legendary Sannin / Hiruzen Team

The Legendary Sannin were the most influential group in Konoha, especially during the Second Shinobi War. The group consisting of Jiraiya, Tsunade Senju, and Orochimaru was originally a student of the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

The group was later nicknamed the Legendary Sannin after fighting Hanzo in the Second Shinobi War. Each Legendary Sannin member has their own advantages. Jiraiya was very skilled at using Senjutsu techniques; Orochimaru is a genius scientist; and Tsunade is the best medical Ninjutsu user ever.

3. Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko

Every member of this group has a very tragic past. All three are children who were orphaned because their parents were killed on the battlefield. Feeling sorry, Jiraiya decided to raise and train these three children from Amegakure.

Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko were also the founders of the first Akatsuki. The three of them formed Akatsuki with the aim of bringing peace in the world. The three of them are very strong Shinobi with Nagato possessing the Rinnegan; Konan has an awesome paper Jutsu; and Yahiko has a Jutsu based on fire.

4. Tim Minato

This group is led by Naruto's father as well as the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. This group consists of the strongest shinobi in the world, namely Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara. Every member of this group is a very promising ninja.

Kakashi was already a Jonin at a very young age; Obito, who doesn't seem as genius as Kakashi, but becomes the biggest villain of the future; and Rin who is a medical Ninjutsu user who is quite talented at transplanting Obito's Sharingan eye to Kakashi.

5. Tray Team

Team Baki is first introduced as a creepy antagonist. Appears on the arc Chunin Exams, Gaara and his colleagues had a mission to destroy Konoha. Even so, Team Baki ultimately decided to become Konoha's ally in the Fourth Shinobi War.

The Baki team itself consists of Gaara Kazekage, Temari, and Kankuro. Gaara is known as the One-Tailed Jinchuriki and has a terrifying ability to manipulate sand. Meanwhile, Temari has an amazing ability to manipulate wind. Lastly, Kankuro has a great ability to manipulate puppets.

Those are the five strongest groups ever in the Naruto anime . Of the five groups above, which group do you think is the strongest?

Apart from the Senju and Uchiha clans, the Hyūga clan is also one of the most influential clans in Konohagakure. The Hyuga clan is known to have the Kekkei Genkai which is one of the Three Great Dojutsu, Byakugan. The Byakugan is an eye that exerts a lot of powerful strength, one of which is that it allows the user to have 360 ​​degree vision.

Unlike the Senju and Uchiha clans, there were caste differences between the main and branch families in the Hyuga clan. The main family usually has a larger role than the branch family. Apart from that, the main family also has some special powers that the branch family can't have. The following are five facts you may not know about the Hyūga clan. Check out the following reviews.

Special moves for the main family

Each clan in the Naruto world has its own special powers. The Uchiha clan has a fire-based style and the Uzumaki clan has large reserves of chakra and the Peyegelan Jutsu, the Hyūga clan also has special powers that only the Hyūga have.

The Hyūga clan possesses the power known as the Eight Trigrams. Unlike the other clans, only the main family of the Hyūga clan could learn this power. Neji was probably the only one who broke the rules.

Without being trained by anyone, Neji managed to master the Eight Trigrams technique just by observing the main family's usage methods.

Can channel chakra in a unique way

The Juken Technique was a fighting style that only the Hyūga clan possessed. Even though this technique may seem ordinary, Juken can inflict fatal damage if used properly. The descendants of the Hyūga clan have the ability to draw their chakra in unique ways, allowing them to use Juken.

This is a genetic ability possessed by every descendant of the Hyūga clan. Although Boruto did not inherit the Byakugan, Boruto seems to have the ability to control chakra just like the Hyūga clan.

Tenseigan can be obtained by stealing the Byakugan

The tenseigan is a rare evolution of the Byakugan. This eye can be obtained by the Otsutsuki lineage by implanting the Byakugan eye. One of the Otsutsuki who managed to get this eye was Toneri, after he stole Hanabi Hyuga's eye.

In this case, many fans theorize that Toneri has - somehow - ruined Hinata's genetics. If this theory is correct, then it will not only affect Hinata's descendants, but will also affect future leaders of the Hyūga clan.

However, it is not certain whether Toneri's Tenseigan has a permanent effect on Hanabi's eyes or on Hanabi's genetics.

Impact and secrets behind the events of the Hyūga clan

The events of the Hyūga clan were the things that triggered changes to the Hyūga clan. One day, a ninja tried to kidnap Hinata. It turned out that it had been planned so that this did not only endanger the Hyūga clan, but also endanger Konoha.

Then, the enemy camp gave a difficult choice: if you want peace, then Hyuga must give the body of Hinata's father, Hiashi. However, Neji's father, Hizashi, took the place of his twin brothers. As a result, this incident made Hiashi change the way he led the Hyūga clan.

Unfortunately, the truth about this incident is still top secret.

The meaning behind the name and symbol of the Hyūga clan

The name Hyuga means "a place in the sun". This name may be related to the Hyūga clan's ability to see all things with the Byakugan, just like the sun illuminates the earth.

Meanwhile, the Hyuga clan symbol is depicted with a shape like fire. Until now, there has been no explanation about the meaning behind this symbol. However, there are theories which suggest that this symbol represents trapped chakra .

Well, those are five facts that you may not know about the Hyuga clan. What do you think about this clan that is identical to the Byakugan?






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