SEO for Landing Pages: Best Practices to Rank

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Publish Date : 2020-12-09

SEO for Landing Pages: Best Practices to Rank

Landing pages are a very crucial part of your site, no matter if it's a corporate website or e-commerce; you need to have a high-converting page. And if you optimize them, you can remarkably boost your conversion rate. You have to optimize this page to engage the users in a better way and get higher rankings in the search results. In this article, we will walk through the ultimate guide of SEO for landing pages and look at the base practices that help to rank better and faster. You can also ask your SEO services provider to get the comprehensive SEO done for you, let's get started.

For a quick brief - what is a landing page?

A landing page is a common cornerstone for any marketing campaign. Your visitors and potential buyers land on it from various traffic sources including social media, newsletter, PPC ads, and more. It’s optimized to invoke a particular action from visitors and it may cover anything including signing up for a webinar or subscribing to a newsletter or contacting the company executives.

Landing pages can be but aren’t fundamentally the same as the pages indexed in your landing pages record in Google Analytics, which are a record of pages that get the most maximum traffic from various sources. You can do the tracking things on your landing pages and also keep a detailed track under the Analytics. Landing pages are the ultimate source of conversions and it's important to rank them well.

1. Focus on Headings and subheadings

Your website's landing pages ought to be very clear about your purpose from the very beginning and there must be no scope for confusing the visitor. People’s concentration lasts less than eight seconds and you need to make sure you convey all the essential information first and tell everything as quickly as possible.

Make sure to optimize your headline, subheadings, and attractive taglines. These should easily deliver the main purpose of your landing page. Create the main heading for the page that instantly conveys the core messages. Below your main heading, there could be a subheading that brings more information about your main headline. For this, you need to write a good engaging copy that keeps users engaged to the page. You can also hire a good writer who can craft a compelling copy for your landing page so you can get more conversions.

2. Images matter the most

Images create a massive impact on driving your visitor from your landing page through your site. If you are selling products, having high-quality pictures on your landing pages can have a significant impact. This way people will better know what they’re interacting with. To get the most out of the images for SEO purposes, you need to optimize them as well.

There are mainly two major aspects that you need to focus on images. The first thing is the 'alt tag' of the image. Alt tags guide search engines what the images are all about and what are the purpose of those images. You can place your keywords in the alt tag and gain traffic from the images themselves. The other thing about images is the size. You need to compress images before uploading otherwise it will make the landing page slower while loading.

3.Using the right keywords in the right quantity

Needless to say, keywords are the 'key to success' when it comes to SEO and you need to use them well on your landing page. Don't just use one or two main keywords, go for their LSIs (latent semantic indexing) and sprinkle them evenly on the entire page content.

Make sure you are using the keywords in maximum headings and subheadings to boost the on-page optimization. It helps search engine crawlers to understand what this page is all about and it ranks it better. Along with this, adding relevant and high-ranking keywords also attracts more customers as they can relate to it while reading the landing page content. You can also use Google's keywords planner or any other free tool to sort out the keywords before writing the copy.

4. Interlinking other pages to the landing page

This is the most important thing that most people miss while preparing the landing page. You want your visitors to explore your website from the landing page and internal linking of pages is the best way to do it. But, don't confuse the visitors by adding too many of them.

Just adding two to three links from the other pages would be fine and it would keep the purpose of your landing page intact and targeted. Internal linking is an important ranking factor and it applies on landing pages also. You can opt for professional SEO services and get help with a landing page designed by them with all the SEO benefits.

5. Keep track of the security of the page

It happens a lot of times we purchase a new domain and upload the brand new landing page on that website. In the hassle, many people overlook the security factors. Make sure your landing pages are also on HTTPS just like your main website. This establishes trust among users and search engine crawlers also give more preferences to such pages.

Apart from an SSL certificate, also make sure the third-party payment options are running on a secure protocol. These small things matter the most for both good customer experience and page ranking. Once you design and test your landing page, make sure to check these things also and it will definitely help you get higher rankings. You can hire a professional SEO services company that can do this for you.

These were some of the key and best practices that you can apply on your landing pages and get higher rankings organically. Simply, follow the above steps and try to keep the landing pages as targeted as possible to improve the conversion rate also. Along with landing pages, these practices are applicable to all the other web pages also and it will create a significant difference in rankings.


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