5 Deaths That Have Transformed Levi Ackerman

Publish Date : 2021-03-22

5 Deaths That Have Transformed Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is the most popular character in the Attack on Titan series , as well as the strongest soldier in the Scout Army. As a captain, Levi is in charge of his troops, especially Eren Yeager who has the Titan Attack power.

Throughout his career as a member of the Reconnaissance Squad, Levi had seen many of his closest people die before his eyes. Not infrequently, the death of those closest to him gradually changed Levi's personality. The following are five deaths that have transformed Levi Ackerman. Check out the following reviews. 

1. Kuchel Ackerman

Kuchel's death was the first time Levi had lost the person he cared about the most, as well as the death that changed Levi the most. Kuchel herself is Levi's birth mother who tries to raise her child and survive in the Underground City by working as a prostitute.

Kuchel died of an illness that even Levi didn't know about. Due to his death, Kuchel left Levi almost to death of starvation. Luckily, Kenny visited the house of his younger brother, Kuchel, and came across a truly gruesome apparition.

If it weren't for Kuchel who left Levi at such a young age, Levi would never have grown as strong as he is now. The reason is, Levi lived a very difficult life after the death of his mother. Levi must survive by becoming a bandit and a fugitive Military Police.

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2. Erwin Smith

It could be said that Erwin was the only person who understood Levi the most. Although at first Levi had planned to kill Erwin, but over time, Erwin became the only person who was closest to Levi.

Erwin was in critical condition after he was hit by a large rock thrown by the Beast Titan. At the same time, Armin experienced the same thing after dealing with the Colossal Titan. Even though at first Levi was confused as to who he should save, Levi finally decided to save Armin, because he felt that it was Erwin's time to rest.

Until now, this is still the most difficult decision for Levi to make. Due to the death of the commander, until now Levi is still ambitious to take revenge on Zeke Yeager who is the original form of the Beast Titan. 

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3. Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church

In the OVA Attack on Titan: No Regrets , Levi has two friends, namely Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church. Isabel and Furlan are people who faithfully follow Levi as well as people who help Levi in ​​carrying out his duties as a bandit.

After being caught by the Military Police, the three of them are forced to join the Reconnaissance Squad, because Erwin saw their extraordinary skill in using 3D Maneuvers. In the first mission, Levi, Isabel, and Furlan plan to kill Erwin.

In the midst of the battle between the Scouts against the Titans, Levi leaves Isabel and Furlan to kill Erwin secretly. However, when Levi returned, Levi saw a pile of corpses of the Reconnaissance Squad members, and to his greatest surprise, Levi saw the corpses of Isabel and Furlan lying on the ground.

Suddenly, this made Levi so angry that he did not hesitate to cut up the Titan who had killed his two friends. Since then, Levi decided to work to reclaim humanity's freedom from the threats of the Titans.

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4. Kenny Ackerman

As an uncle, Kenny is the most influential person in Levi's life. After Kuchel's death, Kenny taught Levi all the things needed to survive, including how to fight.

Kenny himself is a famous assassin, so he is nicknamed Kenny the Ripper. Kenny then worked and served the Reiss family for many years.

Kenny died in dire circumstances, where he was badly injured with burns that ripped off most of his body. Although he could have survived with the Titan serum he took from Rod Reiss, Kenny decided to give the serum to his nephew, Levi.

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5. Petra Ral

Petra is one of the best members in the Levi Squad. Petra is the member who is most loyal to Levi. Petra fell in love with Levi, and after his death, it was revealed that Petra wanted to marry Levi.

Petra dies when the Scout Squad battles the Female Titan. The Female Titan kicked Petra into a tree and stomped him to death. Petra's death is not only the most painful death for Levi, but Petra's death has also been the most moving death for all Attack on Titan fans .


Death is the thing most often found in the Attack on Titan series . Until this series ended in season three, Levi had lost many of his loved ones who later changed his life. Of the five deaths above, whose death moved you the most?

5 Reasons Why Levi Chose Armin Over Erwin

On a mission to reclaim Shiganshina, Levi is faced with a difficult choice where he must save one of the two greatest hopes for mankind. Levi must choose to save Erwin or Armin who is dying after fighting the Titan.

After an argument with Eren and Mikasa, Levi chooses to save Armin by injecting Titan serum into Armin. This raises questions for fans as to why Levi prefers a potential rookie over his best friend who is an experienced commander. In order not to get more curious, here are five reasons why Levi prefers Armin over Erwin. Check out the following reviews. 

Erwin no longer had the ambition to lead the Reconnaissance Army

Before his death, Erwin had discussions with Levi. Just then Levi asked what Erwin would do after the secrets of the Yeager family's dungeon were revealed and the secrets of the outside world were revealed. Erwin replied that he did not know.

Erwin admits that all he has been doing is bringing the lives of hundreds of his soldiers to death just because he wants to know the truth of the outside world and to make sure what his father said is true.

Seeing this, Levi realized that Erwin was already at the peak of his despair. Levi also saw that Erwin no longer had the ambition to lead the Reconnaissance Squad. 

Armin has great potential that no one can replace

Unlike Erwin who is already at the height of his despair, Armin still has big ambitions to see the outside world. Armin dreamed of seeing the oceans, deserts and all the wonderful things that exist in this world.

Armin is also a smart warrior and has great potential. Armin can think clearly in any situation and that is Armin's strength that no one has. This is what makes Armin one of the greatest hopes for mankind. 

Levi thinks that it is time for Erwin to rest

Long before Eren joined the Reconnaissance Squad, Erwin had led numerous expeditions beyond the walls. Every expedition he undertook, Erwin always came home with a body bag. It's scary again, it's not uncommon for Erwin to be unable to find the corpses of his own soldiers.

This is what always haunts Erwin. In fact, Erwin earned the nickname "Devil" who would save humans. As a demon, Erwin led the lives of his soldiers to death. This he did to save humans from hell on earth.

Levi thought that maybe the burden was too heavy for Erwin, so that Erwin could no longer bear the burden. Levi also thought that maybe Erwin was tired of it all so Levi finally decided to let his best friend rest in peace.

Armin's dream to see the ocean

On the night after Historia was appointed to become the new queen, Armin, Eren and Mikasa had a chance to gather and chat. In the midst of the conversation, Armin excitedly reminded Eren, who was emotional, about his dream to see the ocean.

Without realizing it, the conversation was heard by Levi. This may be just a small thing. But at the very least, the cold-hearted Levi was a little touched by the great determination Armin still had.

We know that seeing the ocean and reclaiming human freedom is Armin and Eren's biggest dream since they were little. After they grow up, they are still consistent and striving hard to make their dreams come true.

This might be one of the reasons why Levi keeps her hopes in Armin.

Erwin is ready to die a hero 

After arguing with Eren and Mikasa, Levi finally decided to give the Titan serum to Erwin. But right before Levi injected the serum, Erwin refused and said "How do you know that there are other people still alive outside the walls?".

Erwin learns that many of his soldiers are still lying dying outside the walls. Therefore, Erwin chose to take responsibility and die with the soldiers he had dragged into the suicide mission. This is the biggest reason why Levi chose Armin.

Those are five reasons why Levi prefers Armin over Erwin. What do you think? Was Levi's decision the right one?

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