5 Anime Antagonists Who Have Saved the Protagonist

Publish Date : 2021-02-28

5 Anime Antagonists Who Have Saved the Protagonist

In anime, the scene where the protagonist saves the antagonist is something that is often encountered. Even though the antagonist has done a lot of bad things, it is the duty of a hero to help anyone who needs help.

Sometimes, this also happens the other way around. Even though it is very rare, there are some antagonists in anime who actually save the protagonists, although not infrequently their reasons sound strange or absurd. Starting from Reiner who saved many people from Titan to Esdeath who saved Tatsumi's life, here are five anime antagonists who have saved the protagonist. Check out the following reviews.

1. Reiner saves Connie from Titan (Attack on Titan)

Several episodes before Reiner reveals his identity, Zeke attacks Paradis and one of the Titans manages to enter the tower that is occupied by several members of the Reconnaissance Squad, including Reiner, Bertholdt, Ymir, Connie, and Historia.

When the Titan was right behind Connie and ready to eat Connie, Reiner immediately sacrificed his hand and let the Titan bite his hand, then picked up the Titan and threw it out.

Given that Reiner was just an infiltrator in the Reconnaissance Squad, Reiner could not have done this and let the Titan eat Connie. After all, not long after the incident, Reiner clearly revealed his true identity to Eren.

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2. Sasuke decides not to kill Naruto in the Valley of the End (Naruto)

After several young ninjas were sent to stop Sasuke from leaving the village, Naruto finally managed to meet and fight Sasuke in the Valley of the End. Naruto and Sasuke engage in a fierce battle, in which the two of them give all their strength to attack each other.

In the end, Sasuke won the battle and knocked Naruto unconscious. At that time, Sasuke could have killed Naruto immediately to develop his Sharingan powers. However, Sasuke decided not to do this, arguing that he didn't need to do it to make his strength increase exponentially.

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3. Bradley kills Isaac McDougal (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Isaac McDougal is a State Alchemist who is nicknamed the Ice Alchemist, because of his alchemical ability to manipulate water. In order to reveal Bradley's true identity, Isaac nearly freezes all of Amestris and endangers the citizens of Amestris.

After he lost to the Elric brothers and tried to escape, Isaac was immediately intercepted by Bradley, who killed him with just one slash. Even though Bradley did this just to keep it secret, Bradley had saved the city from Isaac's actions that could threaten the safety of the citizens of Amestris.

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4. Hisoka helps Gon pass the hunter (Hunter x Hunter) exam

In the Hunter Exam arc , Gon is assigned to take Hisoka's badge so that he can advance to the next stage. Obviously, Gon's obstacles are extremely difficult, considering Hisoka is a good Nen user and a terrible fighter.

Although Gon managed to steal Hisoka's badge at first, Geretta suddenly arrives, immobilizes Gon with his poison, and steals Hisoka's badge from Gon. Then, Hisoka suddenly appears out of nowhere and kills Geretta, and gives back his badge to Gon.

Even though Gon doesn't want Hisoka's help, Hisoka does this only to make Gon owe him, and hopes Gon can pay his debt with a beating. Quite a strange reason, right?

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5. Esdeath saves Tatsumi from the monster (Akame ga Kill!)

When Esdeath and Tatsumi are teleported to a desert island, they are confronted by dangerous monsters. Even though Tatsumi could have been killed by the monster, Esdeath swiftly used her power to kill the monster and protect Tatsumi.

This action was taken to prove how much Esdeath's love for Tatsumi was. Even though Esdeath is known as a very sadistic and brutal general, he will not let anyone hurt the person he loves the most, Tatsumi.


Those are the five anime antagonists who have saved the protagonist. What do you think about the actions of the five antagonists above?

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