Exploring the advantages of the Cubaaz platform

Author :KrystelleG22
Publish Date :24/02/2018

Exploring the advantages of the Cubaaz platform
The tourism industry is running on a platform and system, that is not only very non-efficient and slow, but also outdated and stuck with payment processing of the past. The daily occurrences of the Travel Retail are unheard of on other retail platforms, where the customer’s rights on the contrary have become increasingly pronounced during the last few years.

Cubaaz is a travel search engine specialized in providing unique travel experience to its clients while also, most importantly, providing safer and more convenient way to book, pay, and change booking, without intermediary fees and the best of consumer protection.

Removal of middlemen and their fees.

When making travel arrangements today there are still additional and redundant fees on the traveler’s behalf, as well as upon the travel supplier’s. “Who is capitalizing on those fees? The fees that actually paralyses the hotel owners and other travel suppliers, and that make the customer incur a much larger price tag than the actual value of the trip. The Travel Industry is a highly oligopolistic industry controlled by just 5 companies. The top 3 global distribution systems Travelport, Sabre and Amadeus (distributors of airline inventory) have 99% combined market share in non-direct inventory. These companies use their position on the market to extract the rent and are accused of overcharging their clients and employing other uncertain tactics. Intermediary organizations charge 10%-25%. On Cubaaz platform there are no intermediaries. Opening up the line of communication between customer and hotel.

Have you ever experienced a Hotel booking error that cannot be addressed at the hotel with the hotel itself, but has to go through the intermediary booking service, that with their stiff operations and elongated response times leaves the customer a victim to any mishaps of the hotel, or by the subpar communication between hotel and booking service itself, which by the way are very common? Going through this intermediary also leads to the customers bank account being violated since the long processing times of solving these mistakes that often includes duplicate room charges, often take several days, and days to reimburse. On the Cubaaz platform the lines of communications are simple: Customer to Hotel, Customer to Airline, Customer to Tour Provider, and so on.

Flight bookings in real time.

Booking a flight, can be a pretty tedious activity. It is of cause very important to get the dates, times and flight connection right but it is also imperative to get your passport names exact, to the letter. God forbid you are blessed with long and multiple names, or even worse that you are dyslexic. Because one letter can have you pay hundreds of extra dollars, or even a whole new ticket. If this was not bad enough in itself, it does not help that this data entry process, runs on a platform, where there are many inherent delays, interruptions and even freezes, so if you take the time and the necessary precautions to get your name right, you may end up having to start all over because of a freeze. You may also have to start all over because while you were filling out your info somebody else somewhere else were filling out their info and they beat you to the flight seat. Cubaaz cutting edge technology bookings happen in real time.

New Payment options.

Cubaaz is the first travel search engine to accept payment not only in fiat currencies, but also in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, including Cubaaz Coin.

Universal Travel Rewards.

Like with most providers on the market today, Cubaaz users will receive user rewards for every item purchased. The rewards are distributed in CC, Cubaaz Coin. The differences between current reward programs and Cubaaz rewards program are the following:

● Cubaaz rewards are credited instantly, and usable instantly toward any sort of travel.

● Cubaaz rewards CC, Cubaaz Coin, can be exchanged for Ethereum and actual fiat currency.

● Cubaaz Coin Rewards are universal and can be used with any supplier on the Cubaaz platform.

Cubaaz Platform Perks.

Cubaaz platform will take their customers as far as current technology goes, this means that Cubaaz stops at nothing to provide any and all feature possible to enrich each travelers ease and enjoyment. Among currently scheduled perks are:

● Wi-Fi announcement guide. This feature will guide traveler/user in finding nearest Wifi connection.

● Guided Walking Tours, wherever in the world the traveler/user find himself or herself

● Get answers to your specific questions about a trip in our forums.
● Add your own reviews and photos.

● Download maps, reviews and favorites for Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, New York, Orlando, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo and more than 500 other cities around the world. No more ruinous traveling costs during your travels!

Summary of Cubaaz features.

● Lowest fees
● No double booking
● Spendable rewards anytime
● Trip Planner
● Real Time Booking Reseller Services Integration
● Daily Travel
● Use of Artificial Intelligence
● Use of Collective Intelligence
● Use of Blockchain Technology
● Use of Cryptocurrency

To sum it up: In addition to bringing the traveler any and all features technologically available, Cubaaz aims to have you, the traveler be the boss of your own bookings, not dependent on any intermediaries that slows down your booking speed while pocketing redundant fees, on your and suppliers’ behalf. Cubaaz middleman free platform is also aimed at open back up the market for new travel providers, big as small, and to this way allow for healthy completion to be reestablished within travel and tourism. On Cubaaz travel platform there is no middleman, and there are no extra costs. ICO Start February 5, #2018. Join us!

Website ICO : https://cubaaz.io
Whitepaper : https://www.cubaaz.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/WhitepaperV8_2010018-English.pdf
Facebook: Facebook.com/cubaaz
Twitter : Twitter.com/CubaazOff
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fyPtXCTJl8IrPwDO6tA0A
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/cubaazoff/
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/cubaazoff
Bitcointalk announcement :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? topic=2901119.new#new

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