5 Anime Characters Thousands of Years Old that Still Look Young

Publish Date : 2021-02-19

5 Anime Characters Thousands of Years Old that Still Look Young

In the world of anime, appearances can sometimes be deceiving. There are some characters that look old, but still young. On the contrary, there are also characters that look like the child a dozen years, but it turns out he was already reaching thousands of years.

Well, below is a sequence of characters that is thousands of years old, but still looks very young. Curious who are the characters? Check out the review here.

1. Najimi Ajimu (Medaka Box)

Najimi Ajimu is a mysterious character that appears in the anime Medaka Box. Although her look like the girl students aged a dozen years, Ajimu has actually been aged 3.402.193.822.311 year. Ajimu himself was a founder of the Academy Akinowa.

In addition to the already aged trillions of years, Ajimu also has a power that very awesome. He can smash the ground with just one step, time travel, see what is seen by other people, to remove a person's ability.

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2. Jibril (No Game No Life)

Known as a character of the most gruesome in the anime No Game No Life, Jibril is a Flugel old 6.407 year. Despite his age has already reached thousands of years, Gabriel is a Flugel last life and so Flugel youngest ever.

Regardless of the conflict between the Flugel and other races, Gabriel is a player who is honest and not like cheating. The only goal is to get as much information as possible as he can.

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3. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

It is the main protagonist in the anime The Seven Deadly Sins at once a captain in the Seven Major Sins. Regardless of the size of his body was small and her appearance as children, It is actually a demon who is aged 3 thousand years.

It alone is the son of the Demon King. But, because he has violated the rules, because falling in love with a goddess, It is condemned by his own father to become immortal. In fact, if he is dead, It will be revived with great emotions.

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4. Yato (Noragami)

Yato is one of the gods of the strongest there is in the anime Noragami. Despite himself look like a teenager or a man who just stepped in the age of 20s, actually Yato is a god who has already aged 1,000 years more.

Even though Yato is known as a god full of compassion, but Yato has a past that is very tragic. Previously, Yato is a God of Calamity who had killed many people. In the next life, Yato trying to fix his life with being a God of Luck.

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5. Bernkastel (Umineko: When They Cry)

Regardless of his appearance that looks like little girls are adorable, Bernkastel is an evil wizard who is already over 1,000 years old. Although Bernkastel is a witch that knows no mercy, he has a past tragic that supports his actions.

Previously, Bernkastel is the figure of the poor. He was imprisoned and tortured by the evil witch other, Lambdadelta. This makes Bernkastel not only be a ruthless criminal, but also have the power to destroy the world.

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That's five anime characters thousands of years old but still look young. What do you think? You get fooled by their appearance?

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