Sunday morning, Mike Nguyen discovered his San Antonio restaurant

Publish Date : 2021-03-15

Sunday morning, Mike Nguyen discovered his San Antonio restaurant

Sunday morning, Mike Nguyen discovered his San Antonio restaurant, Noodle Tree, had been vandalized with racist messages after he'd appeared in local news outlets and on CNN to criticize the decision to lift the mask mandate.

"Kung flu," "go back 2 China" and "hope U die," were written in red spray paint, according to photos he shared with CNN. (CNN has reached out to the San Antonio Police Department for comment on the incident).

"Honestly, to me it's a piece of cloth that goes over your face," he said. "I don't understand why they took it this far, but I guess they wanted to send a message that masks are ridiculous, or whatever."

But aside from the vandalism, Nguyen said the weekend went well. He chose to continue requiring masks for customers unless they're seated at their tables. And he's capped his dining room at about 60% to 70%, rather than fully reopening.

Before the restaurant was vandalized, Noodle Tree actually doubled its business compared to last weekend, Nguyen said, calling it one of the restaurant's "busiest weekends." He couldn't say whether the increase was due to the lifting of restrictions or support from the community.

Nguyen said whoever vandalized his restaurant doesn't represent Texans and they don't represent San Antonians. Sunday, Nguyen told CNN people had been approaching the business throughout the morning to help clean up.

"I'm very humbled," he said. "But I'm not surprised. This is what we do as Texans, this is what we do as San Antonians -- we help each other out."

He said that was also evident in how many Texans are still wearing masks, despite the relaxed restrictions.

"It kind of shows you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we can go back to what we used to be," he said. "That's encouraging."

"I'm just hoping we don't go backwards," he added.
(CNN)The Pentagon's internal watchdog has finished a long-delayed investigation into Michael Flynn and has sent its findings to the Army for a final review that could possibly bring financial penalties against the military retirement benefits afforded to the retired Army three-star general.

It is unclear when the Defense Department may announce its decision in the matter. The Washington Post first reported the report's referral to the Army.
Former President Donald Trump pardoned Flynn, his first national security adviser, last November, an action that wiped away the guilty plea Flynn had made in 2017 -- and then attempted to withdraw in 2020 -- for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the 2016 presidential transition.
The Defense Department's Office of Inspector General had opened its own investigation in April 2017, looking into money that Flynn had received from Russian and Turkish entities after his retirement from the service and whether he had failed to obtain the proper approval to do so. The military has strict rules for payments that retired officers can take from foreign countries after their retirement from service.
That investigation had been put on hold as then-special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign and other investigations got underway.
"On April 11, 2017, the DoD OIG initiated an investigation into an allegation that retired Lieutenant General (LTG) Michael Flynn failed to obtain required approval from the Army and the Department of State before receiving any emolument from a foreign government or a foreign government-controlled entity. At the request of the Department of Justice (DOJ), we placed our investigation in abeyance in June 2017, pending the outcome of criminal allegations against LTG Flynn," IG spokeswoman Dwrena Allen said in a statement.

"After the former President pardoned LTG Flynn on November 25, 2020, we received permission from the DOJ to continue our investigation. On January 27, 2021, we closed our investigation against LTG Flynn and forwarded several administrative matters to the Acting Secretary of the Army for review and appropriate action," Allen added.
In December 2017, Flynn became one of the most significant and earliest defendants to plead guilty and cooperate in the Mueller investigation. He admitted to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the Trump presidential transition in 2016, and secretly lobbying for Turkey.
But he dramatically reversed course in 2019, tried to withdraw his guilty plea in 2020 and promoted conspiracy theories about the Mueller investigation.
Flynn gravitated back into Trump's orbit, and he and his lawyer ultimately assisted the former President's efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
CNN's Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.

BANDUNG, Indonesia: A zoo in Indonesia may slaughter some of its animals to feed others, such as a Sumatran tiger and a Javan leopard, if it runs out of food in the coming months after the coronavirus pandemic forced it to shut it doors. 

While its 850 animals are being fed smaller portions than usual, the zoo is contemplating a "worst-case scenario" of culling some animals to feed others as it expects to run out of food in July.

The Bandung zoo in Indonesia's fourth-biggest city, which usually earns about 1.2 billion rupiah (US$81,744) a month from visitors, shut on Mar 23 as part of a wider country lockdown to try to contain the outbreak.

"We have around thirty dotted deer, and we have identified the old and unproductive ones (who can no longer breed) to be slaughtered to save the carnivores, such as the Sumatran tiger and Javan leopard," said zoo spokesman Sulhan Syafi'i.

Some birds including geese may also be culled, he said.

Big cats, including a critically endangered Sumatran tiger named Fitri, now get 8kg of meat every two days, down from 10kg previously.

The zoo needs more than 400kg of fruit per day and 120kg of meat every other day, Syafi'i said, noting it is now relying on donations to keep its animals alive.

"The crocodiles are fatter and the tigers are healthier too. But the lion is still a bit skinny," said Fauzan Dzulfikar, who was allowed to visit after a donation.

The smaller daily portions have not gone unnoticed by the animals, even though Syafi'i said they still met minimum animal welfare standards.

Orangutan keeper Aep Saepudin said the endangered primates can go into a rage and throw things.

"The food is finished, but they still want to eat," said Saepudin.

The Indonesia Zoo Association, which has requested help from President Joko Widodo, estimates 92 per cent of the country's 60 zoos can only feed their animals until the end of May.

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