5 anime characters who fall in love too easily

Publish Date : 2021-03-02

5 anime characters who fall in love too easily

The appearance of feelings of liking from one character to another character has become something that is often found in anime. This does not always happen in drama and romantic anime, but also often in shonen and seinen anime . This proves that love stories are always the best ingredient to make a series look more attractive.

While most anime characters begin to fall in love gradually, there are some anime characters that fall in love too easily. In fact, some of them immediately stated that it was their soulmate even though they had just met and didn't know each other yet.

1. Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

In the late 1930's, Joseph met a young woman named Suzie Q and immediately stated that Suzie Q was the right person for him. While it is true that Suzie Q is the perfect wife for Joseph, this romantic subplot is being judged too hasty.

Although Joseph's decision to choose Suzy Q was the right one, Joseph was too quick to confess his feelings. Moreover, fans never know what reason Joseph was so attracted to Suzy Q.

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2. Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Juvia first met Gray when he fought the Fairy Tail guild for the Phantom Lord guild . His heart beats fast when he fought against Gray and began to obsess over Gray after he was defeated by Gray and motivated by his wise words.

Even though they will end up together in the end, Juvia falls in love with Gray too quickly. Supposedly, Juvia started her relationship with friendship and then continued to a more special relationship.

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3. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa begins to become obsessed with Light after Light kills a thief who kills his family in front of his eyes. Even though Misa regards Light as her savior, Light is only doing her job as Kira. Apart from that, Misa also really loves Light because of her charm and extraordinary genius.

However, Misa's obsession with Light only leads Misa to an unhealthy relationship. Although Misa will do anything for Light, Light only considers Misa as a tool that will be thrown away when it can't be used anymore.

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4. Jericho (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Although not the strongest among Holy Knights, Jericho carried out his duties as a Holy Knight very well. Previously, Jericho had opposed the Seven Great Sins, but was defeated by Ban.

Since then, Jericho started to have an interest in Ban and he accidentally confessed his feelings for Ban. Jericho may be impressed by the power that Ban has. Even so, Jericho's sudden interest was considered too forced. What's more, Jericho finds out that Ban still hasn't gotten over his previous girlfriend, Elaine.

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5. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Although Sakura ended up marrying Sasuke and having a happy family, Sakura's feelings for Sasuke seemed absurd at first. Everyone may admit that Sasuke is a cool figure. However, Sakura's obsession was considered too much.

Moreover, Sasuke never even seemed to respond the slightest bit to Sakura's feelings. In fact, Sasuke had tried to kill Sakura on one occasion. Although Sakura's struggles finally paid off, at first, Sakura's feelings seemed completely unfounded.


Those are the five anime characters who fall in love too easily. How do you think about the five characters above?

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