5 best friends who turn into enemies in anime

Publish Date : 2021-05-17

5 best friends who turn into enemies in anime

In the anime, there are several characters who have the ability to turn opponents into their allies. For example, Luffy from the One Piece anime , where most of his enemies turned into his allies after he was defeated.

Conversely, instead of adding friends by making their enemies their allies, the five pairs of friends below end up becoming enemies. Although previously they had a close relationship, these five pairs of characters ended up in opposite camps and had to fight each other.

1. Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

In a way, Kaworu had never really been Shinji's friend. Kaworu was sent by SEELE to replace Asuka and become Shinji's best friend. However, Shinji was much more desperate since he became friends with Kaworu.

In fact, Shinji and Kaworu were not meant to be together. Shinji is a child who is forced to become an Evangelion pilot and save the world from angels, while Kaworu is an angel who was created to destroy mankind.
2.Guts and Griffith (Berserk)
When Guts joined the Band of the Falcon and became friends with Griffith, the two were evenly matched. However, when the two have opposing ambitions, the balance begins to wear off and the two become bitter enemies.

It all started with Griffith's betrayal of the Band of the Falcon. Griffith sacrifices his own allies so that he can be reincarnated as Femto. This made Guts angry and began to have an ambition to kill Griffith.
3.Spike and Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)
Cowboy Bebop ended by showing a fierce battle between Spike and Vicious. Although at the end of the series the two of them were shown as enemies, long before the series started, Spike and Vicious were friends who worked for the same syndicate.

However, the rift started when the two fell in love with the same woman, namely Julia. Finally, Spike decides to run away with Julia, so that the animosity between the two begins.
4. Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka (Devilman Crybaby)
Akira and Ryo have been friends even since they were little. Akira and Ryo get to know each other and both of them protect each other. However, things started to change after the two of them gained demonic power.

After gaining Satan's powers, Ryo began to have no feelings for Akira. Until in the end, the two of them started to become big enemies when Ryo and Akira had opposite goals. As Satan, Ryo aims to destroy humanity, while Akira tries to stop Ryo's goal.
5. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
Naruto and Sasuke started to become friends since the two of them were united in Team 7. Although the two of them always compete, Naruto and Sasuke are friends who protect each other. Until one day, Sasuke's defeat from Itachi changed everything.

Sasuke who was thirsty for strength decided to leave the village and accepted Orochimaru's offer. With this, Sasuke not only betrayed his village, but he also betrayed his friends. Sasuke even almost killed Naruto when Naruto tried to stop him.

Those are the five best friends who turned into enemies in the anime. What do you think about the enmity of the five character pairs above? Pretty sad, right?

5 Best Anime Recommendations Full of Intrigue and Strategy, All Exciting
Fraud, manipulation, and politics can be very frustrating in the real world, but, in anime, they become an addictive genre. Cunning plots to conquer the world, generals who use their wits to control the outcome of wars, or the many characters who weave lies for power and influence are all part of this genre's exciting story.

So, here are five of the most exciting anime that are full of intrigue, politics and strategy in achieving their goals. Guaranteed fun!

1. Bungo Stray Dogs 
Atsushi is a white-haired young man who has the habit of turning into a white tiger when there is a full moon. This power quickly earned him a place in the Armed Detective Agency, an organization with supernatural powers.

Unfortunately for him, all hell will be released when Port Mafia, an underground organization with supernatural powers, turns their eyes on Atsushi and his unique powers. Fans of intrigue will immediately love anime full of dark mysteries, complex crimes that need to be solved, and secrets.
2. Psycho-Pass
Psycho-Pass is an anime in which the mental stability of humans is closely monitored by advanced biotechnology which creates a baseline for the entire Japanese social structure. All citizens must undergo a brain scan that can predict a person's likelihood of committing a crime.

This anime follows the police who work together with a criminal to investigate crimes and those who have the potential to commit crimes.
3. Alderamin On The Sky
Ikuta is a lazy young man who enjoys a simple life. Unfortunately for him, war was in sight, and he had no choice but to join the military. Little did he or anyone else know that he was destined to become a great general.

Alderamin on the Sky focuses on battle strategy and the harsh realities of war as Ikuta and his comrades struggle to survive as new soldiers in a world that is just beginning to experience technological advances.
4. Code Geass
The world is slowly being conquered by Brittania, and there are very few forces left in the world that can stand against them and their advanced technology. Lelouche appears to be just another Brittany student attending school in the Japanese colony, but, in fact, he is a Brittany prince whose power has been taken from him and his sister.

One day, he found an immortal witch who gave him the power of Geass. Armed with a power that allows him to command anyone to do anything, he sets a path to free Japan, overthrow Brittania, and build a new world.
5. Kingdom
Kingdom is an anime about war and strategy where seven different kingdoms fight for power. A young Emporer must rely on the strength of a country boy who dreams of becoming the world's greatest general to reclaim his throne while setting the path to world domination.

This anime is full of battle strategies and political intrigue that are increasingly complex and creative as Shin, the main protagonist, learns what it means to be a general.

Those are five anime that are full of intrigue and politics that make emotions but are really exciting. With a unique story plot and rich in characters, anime is an interesting spectacle with all its imaginations. If you like winding plots, the row above deserves a watchlist. 

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