5 Best Anime About Student Life, Must Watch!

Publish Date : 2021-05-16

5 Best Anime About Student Life, Must Watch!

Anime with a school theme usually focuses on the daily lives of middle school or high school students. Even so, not all school anime is always set in middle or high school.

Sometimes, manga and anime creators want to present something different, namely by telling the story of student life at university.

Well, if you are bored with the same school anime, these 5 anime about student life are no less exciting to watch, you know. Anything?
1. Golden Time
After suffering from amnesia due to an accident, Banri Tada has absolutely no memories of his previous life. Banri also decided to go to law school with the hope that he could start a new life.

However, starting a new life is not as easy as imagined. New problems began to emerge, especially when he regained his old life.
2.The Tatami Galaxy
The Tatami Galaxy tells of a third year student who suddenly meets a mysterious figure who calls himself the God of Marriage. This meeting gives these students the opportunity to improve their campus life.

Accompanied by his friend, Ozu, the student begins a search for his true love by sabotaging other people's love relationships.
3. Honey and Clover
Yuuta Takemoto is a student at an arts college. Yuuta lives with his two seniors, namely Shinobu Morita and Takumi Mayama.

Yuuta has no purpose in life and is still confused about what he will do after graduating from college. Until one day, Takemoto met and fell in love with a girl named Hagumi Hanamoto.

After applying to the same university as Takemoto, Hagumi immediately became friends with Ayumi Yamada, the most popular student at the university.

On the other hand, Ayumi is very familiar with Takemoto and his two friends. Secretly, he also had feelings for one of them.
4. Grand Blue
At first, Lori Kitahara was excited to visit Izu University. However, his joy turned into disappointment after he experienced a series of embarrassing things.

This made Lori ridiculed by the people around her. After tarnishing her reputation, Lori went to great lengths to improve her reputation at Izu University.
5. Run with the Wind
Kakeru Kurahara is a former mainstay runner for the Sendai Josei High School. Kakeru was kicked out of his job for stealing. While on the run, Kakeru met Haiji Kiyose, one of the students at the Kakeru university.

Interested in Kakeru's agility, Haiji persuades Kakeru to stay in his apartment. Apparently, the apartment was actually the residence for the Kansei University running team. Then, Haiji also revealed that his goal was to win the Hakone Ekiden Marathon.

Those are the 5 best anime about student life. You can watch the five anime in your spare time, you know. Exciting and really relate !

Those are the five best romance anime that are not set in school. Although the romance anime set in school is quite popular, anime is very broad and the stories are not just that. So, which anime will you watch first?

5 Weak Villains Who Pretend to be Strong in Anime

There are many ways for a criminal to earn their reputation, from their crimes, their strength, to their intimidating appearance. However, sometimes there are some criminals who pretend to be strong so that they will be feared by others.

This made them even more embarrassed because after being defeated by the hero, it was revealed that they were just pretending to be strong. Are you curious about which anime villain characters pretend to be strong? Check out the following reviews.
1. Iron (Fire Force)
Iron is a member of the White Hood who has the ability to harden his body to the point of being almost indestructible. Having a nearly impenetrable defense made Iron overbearing with his strength. Finally, Iron's overconfidence made him beaten by Hinawa.

Having a very large body makes Iron's movements slow and his attacks predictable. Even though his attack was quite deadly, the Special Fire Forces were able to avoid Iron's attack quite easily.

Iron may indeed have a very strong defense. However, he couldn't protect his joints. Knowing this, Hinawa immediately shot Iron at his weak point which immediately made the giant helpless.
2. Jaken (InuYasha)
Jaken is a servant of Sesshomaru. When Sesshomaru met Inuyasha, Jaken constantly threatened Inuyasha because Inuyasha was considered to have insulted Sesshomaru.

Even so, it was clear that Jaken would not be able to fulfill his threat. His fire stick might have been quite a useful weapon, but Jaken's strength proved to be only on par with Shippo's.
3. Ruin (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Ruin is a Holy Knight who belongs to the Weird Fangs group. Ruin is quite confident in her strength, because she has the ability to make allies of her opponents attack each other using illusions.

Although Ruin often won battles thanks to this ability, it was still not enough strength to defeat the Seven Great Sins. Thanks to Elizabeth, his illusions were successfully broken and he was easily defeated by Meliodas.
4. Welfin (Hunter x Hunter)
Welfin is a Chimera Ant who serves the King of Chimera Ant, Meruem. Welfin has the Nen ability known as Missileman. This ability allows Welfin to fire worms into his enemy's brain which will kill them slowly.

Although this ability is indeed quite dangerous, Missileman is difficult to use and has many weaknesses. Therefore, Welfin usually uses this ability only to intimidate his enemies, instead of defeating them.
5. Takaharu Fukuroda (Kill La Kill)
Takaharu Fukuroda is a student in Two Star uniform as well as the president of the boxing club at the Honnoji Academy. Having high confidence in his strength, Takaharu becomes the first of Satsuki's men to be deployed to fight Ryuko.

Although his fist was quite destructive, but Takaharu managed to be humiliated by Ryuko in front of many people. After his defeat, Takaharu rarely appears in the series, apart from helping the heroes to defeat Ragyo at the end of the series.

Those are the five villains who pretend to be strong in anime. What do you think about the five characters above?

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