Позвоните Моему Менеджеру (Menajerimi ara) 26 серия _ Русская озвучка премьера смотреть онлайн

Publish Date : 2021-02-23

Позвоните Моему Менеджеру  (Menajerimi ara) 26 серия _ Русская озвучка премьера смотреть онлайн



Сериал «Позвоните моему менеджеру» — адаптация французского сериала «Десять процентов«, в центре которого — мир кино, где звезды греются под лучами софитов и получают сказочные гонорары. Но для того, чтобы очередную кинозвезду утвердили на престижную роль, её агенту приходится потрудиться. Главные герои сериала «10 процентов» — сотрудники престижного агентства. У них разные судьбы, неустроенная личная жизнь, но они каждый день ведут безжалостную борьбу за то, чтобы на роль утвердили именно их актера.






















Позвоните Моему Менеджеру (Menajerimi ara) 26 серия _ Русская озвучка премьера смотреть онлайн


Хит surface dock ethernet driver смотреть



++—чачать сейчас++

Network deployment to Surface devices can pose some unique challenges for system administrators. Due to the lack of a native wired Ethernet adapter, administrators must provide connectivity through a removable Ethernet adapter.

Before you can address the concerns of how you will boot to your deployment environment or how devices will be recognized by your deployment solution, you have to use a wired network adapter.

The primary concern when selecting an Ethernet adapter is how that adapter will boot your Surface device from the network. If you are pre-staging clients with Windows Deployment Services (WDS) or if you are using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, you may also want to consider whether the removable Ethernet adapters will be dedicated to a specific Surface device or shared among multiple devices. See the section of this article for more information on potential conflicts with shared adapters.

Booting from the network (PXE boot) is only supported when you use an Ethernet adapter or docking station from Microsoft. To boot from the network, the chipset in the Ethernet adapter or dock must be detected and configured as a boot device in the firmware of the Surface device. Microsoft Ethernet adapters, such as the Surface Ethernet Adapter and the use a chipset that is compatible with the Surface firmware.

Third-party Ethernet adapters are also supported for network deployment, although they do not support PXE boot. To use a third-party Ethernet adapter, you must load the drivers into the deployment boot image and you must launch that boot image from a separate storage device, such as a USB stick.

To boot from the network or a connected USB stick, you must instruct the Surface device to boot from an alternate boot device. You can alter the boot order in the system firmware to prioritize USB boot devices, or you can instruct it to boot from an alternate boot device during the boot up process.

Another consideration for administrators performing Windows deployment over the network is how you will identify computers when you use the same Ethernet adapter to deploy to more than one computer. A common identifier used by deployment technologies is the Media Access Control (MAC) address that is associated with each Ethernet adapter. However, when you use the same Ethernet adapter to deploy to multiple computers, you cannot use a deployment technology that inspects MAC addresses because there is no way to differentiate the MAC address of the removable adapter when used on the different computers.

The simplest solution to avoid MAC address conflicts is to provide a dedicated removable Ethernet adapter for each Surface device. This can make sense in many scenarios where the Ethernet adapter or the additional functionality of the docking station will be used regularly. However, not all scenarios call for the additional connectivity of a docking station or support for wired networks.

Another potential solution to avoid conflict when adapters are shared is to use the to perform deployment to Surface devices. MDT does not use the MAC address to identify individual computers and thus is not subject to this limitation. However, MDT does use Windows Deployment Services to provide PXE boot functionality, and is subject to the limitations regarding pre-staged clients which is covered later in this section.

When you use a shared adapter for deployment, the solution for affected deployment technologies is to use another means to identify unique systems. For Configuration Manager and WDS, both of which can be affected by this issue, the solution is to use the System Universal Unique Identifier (System UUID) that is embedded in the computer firmware by the computer manufacturer. For Surface devices, you can see this entry in the computer firmware under Device Information.

When deploying with WDS, the MAC address is only used to identify a computer when the deployment server is configured to respond only to known, pre-staged clients. When pre-staging a client, an administrator creates a computer account in Active Directory and defines that computer by the MAC address or the System UUID. To avoid the identity conflicts caused by shared Ethernet adapters, you should use . Alternatively, you can configure WDS to respond to unknown clients that do not require definition by either MAC address or System UUID by selecting the Respond to all client computers (known and unknown) option on the in Windows Deployment Server Properties.

The potential for conflicts with shared Ethernet adapters is much higher with Configuration Manager. Where WDS only uses MAC addresses to define individual systems when configured to do so, Configuration Manager uses the MAC address to define individual systems whenever performing a deployment to new or unknown computers. This can result in improperly configured devices or even the inability to deploy more than one system with a shared Ethernet adapter. There are several potential solutions for this situation that are described in detail in the blog post on the Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms TechNet blog.

