How to Participate in Cubaaz’s ICO

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How to Participate in Cubaaz’s ICO
Therefore, this article has been written to provide a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step procedure that each participant can follow to be part of this groundbreaking ICO.
However, for the benefits of those that are not fully knowledgeable of what the Cubaaz team stands for and what it wants to provide through its platform, let’s take a quick look at Cubaaz, its team as well as its benefits.
Cubaaz is an international platform that brings unprecedented solutions to some of the problems of the travel industry by facilitating travel in all ramifications to make it more efficient, cheaper, faster, and more enjoyable for all consumers. By creating a platform that allows consumers to perform several transactions on a single platform, Cubaaz eliminates stress and quickens the time taken to get the best travel deals.
Cubaaz does not stand as a rival for existing and upcoming travel facilitators but rather wants to make it easy for consumers to access prices and deals of hundreds or even thousands travel suppliers without much hassle. Through Cubaaz, travelers can search and compare prices for flight, private taxi or chauffeurs, hotels, car rental, vacation home, tourist attractions, restaurant, public transport, and several other activities related to the travel industry.
In a world where technological advancement is always pivotal to the success of any business activity, Cubaaz has created the perfect platform through the use of several technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Big Data and Collective Intelligence. It must also be noted that Cubaaz works with the use of cryptocurrency. These technologies will be utilized to facilitate the provision of seamless and improved travel experiences for all consumers.
You can learn more about Cubaaz, its benefits, technologies, partners and staff at Participation in Cubaaz’s ICO
To raise money for the innovative platform established by Cubaaz and its partnering teams, an ICO has been initiated and scheduled to be launched on February 5, 2018. Although the Cubaaz platform will be officially launched for transactions in May 2018, the Cubaaz Coin that will be used for the transactions will be launched earlier.
To participate in Cubaaz ICO, the primary thing you need is the Cubaaz Coin which is the legal tender that every consumer can use to make transactions on the ecosystem of Cubaaz. Cubaaz has instituted secured ways such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and fiat payments like Dollars and Euro for purchasing the Cubaaz Coin. However, there are certain steps you need to follow duly to buy your token which will allow you to participate in the Cubaaz’s ICO. Below is the detailed procedure to be followed to purchase the Cubaaz Coin.
• Getting an exchange
Before getting anything done as part of the Cubaaz ICO, you need to find a reliable and competent exchange. Coinbase, BitBay, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Kraken are some of the trustworthy exchange that many people have worked with in the past. The reputation of these exchanges speaks for them, and you can also use any of them or any other exchanges you trust.
• Registering for an account on the selected exchange
Afterward, it is important for you to register an account. Log into the website of the chosen exchange and use your bank details and valid ID for registration. This registration can take a few seconds or minutes depending on the platform on which you are registering. • Loading your account
To get started with the use of the registered account, you need to send currency to the account. Most of the exchanges allow you to load any currency you want such as GBP, USD, EUR, and YEN. Once you have loaded the account with the currency of your choice, you are halfway done with taking part in the ICO of Cubaaz.
• Purchasing cryptocurrency through your loaded account
Using the currency that has been loaded on your account, go ahead and purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). Although BTC and ETH are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the world, you can also use the currency loaded on your account to buy other types of cryptocurrencies.
• Choose a wallet
This is an important aspect that some people often overlook. Securing your cryptocurrencies is like safeguarding your home; therefore, it is your duty to choose a wallet carefully. There are several wallets on the internet, and Hard Wallet is one of the most popular ones you can consider.
Now you can proceed to the Cubaaz platform to take part in the ICO by acquiring the Cubaaz Coin (CC). There are a few things you need to know about the CC and the ICO program that is about to start. Foremost, a single Cubaaz token costs 0.0001 BTC; therefore, you need to bear this in mind when buying cryptocurrencies through your currency exchange platform. Once the sales of the token start on February 5, 2018, every activity will be targeted at ensuring that the public sale comes to an end by April 10, 2018, or even earlier. If all tokens are sold out before the proposed date of closure, the ICO will end while preparation will be ongoing for the launch of Cubaaz. Notably, at least three hundred million tokens must be sold before the platform is launched. If this minimum amount is not reached, all funds will be returned to the buyers of the tokens. Participants that take part in the ICO on the first 21 days of the sales of the token can get as much as 20% pre-sale bonus while others that participate later can get 15% or 10% bonus.
Log onto to learn more about how you can participate in Cubaaz’s ICO. Also, you can get more information about the goals and strategies of Cubaaz through the whitepaper of Cubaaz which is also available on the website.
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