Heres All You Need to Know About the Green Screens

Publish Date : 2020-07-31

Heres All You Need to Know About the Green Screens

Ever wondered how those laser lights and quirky effects come out of nowhere in the movies? Or did you ever wish to live a life straight out of a sci-fi?

Well, you cannot teleport yourself to another world full of these wonders, but Green screens got you covered here. Yes, the real heroes behind all those magical moments and quirky backgrounds are these screens allowing chroma-keying.

These screens are widely used in different graphical fields to improve or change the backgrounds of pictures, motions graphics, newscasting, and virtual reality games. Today, different media houses, photography studios such as chroma studio in Delhi are using the same technique to improve our graphical experiences.


Green screen forms an integral part of the overlay technology or CGIs. It uses the colour hues to make the foreground transparent and merge a static or streaming video into the background. The green colour is employed mainly because of its non-mixing qualities with the human body. 


The single coloured green backdrops are nowhere close to our natural skin tones or hair colours. Hence, the 'fit-all' colour forms the background which needs changing or morphing. After the graphics are recorded, chroma studios replace or erase the backdrops using the process of keying. The goal here is to obtain the cleanest key free of the original backdrop. Then, you can use chroma keying easily to fill all the empty spaces with desired graphics, images, settings, or motion pictures.



Several prestigious photographers use green screens or chroma key fabrics of neutral colour to add extra glamorous to their pictures. This reduces the cost of outdoor shoots. And above all, it provides the ease of working in the security of home. All you need is a green screen your pictures transform into the epitome of perfection.


All the anime, CGI and superhero flicks you see is the wonder created by these screens. From Ironman' suit to the whole Frozen universe, they all are based on these green screens. Filmmakers or different chroma studios in Delhi shoot different slides and merge them using a transparent background obtained using chroma keying. 


Architectures use the same technique to create virtual blueprints of their projects. They too use the same natural screen like chroma studios for changing the slides as per their requirement. The enhanced image often resembles the 3D miniatures of the original structure.


Media houses use a single screen to broadcast all their programs. Yes, a single green screen put behind the anchor's desk is responsible for showing you all the news and Infos. The most common example; being the daily weather forecast where the anchor is shown standing over the virtual map of the given region.


Different fields of study use green screens for teaching. The technique is used all over the world to improve the classroom experience of the students and give a professional touch to the classroom sessions.


As evident from all the merits mentioned above, green screens are indeed the new face of broadcasting and photography. Its introduction has reduced both the cost and labour of the people involved. And what's more, chroma-keying is one of the emerging professional techniques in demand.

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