Device Manager shows the yellow warning triangle on the Surface Ethernet Adapter and says "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31)  Object Name already exists"

I don't think you read my entire post.  This is happening with 3 different docks on 3 different Surfaces.  I think it is a defective update since the update that was installed is the same version number and date as the driver that is failing.

I just went to Settings/Update/Update history to uninstall the Microsoft Net driver and discovered that it installed AGAIN yesterday.  Same version, same version date.  Yet the Ethernet that worked at first from a cold boot this morning failed AGAIN.

When I made sure I was using the 10.3.1019.2016 driver for the Surface Ethernet Adapter it remained stable.  As soon as Microsoft reinstalls the newer driver, I lose connectivity and my SB goes to the WiFi adapter to get Internet.

This article explains how to use Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware Update to update Surface Dock firmware. When installed on your Surface device, it will update any Surface Dock attached to your Surface device.

Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware Update supersedes the earlier Microsoft Surface Dock Updater tool, previously available for download as part of Surface Tools for IT. It was named Surface_Dock_Updater_vx.xx.xxx.x.msi (where x indicates the version number). The earlier tool is no longer available for download and should not be used.

Microsoft periodically releases new versions of Surface Dock Firmware Update. The MSI file is not self-updating. If you have deployed the MSI to Surface devices and a new version of the firmware is released, you will need to deploy the new version.

This section is optional and provides an overview of how to monitor installation of the firmware update. When you are ready to install the update, see below. For more detailed information about monitoring the update process, see the following sections in this article.

Open Event Viewer, browse to Windows Logs > Application, and then under Actions in the right-hand pane click Filter Current Log, enter SurfaceDockFwUpdate next to Event sources, and then click OK.

When the update is complete, updated DWORD values will be displayed in the Windows Registry, corresponding to the current version of the tool. See the section in this article for details. For example.

Disconnect your Surface device from the Surface Dock (using the power adapter), wait ~5 seconds, and then reconnect. The Surface Dock Firmware Update will update the dock silently in background. The process can take a few minutes to complete and will continue even if interrupted.

You can use Windows Installer commands (Msiexec.exe) to deploy Surface Dock Firmware Update to multiple devices across your network. When using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or other deployment tool, enter the following syntax to ensure the installation is silent.

A log file is not created by default. In order to create a log file, you will need to append "/lv [path]". For example: Msiexec.exe /i <path to msi file> /lv %windir%logs SurfaceDockFWI.log"

You can use Intune to distribute Surface Dock Firmware Update to your devices. First you will need to convert the MSI file to the .intunewin format, as described in the following documentation: .

Verify the new registry key values match the updated registry key values listed in the Versions reference at the end of this document. If the values match, the firmware was updated successfully.

The installation file is released with the following naming format: Surface_Dock_FwUpdate_X.XX.XXX_Win10_XXXXX_XX.XXX.XXXXX_X.MSI (ex: Surface_Dock_FwUpdate_1.42.139_Win10_17134_19.084.31680_0.msi) and installs by default to C:Program FilesSurfaceUpdate.

Legacy adapters released with Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, and previous devices are not compatible with Surface Dock. Adapters released with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are compatible with Surface Dock. If your legacy adapter won’t fit in your Surface Dock due to the angle of the connector, replace that adapter if you want to use an external monitor.

Plug the AC end of the power cord for the Surface Dock or other docking station into an electrical outlet or power strip, and plug the other end into the power port on the Surface Dock or other docking station.

Connect a cable from your monitor to the Mini DisplayPort. If your monitor cable doesn’t have a Mini DisplayPort connector, you’ll need to buy another cable or an adapter. For more info on adapters, see .

Connect any audio accessories like speakers or headphones. Without external speakers, you may not hear audio when you’re using your Surface. If this is the case, see to learn how to switch to the built-in speakers on your Surface.

Updating the firmware on Microsoft's Surface Dock is easy if you know how to do it and you download the right utility: Microsoft's Surface Dock Updater, which is part of the company's Surface Tools for IT toolset.

After a few minutes, if the update works as intended, you'll see a screen that informs you to unplug your Dock from the Surface Connect port once again, so it can finish the update, which should take about three minutes.

Note: While the Surface Dock finishes updating, a small LED within the Surface Dock Ethernet port will blink. When the update is complete, the light will stop blinking and you can plug your Surface Dock back in.

When the Dock is appropriately reconnected, you'll see a screen that confirms you have the latest Surface Dock firmwar

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