Why Do You Need Integrated Internet Marketing

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Publish Date : 2020-07-09

Why Do You Need Integrated Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is surrounded by many myths and conjectures. Someone believes that the era of Instagram has come, someone relies on contextual advertising, and someone is trying to attract new customers using content.

Of course, each of these tools is effective in its own way, but the maximum result can be obtained only using a systematic approach.

Today we will talk about integrated Internet marketing, its channels and tools.

What is integrated promotion?

Integrated promotion can be compared with the organization of travel, which includes many excursions, transfers, diving, boat trips, etc. The more entertainment your vacation includes, the more intense it will be.

This scheme also works in Internet marketing.

A high-quality solution to business problems is possible only if you use the entire arsenal of marketing channels and tools - a landing page, a site, communities in social networks, contextual and targeted advertising, a blog, video content, etc.

You need to clearly understand the difference between the complex and unsystematic use of a huge number of different channels.

According to marketing agency Los Angeles, integrated approach is:

Clear strategy

An effective promotion strategy includes business analysis, a work plan in all areas, goals and KPIs to assess their implementation.


Omni-channel is a single system that connects all channels and tools of interaction with the client, which allows you to build an effective sales funnel and competently move the buyer through it from the first attraction to payment.

Deep analytics

Omni-channel allows you to carefully examine each channel, and then analyze and compare data such as the number of customers attracted, profit, ROI. This allows you to develop the most effective promotion strategy.

Focus on long-term results.

 The main task of integrated promotion is to build a reliable system that regularly brings profit, and not get a large amount right now.

 Single style

 With complex promotion, a stage is obligatory during which the style of communication with customers and the values ​​of the company are determined. All content that will be broadcast to the masses should be developed with these values ​​in mind.

Increased coverage

 An integrated approach allows you to work out all the sites with potential customers and distribute costs in such a way as to get maximum coverage with a minimum budget.

Successful integrated promotion is possible only when all the tools of Internet marketing are concentrated in the hands of the same people - a professional agency or the internal department of the company.

Typically, the task list looks something like this:

  • increase in sales;

  • change in brand positioning;

  • brand awareness;

  • increasing the number of repeat sales;

  • increase in average bill;

  • increasing customer loyalty;

  • demonstration of expertise;

  • customer life cycle extension;

  • access to new markets, etc. 


But this is not entirely true wording, because they are too general. In real business, tasks are more accurate. Ideally, they contain specific numbers.

That is, the company seeks to achieve not just an increase in sales, but an increase in sales of goods of certain categories, and therefore it is interested in attracting a certain segment of customers.

The brand not only wants to increase the number of subscribers on Instagram, but must attract 1,000 users in three months.

Solving such problems requires a clear strategy. How will the brand attract subscribers? In which accounts can I advertise? How will incoming users move around the funnel?

 In order for the strategy to turn out effective, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how this particular business works. Acting on the template does not work. Therefore, if you contact the agency, be prepared for the fact that you have to fill out briefs, answer questions from a marketer, explain the features of products, etc.

Surely, you have already ripened the main question - which channels and tools are included in the comprehensive promotion?

There is no single answer.

 For example, if you sell seedlings, it makes no sense to spend money on advertising on Instagram, your audience is not there.

The choice of channels and tools depends on several factors:

  • niche market;

  • target audience;

  • goals and objectives that Internet marketing solves;

  • budget

  • competitiveness.

Each business is unique, as is the unique set of methods used to promote it.

At last, integrated promotion always implies a deep immersion in the business.

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