5 Anime Movies Best Of All Time

Publish Date : 2021-02-12

5 Anime Movies Best Of All Time

Not just a movie starring the famous actor who can make us to explore the story of the movie. Movie Japanese anime is also very good at making the audience to explore the story of the movie at once amazed. For you fans of the movie and anime from japan, to watch the rows of the recommendations of the anime movie the best of this!

In the world of entertainment, famous Japanese artist with the work of the animation or anime that has a storyline out of the box.

All types of anime from Japan is famous all over the world, either in the form of series or movie.

One of the hallmark movie Japanese anime is the plot twist at the end of the story that is not only surprising, but also make the audience baper.

Up to now, there are hundreds of anime movies that have been watched by millions of fans around the world.

Of the hundreds of works of top artists of the Japanese, you would have difficulty determining anime movies best to enter the list of the spectacle at the end of this week.

To help you, this time we will summarize 10 anime movies best of all time you must to watch this weekend!

Yuk, check out now!

1. Silent Voice (2016)

Silent Voice became one of the anime movies best of all time because of the brave theme that is sensitive and has the end of an emotional story.

The Film tells the story of a ELEMENTARY school student of the famous rogue named Shouya Ishida, harassing a girl for the deaf named Shouko Nishimiya.

The mother who can not bear to his son abused then move Shouko to another school.

Long story short, the two meet again when in high SCHOOL.

Interestingly, the two became close.
Shouya was then planning on doing something to make amends for his mistakes in the past.

Roughly what is done Shouya for Shouko yes?

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2. Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited Away is one of the anime movies the best Japanese manufactured Studio Ghibli.

For the lover of anime, definitely not familiar dong with the name of the Studio Ghibli creates a lot of anime film quality?

Spirited Away was also listed as one of the films with the largest income in Japan, which is approximately 30.4 trillion yen.

Anime Film tells the story about the girls who are spoiled named Chihiro Ogino who was on vacation with her parents.

In the middle of the journey, they saw a village that is very quiet.

When walking, they then stopped in front of a food stall that seemed to be left by the merchant.

Without thinking, both of his parents also take the dish in that tavern and instantly turn into a pig.

Chihiro who fear then run away and unknowingly entered the spirit world.

In the spirit world, Chihiro aided by a spirit named Haku.

Succeeded to Chihiro welcome from the spirit world and save both her parents?

You should watch this movie because it has the end of the story that can warm the heart.

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3. My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Still from the anime production Studio Ghibli, anime movies the next best Tonari no Totoro, or My Neigbor Totoro.

Although a little old, but the anime that took the background of the time the 1950s is still remembered as one of the best of all time.

Anime Film tells the story of a man named Tatsuo Kusakabe moved to the village so that both her daughter could be closer to her mother who is being treated in hospital.

The second girl named Satsuki and Mei, who had recently moved to the village was trying to adapt in the village with a walk in the village.

One day, May met with a creature that resembles a rabbit, and he shall pursue such a creature to enter the forest.

It turns out that the forest is the forest unseen that has magical power.

In that forest, May meet with the spirits of the inhabitants of the forest named Totoro.

Since that meeting, the exciting adventures of May full of nuances magical begins.

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4. Grave of The Fireflies (1988)

Studio Ghibli is the king of the matter producing the film the best anime that can be watched all walks of life.

One of them is the Grave of The Fireflies release in 1988.

Anime movie tells the story of a young boy named Seita and his younger sister named Setsuko hard life after losing my father, mother, and his home due to World War II.

They had lived in the house her aunt cruel before finally decided to run away.

Life derelict make both of them suffer from hunger and disease.

In the journey, Seita realize that the environment has changed to be more apathetic and not care about the people around you.

Until this time, Grave of The Fireflies still holds the title as one of the anime movies best of all time that can make the audience moved.

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5. The Garden of Words (2013)

Well, anime movies this one is perfect for the man who has a love story with a woman who is older.

A Film by Makoto Shinkai tells high SCHOOL student named Takao Akizuki who dreams of becoming a shoe designer.

One day, he was skipping school and hanging out in a garden gazebo.

There, he met a beautiful woman who it turns out is his teacher, Yukari Yukino.

Since then, they often meet at the gazebo of the.

Takao also promised to make a shoe for Yukari.
The story becomes complicated because they have to hide their proximity in the school, plus the fact there is no clarity about the relationship what they live.

During watching this film, you must be made constantly curious, what it would be like the end of the day.

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