Top Explainer Video Making Trends That Will Rule 2020

Author : samanthasafa
Publish Date : 2020-10-26

            Top Explainer Video Making Trends That Will Rule 2020

Explainer video making trends and breakthroughs of the industry are evolving every year. What works today sometimes won't work tomorrow. Explainer videos were influenced by the latest design trends such as modern digital illustration, 3D and 4D animation, liquid motion, augmented reality and much more emerging trends. Here's a rundown to explainer video making trends in 2020 that companies and brands should be aware of to keep up with this extremely competitive industry. 


Liquid Motion 


Liquid motion is one of the most incredible hand-drawn design styles, that can quickly grab the attention of viewers, and makes viewers watch that video much longer because of the lack of defined break to switch away. In liquid motion, the movement of objects is fluid and seems like a continual movement. Liquid motion is also a one-of-a-kind method of morphing without any real cuts from one shot to another. This explainer video making trend is often merged with vivid neon colours that add a part-vaporwave and part-psychedelic style to visuals. 


But when compared to vector graphics, this motion and animation design style is much difficult to produce and time-consuming. Added to that, it is quite difficult for video-makers to edit in liquid motion graphics. 


Augmented Reality 


With augmented reality gaining traction and much enhancement, one can also notice its enormous influence on explainer videos. At present, this technology allows the audience to get an exhilarating experience in the realistic surroundings, in which computer-generated perceptions are complemented by real-world footage. AR can be as straightforward as including realistic images, 3D bitmojis or even digital paintings. 


It appears as an aggregate of realities in which the audience's realistic environment isn't completely replaced by Augmented reality experience but somewhat changed by this technology. This explainer video trend is predicted to resemble the overlap of real-life digital clips and visuals. It turns the audience's experience into a remarkable and immersive journey having a whole lot of marvellous visual effects. 


Optimisation For Mobile 


According to Wyzowl, around 99% of people watch video content on their smartphones. And the number of users who watch video content is increasing faster. Most of them watch video content on their smartphones than on a tablet or a desktop computer. Which is why a video which is optimised for smartphones ie, to be watched both horizontally and vertically which will be more beneficial for your brand. According to Hubspot, around 85% of brands make the most of videos as a marketing tool and around 9% of video marketers said that video content gave them a positive Return on Investment(RoI). Therefore it's evident that mobile video content is one of the explainer video trends of late and needs to adjust explainer videos to it also. 


Grainy Texture


A grainy texture is an integral part of a lot of animations and digital illustrations. This graphic effect has turned out to be one of the most significant explainer video trends in 2020. Through adding some fine-drawn grain to images, an animation can be made to look much engrossing and original. Whereas by adding a consistent and subtle grain mix to motion graphics, you can make the visuals look more authentic by adding real-world texture effects into flat vector shapes. 




One of the most effective marketing techniques is storytelling that conveys your marketing message to the audience. Storytelling has also turned out to be one of the most prevalent explainer video trends in 2020. 


Stories are often used in the vast majority of explainer videos to explain difficult concepts. If your story is engrossing and impressive enough, then the audience will probably continue watching the video content to 

grab the message that you want to convey. 


An impressive story helps grab the viewer's attention and evoke interest in the brand itself. It also helps establish a human connection between the brand and viewers and helps build customer trust and loyalty. 


Interactive Explainer Video 


For an enhanced user experience, certain explainer videos, particularly those which are based on a product can quickly be made interactive. For instance, if the video describes a product or service, then a customer can simply move the mouse over it, that in turn displays the textual information regarding that product or service. There are various effective ways with which you can make a video interactive. This makes the audience hard to close the video since they are drawn to the video. If you're trying to create brand awareness through explainer videos, then making those videos interactive is all you need to do. 


Final Thoughts 


Liquid motion graphics, augmented reality, interactive explainer videos, optimisation for mobile, grainy texture and storytelling in explainer videos will help your business to demonstrate their ideas and convey the marketing message in a much more efficient and creative way. So it's high time that you make the most of these latest trends in your video marketing in 2020. 


Even though there are so many explainer video making trends to implement, it's not essential that each one of them should be adopted. The dynamic of each company varies from one to that of another. What might achieve fruition for some may not work for the rest. 


Judge your company's value, and also your goals, the audience, and then prefer a strategy that suits you best. Therefore, start experimenting with a fewer audience and then work upwards and check if the explainer video making trend gives you positive results. 


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